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Regina Council could close condominium conversion loophole

A City Council committee is expected to propose changes at a meeting Thursday to close a loophole in Regina's condominium conversion policy that could affect tenants of an apartment building faced with eviction.

People living at 2141 Rae St. were given eviction notices late in 2013 that old them they had to be out of their apartments by the end of January. The owners recently pushed that date to the end of February. Those who live there aren’t sure why they’re being given the boot, though they have been told that major renovations will be happening.

1,000 line hits in 2013 for SaskEnergy, SaskPower, SaskTel

All three Crown utility companies are urging people to call before they dig after a high number of buried lines were cut in 2013.

Over 1,000 power, natural gas and telecommunications lines were cut or damaged last year and the Crown utilities want to see than number significantly reduced in 2014. SaskEnergy, SaskPower and SaskTel are expanding their efforts this year to try to stop the rising trend of damage to their infrastructure over the last five years.

Smoking ban opponent changes his mind a decade later

Nearly a decade after Saskatchewan made the move to ban smoking in restaurants and bars some owners who opposed the move initially have changed their thinking.

The change began 10 years ago when a teacher in Moose Jaw and her students started a grassroots movement to change the laws. That city was the first in the province to do so, and about 10 months later all of Saskatchewan followed suit, making it illegal to smoke in public buildings everywhere.

Trucking company adds to Corman Park boom

Expansion in the Rural Municipality of Corman Park is fuelling calls for better roads.

Trucking company Manitoulin Transport is the latest to join the boom in the Saskatoon/Corman Park region with the opening of a new terminal on Wednesday.

The facility will be able to house 16 semi trucks. President Don Goodwill said it was a necessary addition to the companies network of over 300 terminals across North America.

UPDATED: SGI fielding hundreds of claims after high winds

Claims are starting to come in from all over Saskatchewan a week after much of the province was dealing with fierce winds that saw gusts exceeding 100 kilometres an hour in some areas.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) said it’s already handled 827 total claims. That breaks down to 260 auto claims and 567 property claims, though the Crown insurer reminds us SGI Canada is just one of the home insurers dealing with damage from the storm.

Tourism Saskatoon not fazed by Memorial Cup shortfall

The one million dollar shortfall for last year's Memorial Cup is the first time Tourism Saskatoon hasn't met or exceeded profit guarantees in 17 years.

Todd Brandt, chief executive officer with Tourism Saskatoon said that doesn't mean they won't learn from this experience.

"You have to learn from every experience and we fully intented on doing that. Our tourism economy is based on hosting these events and the ancillary benefits of bringing attention to Saskatoon," Brandt said.

Sask still leading in manufacturing, wholesale trade growth

Saskatchewan’s economy is on pace to break records across the board with manufacturing sales and wholesale trade leading the country in the sheer pace of growth.

Trade Minister Tim McMillan says the latest numbers from Statistics Canada highlight the fundamental economic strength in the province.

“On the wholesale trade side the absolute leader in the country, we’ve gained almost 17 per cent year over year in wholesale trade,” McMillan said.

STC subsidy falls for the first time in almost a decade

The government subsidy for the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) for 2014 has been approved, decreasing slightly from the sum given the year before.

STC will be receiving an operating grant of $10.3 million and a capital grant of $3.3 million, down from $10.5 million and $3.5 million, respectively, the year before.

"It's not (the goal) to reduce the subsidy...but we can't see the increase, I don't think, like we have over the last ten years," said Don McMorris, minister responsible for STC.

Preliminary layoffs at Regina Evraz plant delayed for a week

Evraz and the union representing its employees are both optimistic a preliminary layoff notice won't come to pass.

The steel company issued the notice earlier this month because of a shortage a rail cars arriving in Regina, which created a backlog of product at the plant. If that supply can't be moved out there won't be any more room and workers will be laid off until that can happen.

The preliminary layoff notice was going to take effect as of Monday but Evraz has extended it by one week until Jan. 27.

Enbridge pumping station springs a leak near Regina

Clean-up was under way at an Enbridge oil pumping station just a few kilometres south of Regina Sunday after a line leaked roughly 125 barrels of oil onto the ground.

“It’s about a quarter-size of a football field—contained within the station property—and maybe one or two inches deep,” said Graham White, a spokesperson for Enbridge, adding that estimates on the amount spilled could change after an investigation into the line’s release is completed.

He said it could be a while before they could determine a cause.

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