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The Ex: A tradition for one Saskatoon couple

In the 67 years that Hazel and Peter Osatchoff have been married, they've never missed the Saskatoon Ex.
"We're happy we're still around to enjoy it," Peter said.

Nearly 90 years old the pair still make it out to the Ex religiously, they said they like the outing.

Google offers virtual tours of Sask. universities

Students and visitors to the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan can now get a glimpse of the campuses before actually getting there.

Google Street View has added both Saskatchewan campuses along with other universities across both Canada and the United States. People can now go on a virtual tour of more than 30 campuses across the continent.

View all of the available campuses here. 

Spudnuts take centre stage at Saskatoon Ex

Every year’s Saskatoon Ex offers something new but one food item has become an annual staple.

Take a listen to CKOM's Kurtis Doering as he goes behind the scenes at the Saskatoon Ex.

The Spudnut stand near the main stage at Prairieland Park has remained a local favourite for 26 years.

PHOTOS: Saskatoon Ex parade brings crowds downtown

The streets in downtown Saskatoon were lined with hundreds of lawn chairs as kids and adults eagerly watched the Ex Parade make it's way through on Tuesday morning.

Starting at 24th Street East and Spadina Crescent floats, dancers, and animals made their way up to 3rd Avenue, around Friendship Park, and back down to the starting point.

Saskatoon EX set-up right on schedule

Carousels are getting their horses, trains are getting their tracks and concession stands are filling with food today as crews prepare for the Saskatoon EX.
"Today's when everything happens on the park," Director of Events Carl Schlosser said Monday. Around 200 people are working to shine up and test out the attractions.
This is the final full day for preparation before an expected crowd of 30,000 flows in tomorrow. Prairieland Park along with the North American Midway are quickly getting everything where it needs to be.

PHOTOS: Queen City Ex draws to a close

The midway is packing up, the mainstage is dark and the mini-doughnuts are gone for another year, as the Queen City Ex wrapped up on Sunday night.

Attendance dropped five per cent from 2013, with 199,095 people coming through the gates. Heavy rain on Friday night likely contributed to the slightly lower numbers.

"For the first time in the history of the Queen City Ex we had to cancel a concert," said Event Coordinator Josh Shaw, referring to Bret Michaels. "(But) we wanted to make sure that everybody was safe."

Concentrated is better at Fringe Fest

Saskatoon residents like their Fringe Festival the way they like their juice, concentrated.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the performance art festival prides itself on staying condensed along the small strip of Broadway Avenue.

Buskers, vendors, food carts, and six theatre venues pack the road sides and intersections, creating a cozy but lively atmosphere.

It's a contrast to the larger Edmonton and Winnipeg fringes, where festival goers may have to drive across the city to the various venues.

Life on the road with the midway

The Queen City Ex is all fun and games for visitors but for hundreds of people it's also their place of work.

Luke was employed at a law office in Alberta before choosing to hit the road with the travelling fair. He is now working at the plate smash game, where people can win prizes by hitting plates with a baseball.

On Thursday afternoon not many people were stepping up to the plate.

"So far it's been quiet but it always picks up at night.  Seems like the people who like to break things always come out later at night," said Luke. 

A few scrapes and bruises at Queen City Ex

Saint John's Ambulance volunteers are helping people feel better and get back on the rides at the Queen City Ex.
Superintendent Mary Walters says so far it's been pretty quiet at the first aid center.
"We have had a few scrapes and falls and bruises. Some have felt the heat so they come in and they lay down, have a rest."
Walters has volunteered at the Ex for 48 years. Looking back at all the summers spent at the Ex, one particular medical emergency sticks out in her mind. A man had an unusual cut on his back.

Fringe brings back 'Best of the Fest' for 25th anniversary

Broadway Avenue will be filled with street performers, buskers and craft vendors this week as the Fringe Theatre Festival celebrates 25 years in Saskatoon.

The birthday celebration kicks off Wednesday night with a preview event at the Broadway Theatre. The street festival starts at 6 p.m. Thursday and runs until Aug. 9.
This year, all theatrical performances will be held only in the evenings in order to make the shows more accessible, according to organizer Colin Grant. He said it's hard to know which of the 33 plays will garner the most attention.

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