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Photos: Nexus Building expected to turn heads

Walking into 450 Second Ave. N., the first thing one might notice is the huge hand-made chandelier hanging in the entryway, hundreds of unique glass tubes and dance light across the white polished floors.
This is the entrance to the Nexus building, a project that took more than four years to complete, according to Ken Achs, president and CEO of Mid-West Group. Mid-West Group shares the building with Meridian Development.
"It took two weeks just to put that chandelier together," Achs said.

PCS recalls 47 workers to Lanigan mine

After shedding 18-percent of it's work force due to weakening markets, PotashCorp (PCS) is bringing some back to work.

PCS announced Monday on their website 47-employees have been recalled to the Lanigan mine.

Public Affairs Director Bill Johnson said hiring back the employees was in response to increased demand in Brazil, Asia and the U.S.

"Particular what's called the granular potash market. We needed to bring a little bit more production on and to do that we recalled some of the dolls at Lanigan."

Johnson added more recalls would be unlikely.

FSIN reacts to Supreme Court ruling

The chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) expects a Supreme Court ruling on a case out of B.C. to change the game when it comes to First Nations' land claims.

"It's the first time that a declaration of aboriginal title has ever been granted by the Canadian courts," said FSIN Chief Perry Bellegarde.

Nationally, Bellegarde said he expects the ruling to impact unsettled land claims from coast-to-coast.

Gas prices shouldn't rise ahead of Canada Day weekend

Anyone hoping to travel over the rainy Canada Day weekend shouldn't worry about gas prices jumping, according to the co-founder of

Jason Toews says there's a misconception about what gas prices do around long weekends or holiday weekends. He says 75 per cent of the time prices actually drop .

"I think we're going to see a few gas stations lowering their price by a penny or two," Toews said ahead of the weekend. "Predominant price at most gas station should stay right around 130 or possibly even a few cents lower than that."

Sask. government approves SGI rate increase

Vehicle insurance rates will be going up as of August 31 after the Saskatchewan Government approved SGI's increase.

The Crown insurance company had originally sought a 5.2 per cent increase which included a general 2.7 per cent revenue increase an a 3.7 per cent capital amount meant to replenish the Rate Stabilization Reserve (RSR).

Chamber head blasts federal anti-spam law

The head of Saskatoon's Chamber of Commerce has strong words about a new federal rules aimed at clamping down on 'spam' or junk emails. 

Among the rules coming into force July 1: companies who use mass emails for marketing will have to get permission from customers to keep sending them messages. The law also requires that any commercial electronic message carry an option to unsubscribe. 

Kent Smith-Windsor, executive director of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce said he's hearing concerns about the new rules from his members.

UPDATE: Government officially approves SaskEnergy rate hike

SaskEnergy now has the go ahead to raise rates on Canada Day.

Last week, the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel approved the natural gas provider's application to increase its rates.

On Wednesday, the Government of Saskatchewan officially approved the increase. It's the first jump in six years and will raise the price of natural gas to to $4.84/Gigajoule (GJ) from the current rate of $3.82/GJ.

The province says the increase will keep SaskEnergy's commodity rate competitive with other jurisdictions.

BHP could be looking for port options for Jansen potash

BHP Billiton could be looking for a new port option to send its future Jansen mine potash to.

The company has opted to allow the exclusivity agreement for Terminal 5 at the Port of Vancouver, Wash. to lapse.

“This will allow us to actively investigate and assess alternative rail and port options for the Jansen Potash Project. We have said we will continue to modulate the pace of Jansen development as we time our entry into the potash market to meet market demand,” BHP Billiton said in an emailed statement to News Talk Radio.

Near record rainfall causing construction delays

Saskatoon has seen rainfall numbers the city hasn't seen since the 1940s says Galen Heinrichs, engineering manager at Saskatoon Water.
The last 30 days have seen nearly eight inches of rain fall on the city, half of which occurred in the past week.
"We're not necessarily expecting that we're going to have basement flooding, but we're just recognizing that we're kind of at a higher risk time right now," Heinrichs said.
He said Saskatoon is one big rain storm away from potentially facing trouble.

Saskatoon business loving recent rain

With rainfall already above average in Saskatoon for June, a local water plants business is actually hoping for more.

"The weather is great and especially for the bog plants. They're just thriving this year," Jennifer Osachoff said.

Osachoff and Sylvan Katz run the small water plants business, Boreal Aquatics, out of their backyard.

Osachoff's passion for water plants started after living in England and falling in love with ponds. When she returned home, she couldn't find the right plants.

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