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Specialized crews work on new plan to cap Prud'homme gas fire

The flame is approximately 100 feet high near Prud'homme as crews decide which of two options will be safest to replace the new well head.

The first option is extinguishing the flame and dealing with the gas that is coming up under pressure before putting on a new well head. The problem is that once the flame is gone, crews can't see or smell where the gas is.

Yellow Quill FN constructs new office in Saskatoon

A big project from the Yellow Quill First Nation has begun in the heart of downtown Saskatoon.

Wednesday morning Chief Larry Cachene joined band council members and Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison in a parking lot on 20th Street South to announce the future home of a brand new office building.

"We wanted to replicate the success we have had with the First Nations Bank Building," Chief Cachene said. "We have a parking lot down here. We looked at different options for best use of the property and we came up with the idea of a building."

SUN has unanswered questions about new flu protocol

There are still questions left with the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) leading into the flu vaccination season as new protocols are implemented for health care workers across the province.

This year a new policy has been implemented requiring  all health care workers to either get an influenza immunization or wear a mask in patient and client care areas during flu season.

"SUN fully supports and encourages our members to get the flu vaccine but we also respect people's personal choices," SUN president Tracy Zambory said.

New development, rink proposed for Corman Park

For some, excitement is building in the Rural Municipality of Corman Park over a massive new proposed development.
Silver Sky would go up beside Furdale, next to the Willows Golf and Country Club. The 1,700-acre development would mean new homes, condos, hotel, retail and office space, assisted living for seniors, new hockey rink with potentially eight ice sheets, soccer fields, and basketball courts.

Regina house prices fall in third quarter

There's good news for buyers but not for sellers as the latest Royal LePage House Price Survey indicates housing prices are down in Regina.

The survey reports 40 per cent more properties on the markets compared to the usual numbers; Regina house prices year-over-year went down in the third quarter of 2014. The Queen city is going against the grain as house prices went up nationally.

In Regina, the average price for a two-storey home dropped 6.9 per cent to $346,450. The average price for a bungalow is at $307,350, a 7.9 per cent drop.

VIDEO: SaskPower drone will help fix outages faster

SaskPower is turning to aerial drones to find and fix problems faster.

The crown will now utilize the $25,000 robot to help identify the cause of outages and maintenance needs.

"If it's an emergency, we can bring this thing out, check it, and get it done quicker," explained Chad Schneider with SaskPower. He's part of a three-man team that can control the drone.

SGI: Photo radar costs worth it

While the NDP thinks Saskatchewan is paying too much for photo radar, the province is defending the pilot program.

On Tuesday, the NDP said paying Xerox Business Services Canada $4.5 million over two years to process the tickets was just too costly. However, SGI's vice president of Auto Fund argues it's the most-effective option.

Pumpkin crop lacking near Saskatoon

It might be easier to find a ghost or the Great Pumpkin this year than the perfect pumpkin grown near Saskatoon.

Farms near the city have lost around half of their pumpkin crop.

"There was a lot of rain and below average summer temperatures and pumpkins love a lot of heat and a lot of sun and they just didn't get enough of any of that this year," Joan Merrill, co-owner of Robertson Valley Farm, said.

Regina city council approves northwest development

The City of Regina is going ahead with the development of a new neighbourhood in the city’s northwest, but some believe it may interfere with the overall plan for growth.

On Tuesday night, council voted 9-2 in favour of seeing a parcel of land known as Rosewood Park - located within the larger Coopertown - move forward despite a recommendation from city administration against it.

Labour board reserves decision on lockout

The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board has reserved its decision on whether or not the transit lockout is legal.

On Tuesday, the board heard arguments about the legality of the transit lockout from the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 615 and the City of Saskatoon.

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