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City of Saskatoon

Pharmacy group calls Saskatoon robberies ‘concerning’

A recent number of pharmacy robberies in Saskatoon have left many pharmacists feeling concerned and vulnerable according to the province’s licensing body.
“When they see a rash of incidents like this they wonder, you know, who’s next,” registrar with the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists, Ray Joubert, said.

Pharmacies have become a target for crime in Saskatoon with four robberies taking place in the city between Sept. 19 and Oct. 19. According to Joubert, that amount is unusual.

Saskatoon city council supports missing women inquiry

Saskatoon city council has passed a motion to support a national inquiry or round table into missing and murdered indigenous women.

"For me this motion has two intended purposes. One is draw attention to an issue that has profound effects on our community and the second is to lend support to those people who are working to combat this issue," Councillor Mairin Loewen explained.

Saskatoon’s 2 worst traffic neighbourhoods won’t be looked at in 2015

According to a city report, the two neighbourhoods with the longest list of traffic and safety concerns belong to some Saskatoon’s newest neighbourhoods.

“Stonebridge … and Hampton Village -- we should not be in this situation at all,” Councillor Randy Donauer said in response to learning these two areas had the most traffic concerns. 

“So my question is, what are we doing wrong and how can we fix this because I don’t want to see the next five (new) neighbourhoods show up at the top of this list.”

Evacuation procedures in place; City of Saskatoon

Following Wednesday's shootings in Ottawa and subsequent lockdown of Parliament Hill, Saskatoon officials say there are measures in place to get city hall workers to safety should the need ever arise.
Ottawa politicians, reporters and visitors were forced into lock down for around 11 hours after a gunman fatally shot a soldier at the National War Memorial and then made his way to Parliament Hill.

Military, motorcyclists, Muslims gather to support nation, fallen soldiers

One day after a fallen Canadian soldier was laid to rest; Saskatoon’s city hall cenotaph was bustling as several communities voiced their support and sympathy for the two military men who were murdered in the past week.
In the morning, roughly 20 members of Saskatoon's military and motorcycle communities gathered to pay their respects to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was shot while on ceremonial guard duty at the National War Memorial in Ottawa Wednesday, and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent who died in a hit-and-run attack on Oct. 20.

City planners hope for definitive answers from parking study

The City of Saskatoon hopes a year-long parking study will help them plan for the future of a rapidly growing city and dispel the notion that there’s no parking downtown.

On Monday, the city’s administration will recommend city council enter into a year-long $179,000 contract to BA Consulting to conduct a long-term parking study and develop a strategy on how to increase availability of parking in the city centre.

Saskatoon police chief asks for more officers

Saskatoon's police chief is calling for more officers in the face of a rapidly growing city.

Sasaktoon Police Service (SPS) Chief Clive Weighill made his pitch as he presented a proposed budget at Thursday's meeting of the Sasaktoon Board of Police Commissioners.

"We're not a community anymore that isn't growing and we can be stangant and try to find a couple efficiencies and we'll all be fine. The world has changed. And as the city is growing at about a four per cent rate, it's hard for us to keep up," he said in remarks to media following the meeting.

Labour board issues reasons why transit lockout was illegal

The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (SLRB) says the city of Saskatoon engaged in three unfair labour practices during a statutory freeze period restricting any labour action from June 3 to Oct. 3, 2014.

Saskatoon business community unsettled with bike lane proposal

The city’s new proposal for protected bike lanes downtown didn’t fare to well with the downtown business community.

On Tuesday, the city held a public open house to show the business community its latest version of protected cycling lanes for Fourth Avenue and 24th Street.

The city is proposing to eliminate one lane of through traffic in both directions on Fourth Avenue, turning the centre lanes into left-turning lanes. That would leave one lane of traffic for cars heading in and out of downtown on Fourth Avenue.

Saskatoon Housing First program proves successful

A program that houses the most vulnerable people in Saskatoon has seen a remarkable shift in the way clients use services.

The United Way released new data on Tuesday -- six months after the Housing First program launched as part of the city's plan to end homelessness.

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