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Rare comet to shine bright over Sask. Wednesday night

It hasn't been by earth for nearly 8,000 years but on Wednesday, you will have the chance to see Comet Lovejoy.
It has actually been noticeable for several days now but today is when it is closest to earth - about 70 million kilometres.
"You should be able to see it with binoculars, especially if you get there before the moon does," said Hope Boyce, an astronomy undergraduate student at the University of Saskatchewan.

PA martial artist to tear down a home

A Prince Albert man is looking for a home, but he doesn't want to live in it. Wolfgang Manicke, along with a crew of martial artists, are looking to demolish the house and their previous record. 

"I'm looking for a house to demolish by hands and feet," Manicke said on the Brent Loucks Show Monday morning.

Manicke is the the Kyoshi or grand master for the Kuro Ookami Dojo, a martial arts school focused on karate, kick boxing, and grappling.

Saskatoon man's New Year's video goes viral

A Saskatoon man's video reflection on time has gone viral.

Ben Schmidt recorded his monologue video one word a day for the entire 2014 year and then posted the result to Youtube on New Year's Eve.

By Sunday, the video had garnered more than 26,000 hits.
"I'm blown away," Schmidt, a Saskatoon programmer, said. "I had no idea that that would take off. I kind of just expected to share it on Facebook and see some of my friends and family watch it."

Saskatoon book lovers face changing literary environment

With snow blanketing the roads, literary lovers crowded into Westgate Books Friday morning.

The locally-run book store on 8th Street is one of the last left in Saskatoon.

"We (have) a smaller staff than we have ever had before because we too have to pay the rent. But at least we have a fighting chance," Ann Dutnall, Westgate Books Inc owner, said. "It is hard to watch because book stores really aren't competition for each other. It's just a big community, a wider series of resources. It's hard to see book stores go by the wayside."

The Interview premiers in Saskatoon

In the middle of international controversy and terror threats – The Interview premiered in Saskatoon at the Roxy Theatre Friday.

“Because the bigger chains in Saskatoon weren’t releasing this movie we thought this would be a good chance for us,” theatre assistant manager Callen Diederichs said.

The Interview, originally released online on Christmas Day, tells the tale of a journalist setting up an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un which then turns into an attempt on his life.

2 Sask. theatres to premiere 'The Interview'

A controversial comedy will premiere in Saskatchewan this week.

Saskatoon's Roxy Theatre and Regina's Studio 7/Rainbow Cinemas will be showing The Interview--starring James Franco and Seth Rogen--starting Friday, Jan. 2 and running until Thursday, Jan. 8.

Sask. Ukrainian Christmas carol celebrates 40 years

What has become a classic Saskatchewan Christmas carol began as a liquor-fuelled fun time between friends 40 years ago.

Les Pavelick and Neil Headrick, better known as the singing comedy duo Metro and Jacques Straper recorded the famous 11 Days From Christmas song in 1974.

3 movies open Christmas Day in Regina theatres

After a long day full of presents and dinner with the family, Christmas night is actually pretty busy at movie theatres in Regina.

Nicole Tryhorn says she actually likes working on Christmas night at Galaxy Theatre in Regina. She says the daytime shows are pretty empty because families are at home opening presents and having dinner.

“The evening after everyone has dinner is normally pretty busy,” she said. “We all wear our Santa hats and Christmas stuff and it's fun. We have fun on Christmas.”

Saskatoon fans celebrate 25 years of The Simpsons

Twenty-five years later The Simpsons made television history as the longest-running sitcom.

And there is no shortage of fans in Saskatoon including Jodi Cason from Amazing Stories comic book store. Cason was a fan when The Simpsons occupied just a couple of minutes on the Tracy Ullman Show.

“I was at an age where I would set my alarm for midnight so I can get up and watch it because it came on after hours and that was my first experience and I loved it I was crazy about it and that was three years before the series debuted,” Cason said.

Galaxy Regina postpones release of "The Interview"

Cineplex Theatres has decided to postpone the comedy film The Interview, starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, across Canada.

The film is about two celebrity tabloid show hosts and their attempt to assassinate the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. Thursday's premiere in New York has already been cancelled because of-9/11 style threats made by the Sony hacker.

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