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People from Regina townhouse lost all belongings in fire

After a Thursday morning fire gutted a townhouse in Gladmer Park, the people who lived there are left picking up the pieces.

Imagine waking up to huge orange flames flicking at the walls while all of your belongings burn up in a fiery inferno. For many, it’s their worst nightmare. But that became a reality for Kaitlyn Williamson and three other families on Thursday morning when a fire broke out in their building in Regina’s Gladmer Park.

Salvation Army needs time to determine fire victims' needs

Following a townhouse fire in Regina’s Gladmer Park Thursday morning, the Salvation Army has asked for prospective donors to give them a little bit of time before they start collecting household items for those affected.

Four families had their homes ripped apart by the inferno and were left without a permanent home. Major Doug Binner with the Salvation Army said donors began calling in immediately wondering what type of items the families might need. But he said it’s too early to tell.

Investigators to enter blast site at oil refinery early next week

Early next week, investigators will be able to physically enter the blast site after an explosion shook the Co-Op Refinery complex on Christmas Eve.

"The weather has delayed structural engineers from finishing their analysis on the safety and stability of the structure," said fire marshal Randy Ryba, "with that said, they're going to work through the weekend to finish their work. I expect to be on the physical-damage scene by Monday, next Tuesday at the latest."

PHOTOS: Firefighters battle major blaze at housing complex

A townhouse in Regina’s Gladmer Park off Broad Street now stands in charred ruins after a fire ravaged the building for several hours early Thursday morning.

It was a shock for Kaitlyn Williamson when she woke up to the smell of smoke in her building.

“I woke up, I saw orange, I looked out both windows I saw flames and ran,” she said.

All four units in the building were evacuated safely and the fire department reported no serious injuries.

Fire investigators begin work at refinery after explosion

Fire investigators are getting their first look at the site of an explosion at the Co-Op Refinery Complex but the full cause may not be clear for many months.

The blast happened Tuesday, shaking much of the city in the process. Regina's deputy fire chief and the refinery itself stated that evening that they suspected it may have originated in a liquefied petroleum gas processor.

Saskatoon family loses "everything" in house fire

At first, Saskatoon resident Annette Ponace thought she was the victim of a prank phone call.

A friend had driven past her house on Avenue H South Friday afternoon, and called to inform her it was on fire.

"I go, 'yeah right, whatever'. So I didn't think nothing of it and I just hung it up" Ponace said. It was only when the man called a second time that Ponace began to worry.

Safety inspections holding up refinery explosion investigation

It’ll be a few more days before fire investigators are able to get into the Co-op refinery complex after a loud explosion on Tuesday.

An official from the Federated Co-op said engineers would be conducting safety tests on all structures affected by the blast before investigators would be able to get on site.

Former firefighter rescues family and dog from cabin fire in Cochin

As a fire spread from a shed to a cabin in Cochin, a family was able to get out safely thanks to a former volunteer firefighter.

On Sunday December 22 Brandon Lafreniere was travelling through Cochin north of the Battlefords when he saw a cabin on fire with vehicles in the driveway. As the side of the cabin burned he went to see if anyone was still inside.

Family members remain in hospital following Neuanlage house fire

A family of four is coping with the tragic loss of their home after a devastating fire Friday morning in Neuanlage.

Two family members remain in a Saskatoon hospital where they are being treated for burns. We're hearing now from the father of the man who owned the house. He describes the terrifying moments before it burned to the ground.

UPDATE: Semi fire stops northbound traffic on Highway 11

A Monday morning vehicle fire continues to halt northbound traffic on Highway 11 from Saskatoon near Tower Road.

A fire truck on scene was spraying water on a semi that was fully engulfed in flames on the northbound side of the highway sometime after 6 a.m. Traffic in the southbound lanes was still flowing normally, but smoke was billowing across all four lanes of highway traffic.

The trailer and its contents continue to smoulder and crews from the Prince Albert Fire Department are managing smaller fires on site.

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