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City of Saskatoon

Public contributing to vision of Saskatoon's future

As the population continues to grow, how Saskatoon will look in the future is up for discussion today.

The City of Saskatoon is hosting the first Growing Forward! Shaping Saskatoon growth plan workshop at TCU Place.

"There is going to be ... a presentation by Urban Systems our consultant who is working on this file," Director of the City of Saskatoon Planning and Development Division Alan Wallace explained on the Brent Loucks show.

Saskatoon's Stonebridge to get new library in 2016

Saskatoon's Stonebridge neighbourhood is getting a new public library.

The branch will be 5,000 square feet, a little smaller than the last one the city built on 20th Street but the lease allows for future expansion. The new branch will be near Preston Avenue and Hunter Road.

Saskatoon looking for long-term recreation strategy

Does the City of Saskatoon need another curling rink, hockey arena or baseball diamond?

The city’s manager of community development Lynne Lacroix said there is no easy answer, and that’s why the city is hiring a consultant to develop a parks and recreation Master Plan.

“What are people looking for, what are we missing, where do we need facilities or improved facilities and services -- these are all questions we’re hoping to have answered in the master plan,” Lacroix said.

Saskatoon councillors not impressed with snow removal strategy

Saskatoon city councillors shared concerns over the city’s snow and ice strategy this winter, saying it’s unfair to remove snow in some parts of the city while creating windrows and taking away parking in others.

This week, council reviewed the city’s plan calling for complete snow removal on narrow streets 30 feet or less in light of traffic dangers on those streets with an accumulating snow pack and cars parked on both sides. Most of the narrower streets are located in the older parts of neighbourhoods within Circle Drive.

Regina police investigate Coun. Pat Lorje document leak

An investigation has been opened after Saskatoon Councillor Pat Lorje breached city council’s code of conduct when she emailed a confidential city report to a member of the public.

Saskatoon institutes 'no tailgate slamming policy' at snow dumps

The City of Saskatoon is implementing a no tailgate slamming policy at certain snow dump sites after noise complaints.

Saskatoon city council to vote Monday on support for photo radar

The final decision may not rest with councilors, but Saskatoon city council may vote Monday on whether to support photo radar in the city.

“I don’t think we get the final say for what (Police Chief Clive Weighill) does, but the administration is coming to us asking us questions on photo radar, so to me, that means we are involved,” Ward 5 councilor Randy Donauer said. "You can argue jurisdiction all you want, I think at least we have the ability to tell administration ‘you're not doing any of this,' and I think we can pass a motion saying that we don't support photo radar."

UPDATE: Saskatoon councillor facing sanctions after leaking confidential documents

Councillor Pat Lorje may soon face sanctions for leaking confidential documents to a member of the public.

In a report going to city council on Monday, the city recommends council vote to restrict how confidential documents are provided to Lorje before and during in-camera portions of meetings of executive committee, and standing policy committees for one year.

The report says a potential breach of confidentiality was reported to the executive committee on Sept. 22.

Saskatoon projects $1.17M year-end deficit

The latest numbers from the City of Saskatoon has the city facing a $1.17 million deficit by year’s end.

The city’s chief financial officer, Kerry Tarasoff said many service level improvements such as snow removal, street sweeping and watermain repairs required a little more investments than what the city had budgeted.

Snow removal operations alone were over by $688,000, but reserve funding of $489,000 will help offset the deficit.

Atchison seeking re-election in 2016

Don Atchison says he’s running for a fifth-term as mayor of Saskatoon in the 2016 election.

Atchison was first elected mayor in 2003 and has kept the seat ever since. The announcement came at a North Saskatoon Business Association luncheon on Thursday at TCU Place in Saskatoon, when a member of the audience flat out asked the mayor if he planned on running again. He later confirmed his intentions with reporters.

In 2016, Atchison will have served as mayor for 13 years, holding the record for the longest-serving mayor in Saskatoon.

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