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Canada Post has no time line for end of door-to-door service

Canada Post has some big decisions to make after dropping a bombshell on the country last week, but it admits it doesn't know exactly what comes next.

The Crown mail delivery company announced they'll be phasing out door-to-door mail delivery over the next five years. It's part of a plan to deal with dwindling profits and an economic failure that would be almost certain without drastic changes.

Regina stores prospering during Christmas season

Big box stores aren't scaring local businesses in Regina this Christmas.

Audio Warehouse is celebrating 50 years in the Queen City as of 2014. However, company president Brian Melby admitted the industry hasn't been doing well in recent years, pointing to the fall of major companies like Circuit City and RadioShack that are no longer in business. He said the new beast in town isn't another big box store.

Report says SK people less generous, local charities not worried

Some Saskatchewan charities contend that a new report from the Fraser Institute falls short of measuring the generosity of the province's citizens.

SK government launches new website

The Saskatchewan Government is joining the mobile age, thanks to its new million dollar web site.

On Monday the province launched, a new website aimed at modernizing the government's web site and making the space more effective. Terri Harris, the province's chief of operations in Executive Council, says in the past people have complained that the old site was "frustrating, overwhelming and ineffective."

Stuff the Bus campaign fills three city buses for city's hungry

City buses are normally stuffed with people, not food, but that's what Rock 102's Stuff the Bus campaign was all about on Friday.

Located at the Attridge Drive  and 8th Street Co-ops the crew filled three buses with donations for the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre.

VIDEO: RCMP stage virtual drunk driving test for reporters

Of all places, RCMP Depot is likely last on a list where you would expect to see drunk driving. But with the help of driver training simulators, that experience can be recreated in a controlled environment.

On Friday officers invited members of the local media to test out these simulators to understand what it’s like to drive in different scenarios where your ability may be impaired.

Grey Cup win plus Christmas season equals Rider gear flying off shelves in Regina

It seems a Grey Cup win fits in perfectly with Christmas shopping.

A number of stores in Regina have reported above average sales of Saskatchewan Roughrider paraphenelia, even for the Christmas season.

“Sheer volume and demand has been greater than other years,” said Dan Reiss, district manager at Jersey City. “That’s, I think, been the greatest challenge is just keeping up on what’s coming in.”

Students create video game for kids with cystic fibrosis

Three University of Saskatchewan engineering students have invented a video game for kids with cystic fibrosis.
The game and small device required to play the game were created by Tyler Spink, Thomas Bazin and Dalton Mainil as part of a school assignment.
"Every fourth year electrical engineer has to do a design project and the College of Engineering actually takes suggestions from industry and from people in the city as to what we should be designing," Mainil explained.

Upswing in buy local movement for holiday shopping

An increasing number of people in Saskatchewan are buying local this holiday season.

SaskMade is one of the retailers that is seeing an upswing in business because of it.

“I think it is quite a big trend and we were kind of a little bit slower on the uptake but it has definitely been doing really well over the last three years,” Amanda Wilkins, retail specialist and business development for SaskMade, said.

Reginans react to changes in Canada Post deliveries

There is mixed reaction around Regina on Canada Post's plan to end household delivery over the next five years.

"To go somewhere just to pick up mail, that's ridiculous," said one woman upon hearing the news.

Residents who currently receive regular mail at their home will soon have to walk to a neighbourhood mailbox to collect their bills, postcards and letters.

It's also going to cost more to send those items. Canada Post will be increasing the cost of a stamp to $1 as of March, 2014.

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