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Sask. company eliminates 127 jobs

127 Saskatchewan workers are losing their jobs as a manufacturing firm scales back.

Advance Engineered Products announced the layoffs last week. The company, which makes truck tanks and trailers, is closing its Saskatoon plant, at a loss of 49 jobs.

Another 78 people are being let go from Advance's Regina operation.

Above-garage suites could help Regina rental situation

The City of Regina is looking for innovation in the housing market, and it's finding it above garages.

On Monday night City Council approved an application for laneway suites in the south end of the City. Laneway suites are living spaces on a lot that are accessible from a back alley and are generally built above a garage. Mayor Michael Fougere explained they're similar to secondary suites.

Saskatoon Brit Foods may be forced to close

The owner of a Canadian chain of specialty British food stores may be forced to close his Saskatoon location after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) forbade him to sell certain products.

Tony Badger was issued a letter by the CFIA in January stating that some of his products imported from the U.K. don't conform to Canadian food regulations. He's been fighting them every since.

Mosaic cuts 51 workers across Saskatchewan

Fifty-one workers across the province were handed layoff notices by Mosaic on Monday, with the company blaming market conditions for the cuts.

Sarah Fedorchuck handles public relations for the Saskatchewan branch of the company. She confirmed that the cuts will impact workers at all four locations in the province. But she could not offer any details about how many and what kind of positions would be impacted at each site

Tenancies office ruling allows Rae St. tenants to stay

A ruling by the residential tenancies office is a victory for tenants evicted from a Regina apartment building, but it might have come too late.

Damon Bennett brings veteran work program word to Saskatoon

When he's not getting ready to host his first solo renovation show, contractor and HGTV network star Damon Bennett is working to create job opportunities for Canada's working veterans.

The construction celebrity, famous for being the right hand man of Mike Holmes, was in Saskatoon Saturday to discuss his new project.

"Our last troops have come back (from Afghanistan) and there's a huge work force that needs to get to work,” Bennett said. “Part of dealing with PTSD is getting back to work."

Riders willing to pay some property tax, but not all

After backlash arose following media reports that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are still eligible for a City of Regina property tax exemption of around $55,000, Rider CEO Jim Hopson sent a letter to council last week saying he’s willing to pay some of those fees but not all.

Saskatoon businesses react to commuter bridge news

Clay Dowling doesn't mind buying equipment to keep up with growth.

But gridlock in Saskatoon's North End has Ghost Transportation Services spending money just to keep things running smoothly. 

"We've had to add two pieces of equipment just to meet our current demands -- never mind any growth demands -- based on traffic congestion," he said at a luncheon held by the North Saskatoon Business Association (NSBA).

Hundreds of Regina homes without phone service after bunker floods

Hundreds of Regina residents are continuing to go without phone service several days after flood water knocked them off-line.

SaskTel says 450 homes in the Uplands areas of north Regina had their land line phone service cut this week when melting snow sent a flood of water into an underground bunker. 

"Once we discovered that, we pumped the water out," explained Tara Tibeau with the Crown telecommunications company. "They are now going through the process of completely drying those cables out so they can be re-spliced to generate service back for those customers."

Saskatoon's Jax Nite Club closing doors after 17 years

A popular night club in Saskatoon is closing its doors at the end of the month.
"We've had a stigma of being the cougar bar over the years, but it's really been a club for all ages," said Dan Kemppainen, co-owner of Jax Nite Club.
He said that clubs don't typically have a long shelf life and that it was time to make a change.

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