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2014 Acadamy Award Winners

The 86th Academy Awards wrapped up Sunday night with 12 Years a Slave coming out on top for Best Picture with a nod to Lupita Nyong’o for Best Supporting Actress. Mathew McConaughey won for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Dallas Buyers’ Club with Jared Leto winning for Best Supporting Actor in the same film. Cate Blanchet won Best Actress for Blue Jasmine and Gravity picked up seven Oscars including Best Director and Best Cinematography.
See the full list of winners and nominees below.

Status quo for strip club regulations after Regina council vote

Regulations around strip clubs in Regina will remain under the status quo after City council voted to change its bylaw surrounding the clubs at its meeting Thursday evening.

Regina City Council ponders stripping, burlesque bylaw

Regina City Council could have its lap full at Thursday night's meeting as regulations around strip clubs are on the agenda.

Council wants to clarify how a strip club is defined and in what part of the city they're to be allowed in. New provincial laws allow bars and night clubs to host strip shows or wet T-shirt contests, something that wasn't allowed before in a liquor-serving venue. Despite the updated regulations, however, full nudity is not allowed and nipples must be covered.

Blues musicians take over Saskatoon

Despite the cold weather, blues musicians are offering some warm vibes to music lovers in Saskatoon this week.
The Saskatoon Blues Festival kicked off on Monday, with two to three bands playing each night until Saturday. Headlining acts will be showcased at either the acoustic stage at the Park Town Hotel or the electric stage at O'Brians Event Centre.

Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis is dead

Actor, writer and director Harold Ramis of Ghostbusters fame is dead.

Chicago newspapers reported that the man behind legendary comedies from the 1980s died early Monday morning.

Ramis is best known for his roles in movies like Ghostbusters and Stripes, but he also wrote and directed Groundhog Day. You can see his fingerprints all over Analyse This and National Lampoons Vacation. Recently he also appeared as the dad in Knocked Up with Seth Rogen.

Warm weather and event bring people downtown on Family Day

The beautiful weather on Monday wasn't lost on many in Regina as the day was jam-packed with holiday events.

The Doug Wickenheiser arena was offering free skating in the afternoon. The RCMP Heritage Center was holding its annual Arctic Adventures Family Day event with mock ice fishing, a snow show course, and dog sled demonstrations, among other winter activities.

Monday was also the last day of the Ice and Fire festival.

Victoria Park was full of people enjoying the weather and the events.

Horse trainers 'mane' event at Equine Expo

Horse trainers trotted out their best at the third annual Equine Expo’s trainers competition at Prairieland Park this weekend.

Over the course of the three-day event, competitors had three hours to train their own young horse who had never been ridden before.

At the final competition on Sunday, trainers must guide their horse through a series of tests and obstacles to show who has helped their horse improve the most over the weekend.

Craven digs deep to prevent flooding

Excavations are already underway at the Craven Country Jamboree campsite as crews dig new holding ponds and drainage ditches to mitigate flooding at future festivals.

“Every year we try to do a little bit more to improve the site’s conditions. It is a flood plain, so every year we have issues,” jamboree marketing director Kim Blevins said.

The project follows the construction of a large dike around the site in 2011 that cost more than $1 million.

Erotic fiction: not as taboo as it once was

It used to be a dirty little secret, the peak of guilty pleasure reading complete with stashes of books hidden under beds and behind night stands, but erotic fiction no longer carries the same taboo as it once did.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day the Regina Public Library (RPL) hosted a public discussion this Wednesday called Hot Reads for Cold Nights – all about erotica.

Belle Plaine to play anti-Valentines Day concert in Regina

While thousands of couples head out for an expensive, candle lit meals to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, a Regina musician will be hosting a show that caters to those unable or unwilling to take part in what she calls a “pretend holiday.”

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