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Saskatoon entrepreneur starts website for Aboriginal artisans

A Saskatoon entrepreneur has created a website to help Aboriginal artisans around the world.

Heather Abbey started to connect people who make authentic Indigenous products with sellers around the world.

"This site was made for single parents, it was made for elders and it was made for those in northern and remote communities who can't access mainstream ways to sell their product," Abbey said.

Abbey got the idea for the site about four years ago.

New budget means less tax money subsidizing oil and gas regulation

A change in Wednesday's provincial budget will mean taxpayers will be subsidizing far less of the cost of regulating the oil and gas sector.

The new policy will create a single oil and gas levy paid by energy companies working in Saskatchewan, similar to changes made recently in Alberta and B.C. One of the benfits should be that the province will charge several million dollars more each year to pay for the cost of regulatory oversight.

Saskatchewan government could get rid of Russian vodka

The Wall government has staunchly supported the people of Ukraine since political upheaval turned violent late last year, but now the province is mulling another way to toast Ukrainians: by refusing Russian vodka.

Premier Brad Wall told reporters Thursday that he's considering pulling Russian liquor from Saskatchewan shelves.

"Some would argue, and I think it's a reasonable argument, that—'Look, you de-list products at the liquor board all the time, from certain countries, just based on demand.'"

Regina ice cream shop opens first day of spring despite snowfall

Despite lower temperatures in the last week, the first day of spring brought snow and colder temperatures to Regina that are expected to stick around for a while.

But it’s still the perfect time for ice cream for some people.

City of Regina looking to recruit bus mechanics in Ireland

The City of Regina needs hire more bus mechanics and engineers, so this week city staff joined a business delegation on a trip Ireland to see if they can find anyone interested in moving here.

What can spring potholes do to your vehicle?

Under layers of slushy snow and puddles the melt is revealing a lot of potholes covering the streets of Regina.

It can be tough to avoid all of them but driving over too many, or even one depending on how deep it is, could cause some serious damage to your vehicle.

"It definitely breaks things like springs and struts and shocks and stuff like that. It changes wheel alignment which wrecks your tires," said Roy Currie, an auto technician at Auto Electric.

Major potash deposit discovered near Sedley south of Regina

The Village of Sedley about 50 kilometers south of Regina could be the next community to have a potash mine.

North Atantic Potash and Rio Tinto have uncovered a huge deposit containing about 329 million tonnes of the pink mineral.

In its annual report Rio Tinto described the find as having the potential for a "long-life, low cost mine." The deposit could be capable of providing 100 years’ worth of potash. But it could be another two years before we know if either company will actually sink shafts for a mine.

Rail union says more workers needed to solve grain backlog

Canadian Pacific Rail has been blaming the weather and the record crop for the grain backlog but a union representative for engineers says that’s not the whole story.

Dave Able used to be an engineer for CP Rail, but now he represents the Teamsters union full time. He says part of the solution to the grain backlog is to deal with a shortage of manpower on the rail line.

“Our guys are in their working day in and day out and they’re getting fatigued. Everyone needs a reset, we’re not like the locomotives and there’s just not enough people to fill the crews,” he said.

Saskatchewan PR firm launches contest for charity groups

You can call it a St. Patrick's Day gift or just a great way of giving back to the community. Martin Charlton Communications, Saskatchewan's largest public relations and communications firm, launched the "Good 4-Tune" contest on Monday.

It's a way to celebrate their fourth anniversary and it's aimed at the province's non-profit and charitable organizations. The winning organization will get a package of services that includes four hours of event management, four hours of project management, four hours marketing and communications, and four hours of volunteer time at events.

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