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Low crude price won't bring pump relief in Sask.

A low price for crude oil won't mean a low price for people fueling up their vehicles in Saskatchewan.

On Wednesday, some pessimistic reports emerged as oil prices hit a two-year low, with WTI (West Texas Intermediate) dropping 13 per cent over the quarter and Brant losing 17 per cent.

Enrpo gas price analyst Roger McKnight explained that while pump prices usually reflect crude prices, that likely won't happen this time.

Rain stalls harvest for Sask. producers

After a week of unseasonably hot weather for harvest, the rain is now keeping farmers off the fields at exactly the wrong time of year.

Bill Aulie farms near Rouleau. He now has 75 per cent of the crop in the bin but he needs more time.

Sask. minimum wage up to $10.20 per hour

Starting Wednesday, those earning minimum wage in Saskatchewan will be earning a little bit more.

The province has increased minimum wage to $10.20 per hour, a hike of 20 cents.

“Saskatchewan’s economy has been growing and it is important that the minimum wage increases as well,” Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan said in a statement.

New regulations were passed by the government this spring; changes to wages must be announced prior to June 30 to take effect on October 1.

Saskatchewan businessman watching office in Hong Kong

One Saskatchewan businessman is keeping a close eye on the political protests in Hong Kong.

Grant Kook has an investment office in the city where hundreds of thousands of young people are protesting to demand greater electoral reforms. 

“The first thing I did was phone and check that our staff were still working, so I’m pleased to know that they’re not on the street but they’re actually being very productive,” explained Kook.

Canadian Ski Patrol returns to Saskatoon seeking volunteers

When "Mount" Blackstrap shut down in 2008, Saskatoon's long-running contingent of the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) did too.

The CSP is back in town looking to tap into Saskatoon's skiing and snowboarding population.

"There is a market in Saskatoon, a large city with lots of skiers, and we're hoping that there's people who are interested in Saskatoon that would like to volunteer for our area operations in North Battleford and north of Melfort at Wapiti Valley," CSP recruiting coordinator Gord Joorisity explained.

Wordwide attention focusing on Sask. carbon capture launch

Delegates from around the world are gathering in Saskatchewan, anxious to get a look at the world's first-ever $1.4 billion carbon capture and storage facility at the Boundary Dam near Estevan.

“SaskPower and the Province of Saskatchewan is a leader, we are the leader in the world so they want to know it works,” explained SaskPower CEO Robert Watson on Tuesday. The crown corporation is hosting a symposium Tuesday and Wednesday at Hotel Saskatchewan with about 130 delegates from roughly 20 countries including China, Japan and Turkey.

Sask. looks to strengthen ties with Asian countries

The Saskatchewan government is considering ways to improve relations with Asian countries.

“Asia beckons us as never before but there’s really a lack of urgency in national efforts. We believe that Saskatchewan can and should lead the nation in Asian engagement,” said Grant Kook, co-chair of the Saskatchewan-Asia Advisory Council.

The council was struck 16 months ago to come up with ways to improve trade and relations.

Marijuana activist talks legalization at Harvest Cup

The legal battle for the right to grow medical marijuana took centre stage in Saskatoon this weekend at the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup.

Medicinal Marijuana Access Regulations Coalition Against Repeal (MMARCAP) activist Jason Wilcox spoke at the cannabis event, addressing his organization's lawsuits against the federal government; in particular their class action lawsuit against the recent ban on personal plants.

Bedford Road Collegiate gym floor gets new life at Brainsport

The old Bedford Road Collegiate gym floor is getting a new lease on life in the retail sector.

Pieces of the floor without the old logo have been repurposed and now lay at the new Brainsport location at 616 10th Street.

The floor, along with other school memorabilia including clothing and other equipment were sold or thrown out when the school changed its team name from the Redmen to the RedHawks last spring.

Sask. to benefit from new Canada-Europe free-trade deal

Saskatchewan's agriculture and mining equipment exporters are big winners in the new Canada-Europe free trade deal.

The deal was reached Friday at the Canada-European Union Summit hosted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper following negotiations with the EU on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

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