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VIDEO: Hometown crowd pays tribute to Mr. Hockey

Wayne Gretzky figures there is no photograph fans ask him to sign more often than the one of him as a smiling preteen beside his idol Gordie Howe, who is playfully hooking a hockey stick around the future Great One's neck.

"Every time I look at the picture or sign the picture, it's nothing but great memories," Gretzky said Friday as he and several hockey legends paid tribute to Howe in his hometown. "He was nicer and better ... when I met him than even what I thought he was going to be."

Sask. reaction to assisted death ruling

A Supreme Court of Canada ruling against the current ban on doctor-assisted death has many reflecting on end-of-life care for the terminally ill.

For Bill Jones, Friday's ruling was welcomed news. His wife, Deb Herman, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She was diagnosed in 1995. Jones said his wife's quality of life has declined steadily. She's now confined to a wheelchair and lives in constant pain.

Sask. gas prices higher than they should be: analyst

Gas retailers in Saskatchewan are making more off of your gas tank than in other places in Canada.
Over the past week gas prices prices have risen from 80.9 cents/litre to 89.9 cents/litre, with some stations in Regina are up at 94.9 cents/litre. Most stations in Saskatoon are at 98.9 cents/litre.

Booze in convenience stores proposed for Sask. cities

You can already find wine and spirits on the shelves of 190 convenience or grocery stores in small towns in Saskatchewan and now the Western Convenience Store Association is proposing to expand that option to corner stores in cities.

The proposal to allow corner stores to sell wine and beer is one of thousands submitted to the Saskatchewan government under the open consultation survey asking for public input on the future of liquor laws in the province.

PHOTOS: Target sales disappoint Saskatchewan shoppers

Many Saskatchewan shoppers eager for the start of Target's liquidation sale were let down Thursday morning, expecting a better discount.

SaskWater customers could pay more

Some people may have to dig a little deeper in their wallets for water after this spring when SaskWater raises its rates.
About 36,000 people will be affected, but SaskWater said it will be up to the towns and R.M.s whether this increase is passed on to customers.
Jurisdictions that will be affected include:

How much money can you save filling up your tank?

Gas prices at many stations around Regina have jumped and are now sitting at 94.9 a litre. However, there are still a few stations that are displaying 80.9 to fill up.

So what exactly is the difference on your wallet between the cheapest place and the most expensive?

SUMA pushes for movement on MMRP fund

Saskatchewan cities, including Saskatoon, will have to wait a little longer before the anticipated multi-material recycling program (MMRP) starts funding residential recycling programs.

During the bear-pit session at the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) convention in Saskatoon, the delegation urged the provincial government to hurry up and roll out a program to help municipalities fund and operate residential recycling programs.

Measles complicate Sask. families' Disneyland plans

Some Saskatchewan families are having to make difficult decisions about trips to Disneyland as a result of the measles outbreak.
The Center for Disease Control reports over 100 cases stemming from the famed park in January alone and that number continues to grow.
Kristen Allen at The Children's Wish Foundation of Saskatchewan tells us one family postponed their wish trip in order to keep their little one protected.

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