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City of Saskatoon

Early spring means scattered litter in Saskatoon parks

While the early spring is welcomed in Saskatoon, the melting snow is unmasking dirty, litter-filled parks

“It’s something we see on a yearly basis. It’s just unfortunate how much it’s accumulated over the winter and now revealed how much work needs to be done to clean it up,” Jeff Siemens, associate pastor with the West Portal Church said.

Historic prisms leaving Saskatoon's downtown sidewalks

Following the demolition of the Farnam Block this Spring, Saskatoon is losing another piece of historic infrastructure.

The purple prisms which checker the sidewalk in front of the Avenue building on 21st Street are being removed, and the space below it is being filled in following an engineering assessment ordered by the fire marshal's office last fall, which found the sidewalk's structural supports to be badly damaged.

10-day transit challenge underway in Saskatoon

A campaign to get more people to use Saskatoon transit kicked off Tuesday.

The 10 Days for Transit Challenge is a community-led initiative aimed at getting more people onto buses for their daily commute.

The challenge will see five teams pairing seasoned bus riders with transit newbies and then writing about their experiences with the service over 10 days.

At a kickoff event held near the downtown bus mall Tuesday, organizers explained that the initiative is rooted in Saskatoon's growth.

Ex-Saskatoon councillor calls for knife bylaw

A former Saskatoon city councillor and member of the board of police commissioners says he's disgusted with a wave of gun violence in recent months.

Myles Heidt served as councillor for Ward 4 for 18 years. He sat on the board of police commissioners for 13 years.

"These... thugs and gangsters, they're out there running the streets and that's unfortunate, because it doesn't have to be that way in Saskatoon," he said.

Police responded Monday night to the city's 14th gun incident of 2015 after a bullet was fired into a parked car.

Flex parking stations still working out kinks

With the new Flex Parking pay stations rolling out on Saskatoon's streets, the city's administration has remained cautious about top up capablitlies for drivers.

"The issue of 'top ups' can be solved actually quite easily but it's important to understand the reason it is why it is (there), turnover," director of community standards for the city, Andrew Hildebrandt, said at the transportation committee meeting Tuesday morning.

Saskatoon reviewing panhandling bylaws

The City of Saskatoon is taking the next steps in a conversation around updating the bylaws around panhandling.

Monday morning at the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services, a proposal from the Street Activity Steering Committee gave recommendations on what changes the City should consider.

Red light cameras see a rise and decline of collisions in 2014

The City of Saskatoon collected over $1.2 million last year from red light camera tickets, tripling the number of tickets issued in 2013. 

A report heading to the standing policy committee on transportation Tuesday breaks down where each of the 17,573 red light camera violations happened, what the violations were, and the collision rates in the four intersections where the cameras are.

UPDATE: Saskatoon animal control looks to crack down on noisy pets

The Saskatoon Animal Control Agency (SACA) may soon make it easier for neighbours to report noisy pets by streamlining the complaint and ticketing processes for repeat and obvious offenders.

The planning, development and community services committee reviewed the barking complaint process at Monday's meeting.

Under the city's current animal control bylaw, a single line states cat and dog owners cannot allow their pets to bark or howl in a way that creates a nuisance.

UPDATE: CN worker dead in Saskatoon rail accident identified

Investigators are still trying to piece together what happened to a CN worker who was killed on the job Thursday night near Saskatoon.

Saskatoon high rise evacuated after fire

An early morning wake-up call for people living in a downtown high rise after a fire broke out.

Just before 2 a.m. the Saskatoon Fire Department was called to Regal Towers on Third Avenue just off 25th Street.

Crews made their way to the 12th floor where they found fire damage in one of the suites.

A sprinkler head in the suite, which had activated, put the fire out.

The building's 72 suites were evacuated.

Two city buses were brought in to keep roughly 100 people warm while they waited outside.

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