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City of Saskatoon

Wave of water main breaks will continue despite warm temperatures, city says

Seven more water main breaks over the past 24 hours brings the total to 35 since Friday night.

And according to city officials in Saskatoon, we can expect many more over the next few weeks, despite warmer temperatures.

“Frost is at the pipe depth and once it’s at the pipe depth, even though it might warm up, there still could be movement in the ground … it doesn’t mean it’s getting any better for us,” said Trent Schmidt, acting director of public works.

New food council pushes for a revised food strategy

A group in Saskatoon wants more home gardens, a larger urban agricultural landscape and people feeding themselves.

“Our mandate is food security. One of the ways to ensure food security in the region is to buy local,” Kevin Boldt from the Saskatoon Food council said.

Boldt also runs Prairie View Farms, a farm-direct marketing business aimed at consumers looking to buy local meats. Boldt has a shop on his farm 20 minutes outside of Saskatoon. He and his wife Melanie also make home deliveries in Saskatoon.

Rec centres open doors to families left without water

Recreation centres are now open to hundreds of Saskatoon residents struggling with the recent wave of water main breaks.

People affected by the water main breaks can use the shower facilities for free at their nearest leisure centre. Residents will need proof of where they live in order to get in.

Gas prices jump again in Saskatchewan

The price of gas jumped about eight cents per litre in Regina Monday morning, rising from 119.4 to 127.9 cents per litre at Shell stations.

Jason Toews is from Regina and is also a co-founder of the gas price monitoring website He said supply and demand is not always the lone cause of spikes in the price at the pumps. He explained that wholesale prices are going up while the retail prices have stayed relatively the same, which means gas prices will eventually increase.

Cold weather causing water main breaks in Saskatoon

Saskatoon came up just shy of a record low temperature over the weekend, but a different kind of cold weather record was shattered.

In a 26-hour period from Friday night to Saturday night, city repair crews were called to 11 different water main breaks.

That beats the old record of seven breaks in the same time period, which was set the weekend prior. The normal number of breaks for this time of year is one or two per day.

Feds urged to unlock Building Canada Fund to cities

Canada’s Big City Mayors’ Caucus (BCMC) is pushing the federal government to release the Building Canada Fund (BCF) to towns and cities rather than provincial and territorial governments.

“We would like to see that funding flow through the cities so the cities can be able to determine which projects are most critical and essential for their communities,” Atchison said, calling from Ottawa.

Water leak delays Saskatoon police headquarters

The Saskatoon police headquarters is delayed yet again, this time due to a water leak.

The pipes in the rooftop froze when cold air was pumped into the building during a thermal scan last Friday.

The city solicitor has declined an interview. Patricia Warwick provided a written statement.

“The city is aware there was a construction issue that the contractor EllisDon is now dealing with.  As always, the city will work within the terms of the contract and will work with its contractor to address any potential effects,” she said in the statement.

Councillor asks committee to disregard latest revitalization report: Riversdale

One city councillor wants city planners to ignore a report outlining revitalization strategies in Riversdale.

“The report did not meet expectations,” Ward 2 Councillor Pat Lorje said Tuesday. “It was a mismatch between what the Riversdale business community is looking for in terms of revitalization of 20th Street and what this Toronto company felt was required.”

City asked to find backup funding for Cosmo recycling deal

Cosmopolitan Industries will wait six weeks for a city report, before they can continue forward with the plans to deliver recycling to more than 900 apartment buildings and condominiums in Saskatoon.

At Monday’s executive committee meeting, the mayor and city councillors voted to defer negotiations for the program moving forward, until the city’s financial managers could find a backup plan to fund the Cosmo multi-unit recycling program.

Saskatoon's cold weather causes up to four water main breaks a day

Between Saturday morning and Sunday morning this past weekend, seven Saskatoon neighbourhoods lost water service.

That's an extreme example of the volume of water main breaks that Saskatoon city crews have responded to since Feb. 11. Cold weather has pushed the ground frost down to an average of 9.5 feet, which is right around where most city water pipes are buried.

Acting director of Public Works Trent Schmidt says the average number of breaks has doubled in recent weeks; to between one and four reports daily.

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