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SGI Canada sells of East Coast shares for brighter future out West

SGI Canada is making a little money to spend a little money.

On Friday, the national arm of SGI announced it would be selling off about $10 million worth of shares in the Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island (ICPEI) in order to invest in operations in British Columbia and Ontario.

“It represented about five per cent of our premium volume, so a fairly small portion. And we’re going to re-deploy our resources to help us grown and expand in Ontario and the West,” said CEO Andrew Cartmell.

Saskatoon's first private liquor store opens

Friday saw Saskatoon's first private liquor store open for business.

The 10,000 square foot new outlet was built by Co-Op in the Blairmore neighbourhood.

It's one of two stores announced for Saskatoon back in 2013. Sobey's is expected to open the other one in Stonebridge later this year.

Grant Wicks, general manager of Co-Op Saskatchewan said the private store will still buy all its inventory through the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA).

Saskatoon designer creates Ukraine-inspired hats

A hat designer in Saskatoon has created a new collection dedicated to Ukraine.

Sherri Hrycay with Sova Design found while working on her most recent collection, her thoughts turned to Ukraine.

"The more I was hearing about Maidan (protests) and the more we talked with my family, they're in Western Ukraine, the more I was getting stressed out and I found that my hats were taking on a more Slavic vibe," she said.

Rouleau farmer glad to finally be moving grain

It is a sigh of a relief for at least some Saskatchewan grain farmers who are finally able to deliver their grain to the terminal.

Bill Aulie farms at Rouleau, southeast of Regina. This week he hauled 17,000 bushels of durum wheat to the Richardson Grain terminal at Corinne, 26 kilometers away.

"They got their first durum train on Sunday/Monday, then they refilled Wednesday/Thursday. Now I think they are getting another train this week and another one next week," he said.

It's coming in the nick of time.

Sask. Ag minister pans Ottawa's rail rules

Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart expressed disappointment with federal legislation aimed at resolving a shipping crisis paralyzing deliveries of Western Canadian grain.

While he called legislation tabled in Ottawa Wednesday "a step in the right direction," he said it didn't include several items that he was looking for.

The province submitted a list of requests to the Harper government as the bill was being drafted.

Those included raising the number of grain cars that the railways would be required to ship to 13,000 a week.

Sask-based Lean consultant worried focus on patients slipping

We’ve been hearing a lot about the $40 million contract awarded to an American Lean consultant—especially the $40 million part. But one local consultant says we’re ignoring the most important part of the conversation.

“This whole discussion has turned into that $40 million discussion, rather than what are we doing for the patients, residents, clients of Saskatchewan,” said Dale Schattenkirk, CEO of Learning to See Consulting (LTS) in Regina.

Alberta-based mining company found not responsible for death

IROC Energy Services wasn't found responsible in a workplace death, but the Alberta-based company will have to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

A lawyer representing the company entered a guilty plea in two Occupational Health and Safety charges, neither of which were found to have caused the fatal accident that killed Guy Oulette, 39, from Estevan.

Oulette was killed at a mine in Kisbey in 2009, crushed to death under a rigging platform after it unexpectedly toppled over.

The company will have to pay $18,200 in fines and surcharges.

Off-price retailer Marshalls opens first Sask. store in Regina

The grand opening of a brand new department store had people in south Regina milling about in almost every open space, trying to manoeuvre beige shopping carts around each other, talking excitedly to their shopping partners, or just intent on finding the best deals.

Marshalls, a U.S-based retail chain, opened its first Saskatchewan location in Regina's Harbour Landing neighbourhood Thursday morning.

"Everybody wants to come, so I said, 'Well it's a new store, so might as well be here,'" said one woman walking near the entrance with a shopping cart in hand.

MagnoPlug invention relaunches funding campaign

A Saskatoon invention to make sure you never damage your car by driving away while still plugged in is getting closer to hitting store shelves.

Proposed Emerald Park apartment project tabled after outcry

It was an emotional day for some residents of Emerald Park who crammed into the RM of Edenwold office to voice their opposition to a proposed apartment/care home development.

In a council chamber that only has room for about 15, people were lined out the door standing and waiting for the chance to explain why they’re against this four-storey apartment building and two-storey care home project. They were armed with a petition with over 100 signatures.

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