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City of Saskatoon

No water conservation ahead for Saskatoon

Regina, Moose Jaw and Warman are all watching water use but Saskatoon is in a different situation.

Larry Schultz, acting director of Saskatoon Water, said the city’s source water is the South Saskatchewan River which doesn’t have algae problems like the Buffalo Pound Treatment Plant is having.

City of Saskatoon says close calls reported daily in work zones

Ray Viloria has only been a sewer operator with the City of Saskatoon for just over a year, but he has already had many close calls while working in a construction zone.

"I'm coming out of the truck and someone wasn't pleasant enough to know that we were there and he was more annoyed than anything and zoomed right past me and I had to close the door right on my leg," Viloria said.

While Viloria is okay, he's worried about something happening in the future because some people are in a rush to get through work zones.

Long-time volunteer reflects as Mendel prepares to close

Helen “Bubs” Coleman recalls coming into the Mendel Art Gallery one day after a successful anniversary celebration. She was told the alarm system had been triggered three times in the middle of the night, causing all sorts of emergency vehicles to show up at the building on Spadina Crescent.

“The third time they found the culprit: it was a balloon, floating free in the auditorium,” she said, laughing.

Saskatoon park named for Chief Darcy Bear

Community members, teachers, and students hold hands to do a round dance as they celebrate a Saskatoon park being named for Chief Darcy Bear.

The Chief of Whitecap Dakota First Nation spent his high school years playing football in the park which now holds his name.

"Looking back at my time in Nutana, the four years went by really fast. There were good teachers and some are there today," Bear said. "The last year, when I graduated in '86, was the last year Nutana had a football team."

Saskatoon city council to vote on wheelchair cabs

Disabled people will hopefully be waiting a little less for cabs as a recommendation for more licences makes its way through city hall.

The city's policy committee discussed the issue on Tuesday.

Ultimately, they opted to send a recommendation to city council calling for five more wheelchair-accessible cab licences. That would bring the city's total to 21, up from just 11 in 2013.

Family evicted from Northwoods Inn finds new home

A Saskatoon family on the brink of homelessness has landed in a new home.

After a turbulent week which saw Marie-Eve Smith, her husband and her six children evicted from their home at the Northwoods Inn last week in light of a health inspection, the ink is still drying on the lease for the family’s new home.

Love locks removed in Paris and Saskatoon

There may be a little less love in the City of Love as Paris is removing 45 tons of love locks from a bridge overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

For about a decade, the railings of the Pont des Arts have been the site of couples leaving a padlock on to represent their love.

However, the weight of the locks was threatening the structure of the bridge and a piece of the bridge's fence broke off last year.

City of Saskatoon asking for more control over infill development

The City of Saskatoon wants more power to control what developers can do with infill buildings.

The subject of infill development came up at a meeting of  the planning, development and community services committee on Monday.

Under provincial law, the city can put architectural controls on whole neighbourhoods or districts -- which they've done in places like River Landing and Broadway.

But it gets tricky in older neighbourhoods, where different blocks often have different styles of building -- and that can contribute to infill that looks out of place.

PHOTOS: Road closures for Sask. Marathon

The 37th annual Saskatchewan Marathon gets underway Sunday morning in Diefenbaker Park.

People heading to the riverbank are asked to plan their route ahead of time as a number of roads will be restricted or closed to traffic during the race.

The marathon begins at 7:30 a.m. Restrictions go into effect around 6:30 a.m. and will remain in effect until early afternoon.

More than 3,300 people are taking part in the marathon.

Saskatoon water main break swallows van

A family had a scare Thursday evening when their car nose-dived into a sink hole caused by a water main break near the airport.

The hole opened up after a water main broke at the corner of 45th Street and Hanselman Avenue. 

A woman in the car, who did not wish to give her name, said she thought it was just a pot hole but it swallowed the whole front of her mini van and sent water flowing into the front part of the cabin.

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