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New electronics recycler opens in Saskatoon

A national charity wants to help rid your closets, garages and attics of old electronics.

The Electronics Recycling Association (ERA) is opening a new depot in Saskatoon Monday.

The non-profit group takes unwanted equipment, fixes it up, then donates it to other charitable groups.

Director of community investment Alistair Noble said the group has a different mandate than SARCAN, which also has an electronics recycling program.

Dance studio bringing Indian culture to Saskatoon

In a bright room, pillows lie on the floor in one corner, instruments in another and the walls are covered in bright pictures of dancers. It is the brand new studio for the Mudra School of Performing Arts.

With a shop filled with beautiful costumes and jewelery in the front and a spare room for children in the back, the studio is the colorful dream of Sneha Mukherjee.

Saskatchewan's liquor pallette grows up

With Saskatchewan’s population continuing to grown in population and diversity, it seems so too has their taste in hooch.

New numbers released by Statistics Canada show an increase in the amount of alcohol sold between Mar 31, 2012 and Mar. 31, 2013. But the increase hasn’t typically come in the way of the standard brands like Smirnoff, Wisers or Coors.

“Customers in recent years have been purchasing better products, moving into more of the premium brands in all categories,” said David Morris from the SLGA. “And that might be wine and spirits or even beer.”

Assisted living centre gets tax money for renovation, new unit

A commitment from the provincial government means a major facelift for the Lighthouse Supported Living facility in downtown Saskatoon.

Health minister Dustin Duncan was on hand to announce $1.5 million in funding from the Government of Saskatchewan.

"It's just a very worthwhile program and organization that's been serving the people of Saskatoon for many years," Duncan said.

Site preparation work underway at stadium grounds

It might not be visually enticing at the moment, but work is well underway at the site of the new home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The $278 million stadium is still a while from being erected, and we don’t even know what it will look like until mid-May. However, crews have been busily doing preparation work. Work on utilities such as water and sewer, along with work to road systems is happening.

Regina restaurant to be featured on national TV show

A locally-owned business in Regina is finally getting some recognition after over a decade of slugging it out in the food industry in the form of some national TV time.

Fresh N Sweet will be featured on the Food Network's You Gotta Eat Here on Friday night.

“Nobody gets into the restaurant industry to get recognition, because it’s just such a tough life. But it was pretty cool,” said Beata Thompson, who co-owns the company.

'Heartbleed' bug has computer users on edge

More people are becoming aware of a new computer glitch that has the potential to threaten our security and personal information online.

The “Heartbleed” bug was discovered by researchers in Finland, along with a separate researcher from Google. Passwords, credit card information and other personal details could be at risk of being stolen on compromised websites. It was even serious enough for the Canada Revenue Agency to temporarily shut down its e-filing services.

The bug is essentially described as a vulnerability or weakness.

'Skid Row CEO' speaks to Heavy Construction Association

He's known as the Skid Row C.E.O. - a man who once sold his boots in exchange for drugs while living on the streets of Vancouver is now a successful business man and inspirational speaker.

On Tuesday afternoon, Joe Roberts was the keynote speaker during the annual spring meeting of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association in Regina.

"Whether you're in heavy construction or you're in human resources, every one of us goes through adversity, challenge, and change," Roberts said before the presentation.

City of Moose Jaw sued by Town 'N' Country Mall

The local shopping mall is taking the City of Moose Jaw to court, alleging that it has violated a decades-old agreement on parking and development space.

Management consultants: culture, recreation key to growth

A new report on how Saskatchewan can keep growing has been released, calling for a greater focus on quality of life in order to get there.

A new 50-page report released by the province's Certified Management Consultants states current growth is 'based on commodity cycles that can turn against us'. It details recommendations on how to better sustain growth.

One of those recommendations is to build bigger and better urban economic regions of half-a-million people.

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