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City of Saskatoon

Report praises Lighthouse's contributions to Saskatoon

Despite recent controversy, the Lighthouse homeless shelter got a boost Friday with the release of a report on the impact of its stablization centre.

The centre provides beds for non-violent intoxicated people who would otherwise end up in police cells. It came onstream in 2013 as part of the response to a rash of deaths in the police detention cells back in 2010.

Traffic adjustments coming during bridge repair

The timing of traffic lights will be adjusted throughout Saskatoon before work starts on the University Bridge this summer.

A report headed to city council on Monday suggests changes to over 20 intersections throughout the city, such as longer green lights or more frequently using a turning light.

New de-icing product in Saskatoon saves money, sand

The City of Saskatoon has saved money and hasn't put as much sand on the streets this winter because of a new product.

The chemical additive, Caliber M1000, is blended with sand or salt and it helps the mixture stick to the road, even in extreme cold.

The additive is made of liquid Magnesium-Chloride and a corn derivative and is classified as not hazardous to the environment.

Winter not ready to let go in Saskatchewan

It sounds like the first weekend of spring will look at lot more like winter in Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada said several low pressure systems are set to roll through the province on Saturday and Sunday bringing snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and wind.

Saskatoon could see a couple centimetres of snow, but places like Outlook, Kindersley and Regina could see 10 to 15 centimetres.

Environment Canada said the systems were still developing Friday afternoon, so where exactly the worst-hit areas will be could shift as the system gets closer.

Saskatoon business districts look to curb aggressive panhandling

Saskatoon business district leaders want stricter rules to curb aggressive panhandling and increase safety for shoppers and employees.

On Wednesday, the street activity steering committee (SAC) unanimously passed a motion to lobby council to change the city's panhandling bylaw and the street use bylaw. The committee is comprised of several community representatives including the Downtown, Broadway and Riversdale Business Improvement Districts (BID), the city the Saskatoon Police and the Anti-poverty Coalition.

Saskatoon police investigate gun shot in Arbor Creek

Saskatoon police are investigating a firearm incident in Arbor Creek.

Just before 5 a.m. police were called to the 100 block of Sears Cove about gun shots.

Police were able to determine that a single shot was fired from a firearm but nobody was hurt.

Police remain on scene talking to witnesses trying to figure out what happened. Around 6:30 a.m. a man was seen being placed in the back of a police car.

People living in Arbor Creek are shocked, saying it's a neighbourhood of young families.

U of S takes one-time $20 million hit in budget

Following a tumultuous year which saw the firing of a president, the resignation of a provost and a scramble to reduce a $44.5-million deficit, the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) will take another hit in the provincial budget.

While funding for all universities will increase by one per cent, and technical institutes will receive a two per cent increase, the provincial budget holds back $20 million from the U of S's operating grant.

Mayors of Saskatoon, Warman satisfied with provincial budget

Saskatoon's mayor is breathing a sigh of relief after the provincial government announced it would not make changes to the revenue sharing program in Wednesday's budget.

Saskatoon committee votes against funding Nutana slope repair

It's looking unlikely that the City of Saskatoon will help a group of Nutana homeowners pay to fix a slope failure impacting their properties.

The city's executive committee took a look at the issue Monday afternoon.

City water and sewer engineer Galen Heinrichs gave a presentation analyzing several courses of action. Among those were proposals from a city-commissioned engineering report by Golder Associates.

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