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Sask. on track to break export record

What's headed out of Saskatchewan is bringing in lots of money.

The Government of Saskatchewan said new figures out Tuesday show the province is on track to set a record for exports in 2013.

"As the final figures roll in for 2013, Saskatchewan's economy remains on the right course to set a number of all-time records including exports," Tim McMillan, minister responsible for trade, said in a news release.

Regina mayor still committed to downtown revitalization

With the amount of office buildings in Regina's downtown growing the city's mayor remains committed to revitalizing the area.

2013 construction numbers reflect Saskatoon's continued growth

Saskatoon has broken its record for building permit values once again.

2013 saw the 5,020 permits issued, which is just shy of the record set in 2012. However, the value of those permits is nearly $1.1 billion.

"Which is basically the third year in a row that we've been hovering about the one billion dollar mark," said the city's Director of Building Standards Bob Baran, "which indicates that the economy in Saskatoon is fairly strong right now."

Times are a'changing in Regina's Cathedral Village

It's a time of transition and change in Regina's Cathedral Village as some well-known businesses get ready to shut their doors.

Buy the Book is closing at the end of January,
as is the coffee shop Roca Jack's.

"I'm really sad to see some of my friends going. But as far as business goes, it's certainly exactly where I want to be in the city and business is booming," said Leslie Charlton, a board member with the Cathedral Village Business Association (CVBA).

Building permits in Regina in 2013 fall short of record

Regina's mayor is glad more housing is coming into the city, even if the work that is being done is technically less valuable.

The city has been setting records for at least the last seven years when it comes to issuing building permits. But the totals for the dollar value of all the permits issued in 2013 is about $40 million less than the record $773 million granted the year prior.

Michael Fougere doesn't mind, noting that the number of apartment units approved went up by about a quarter from 1,585 in 2012 to 2,090 in 2013.

Cheerios' GMO removal insignificant to Sask. farmers

A decision by General Mills to remove all genetically modified (GM) food products from their Original Cheerios cereal shouldn’t be of much concern to farmers in Saskatchewan, at least according to Agriculture Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) President Norm Hall.

Independent Regina book store set to close

One of Regina’s last remaining independent books stores will be closing its doors at the end of the month.

Chris Prpich, one of the store’s owners, said he came about the business by accident 18 years ago. He and his dad—known as “Coach” to many—had opened up Yaz’s Sports Memorabilia at about the same time a friend of theirs was opening a book store. When the manager of the book store died the pair decided to take over, purchasing Buy the Book and turning it into a staple of the Cathedral area.

Buyer's market in Saskatoon real estate

Now’s the time to buy a house in Saskatoon even as the industry keeps climbing, reaching just shy of $2 billion in 2013.

Sales brought in $1.9 billion for real estate after more than 12,000 homes went on the market, up 11 per cent from 2012. Of the listings, 5,670 sold, giving buyers a slight advantage with a 47 per cent  sales to listing ratio.

Wheat Board backers appeal lawsuit decision

Despite a setback, Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board are trying again to push forward a lawsuit against the federal government.

About a month ago half of the group's class action lawsuit was allowed to go forward while half was stopped. The half that was stalled pertained to forcing compensation from the federal government for assets held by the board which were taken by the government when the board's monopoly was disbanded.

The Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board are appealing that ruling.

Peeling on the Prairies: Stripping now legal in Sask. bars

It’s OK to “bottoms up” as long as the bottoms stay on in Saskatchewan. New liquor laws mean it’s now legal to striptease in bars.

“Nudity is still against the law in Saskatchewan and we’re the last province in Canada holding out on that,” said Patrick Burke, owner of Tiger Lily Cabaret. “It’s a strange dynamic, living here.”

As of Jan. 1, dancers can take their clothes off down to thongs and pasties—no nipples or full nudity allowed. Previously, dancers could be on-stage in bikinis at licensed venues, but they couldn’t be seen taking off their clothes on-stage.

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