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St. Vincent brings futuristic stage show to Saskatoon

It was a dry and relaxing night at the Bessborough Gardens as St. Vincent took the stage at the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival.

The art rocker from Oklahoma performed futuristic choreography to songs off her latest self-titled album St. Vincent for a crowd of enthusiastic fans.

The two-hour set was chalk full of punchy, distorted guitar solos juxtaposed with lead singer Annie Clark's sweet vocals.

The jazz festival runs all week until Sunday.

Balgonie high school students to join Heart on stage

Imagine going from singing in your high school gym to performing with a band that is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That fantasy is becoming a reality for a group of students from Balgonie who will be joining Heart on stage for one song during Monday night's concert.

When 17-year-old singer Samantha Dech says she was in shock when she heard that her choir had the chance to sing with Heart.

“I know who Heart is and I was like ‘well aren’t they famous?” she said. “And we’re just a high school choir, so yeah, when we found out that I was a little speechless.”

Filming begins for Corner Gas: The Movie

The Dog River gang is back as filming officially begins for Corner Gas: The Movie.

"It feels like nothing (has) changed," said Executive Producer Virginia Thompson outside of the first Regina filming location Monday morning. "Many of the crew that was involved on the series are back for the movie and the cast is back. They're in their hair, makeup and wardrobe and they have their lines and they sound like Hank, Lacey, Oscar and Emma and it's like, oh my gosh, nothing has changed."

New Regina distillery finds new use for waste beer

The simple idea of 'waste not, want not' has led a Regina pub to stop pouring its waste-beer down the sink and serve it up in the city's first distillery.
The waste is what's left over when Slow Pub creates its own beer. The brewpub, which has been operating for three years, produced 80-100 litres of leftover yeast mush for every 1,000 litres of beer.
"We had no way to get rid of the waste once we were done filtering the beer," explained Adam Sperling, the owner of the new Sperling Silver Distillery.

Hidden gems abound at Sask. Jazz Festival

Sold out shows shouldn’t discourage music lovers from enjoying the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, as the event kicks off Friday at stages across the city.

With more than 110 artists at 10 venues, the festival has music for every ear, according to marketing director Jacqueline Conway. Shows such as Ben Harper and Charlie Musslewhite, John Legend and Tegan and Sara sold out within hours.

Remai Modern appoints new board chair

A new brand and board chair means the Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan is moving forward.

Alain Gaucher, partner with MacPherson Leslie and Tyerman LLP, has been unanimously appointed as president and chair.

Gregory Burke, president and CEO of the gallery, said Gaucher will play a big role in making sure the new project meets its full potential.  He said the new brand is a significant promise to reflect the history of Saskatchewan as a young and growing province and to reflect the Mendel Art Gallery.

Welcome to the Gaybourhood Shines Through Rain

You can't have a rainbow without rain said Joe Wickenhauser at the annual Welcome to the Gaybourhood event on Wednesday.

Regina man's dog love song goes viral

If you talk to your dog, you'll probably admit to being at least a little dog-crazy, but one Regina man is getting some dog 'love' online this week for singing to his pit-bull.

Shane Kober posted the video ‘Funny Dog Pitbull’ to YouTube back in 2008. Just this week, the Huffington Post website rediscovered it and shared it, generating over 2 million hits in two days.

'Doogie' spends the whole song with his paws wrapped around Kober’s shoulders, then starts giving him dog kisses when asked if he wants a cookie or to go outside.

Corner Gas fans double kickstarter fundraising goal

‘Corner Gas: The Movie’ will be bigger and better than originally planned all thanks to fans of the show.

A kickstarter campaign was launched on May 20 to help the production and reached its goal of $100,000 in one day. The team behind the film then took a look at what else could be done with the fundraiser.

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