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25 years of the cell phone in Saskatchewan

Most people may feel they can't live without their cell phone, but it's something people in Saskatchewan have only had for 25 years.

SaskTel marked the silver anniversary of the cell phone in Saskatchewan on Friday.

Reasons for Sask. unemployment unchanged

The unemployment rate in Saskatchewan may be half what it was 20 years ago but the reasons people don't have jobs remain pretty much the same.
In July 1994, 267,800 people were unemployed and not in the labour force, in July 2014 that number was at 273,400.
In both those years, approximately 11 per cent of those unemployed were because people had left their jobs. In both time periods, the top two reasons for leaving were "going to school" and "retiring." But in those 20 years "retiring" surpassed "going to school" for the number one spot.

School bus drivers heavily regulated in Sask: SGI

SGI says bus drivers undergo stringent testing despite concerns after a fatal crash near Biggar. 

Monica Domes was hit and killed by a bus that her twin boys were riding in a tragic crash in February. Her father, Gary Eaton, told News Talk Radio Thursday he would like to see stricter regulations for bus drivers including the addition of a log book.

Roughriders third strongest sports brand in Canada

Despite its size compared to other sports franchises, the Saskatchewan Roughriders still have one of the most recognizable sports brands in Canada.

Insightrix Research Inc. recently asked more than 2,600 sports fans online questions about different teams and how fans perceived them. The Riders had the third strongest brand among sports franchises in Canada. The Montreal Canadiens had the strongest while the Toronto Maple Leafs had the second strongest.

Regina mayor urges pension plan resolution

The City of Regina is putting pressure on the employees’ groups to sit down and find a way to fix the deficit-ridden Civic Employees’ Pension Plan.

That plan is in a $290 million deficit and is in danger of being cancelled.

“The employee group representatives must get back to the negotiating table immediately,” stated Mayor Michael Fougere Thursday morning.

He again explained how the city has reached out to employee groups four times since the beginning of June.

Agrium potash mine out of production due to breakdown

Agrium reassured stakeholders Thursday about a lengthier-than-anticipated shutdown of production at its Vanscoy potash mine.

The shutdown comes due to a breakdown in the mine's hoist system, which moves raw rock up to the surface for processing.

Richard Downey, the company's vice-president of investor and corporate relations, said the system failed in late July. While he called the lost production unfortunate, Downey said the timing of the failure wasn't too bad, as the equipment to replace the hoist was already on-site.

Sask. pork industry nervous about Russian sanctions

Canada's pork producers woke up Thursday morning to find themselves swept up in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Russia announced it's blocking a list of agriculture products, including pork, which made up about 80 per cent of Canada's farm exports to that country in 2012.

The move comes as a retaliation for sanctions imposed by Canada, the United States, the European Union and other Western countries in response to Russia's involvement in unrest in the former Soviet country.

Family farm 'blown away' by OHS rules

A law preventing a Saskatchewan woman from letting her kids do certain jobs on her chicken farm is ruffling some feathers.

Janeen Covlin raises and sells chickens and eggs at Cool Spring Ranch in Endeavour, Sask., 370 kilometres east of Saskatoon. Her kids help out at their processing plant-- or at least they did.

SaskPower CEO apologizes to smart meter customers

Smart meter customers are getting a personal apology from the president and CEO of SaskPower.

In a post to the SaskPower website, Robert Watson admits the smart meters did not meet the expectations of its customers.

He also goes on to say that despite assurances from both the smart meter supplier and independent industry experts, the smart meters clearly did not meet the standards of SaskPower.

Small town clothing line turning heads

A small town clothing line is gaining popularity not only in Saskatchewan, but also overseas.
"There's not too many comedic farming apparel companies out there, so that's where I slid in," Tractor Fitness founder Adam Fullerton laughed.
The 23-year-old farmer from Lacadena, Sask., said it all started last year when he was on his 16th straight day of seeding.

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