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Update: Slope failure in Saskatoon

Eight homeowners in the Nutana neighbourhood will need to work with the city to fix a slope failure impacting their properties.

The affected area lies between 11th Street East and Saskatchewan Crescent East.

Inspections to date show an area of soil as deep as nine metres is still moving by about three-and-a-half centimetres a day. Fire chief Dan Paulsen described the phenomenon as a 'slow moving tidal wave of soil' that has already shifted by just over metre in total.

City of Saskatoon still watching slope failure

The city is still monitoring the situation following a slope failure along 11th Street East near Saskatchewan Crescent.

Strategic Services manager Rob Frank said the situation is alarming to engineers as a 9 metre deep section of the slope is moving faster than normal.

PHOTOS:Regina Fire Dept. battles blaze in North Central

Regina Fire and Protective Services were at an alley on the 1400 block of Athol Street on Friday evening.

A fire had started in a shed behind a condemned house. A witness said he spotted flames coming out of the small building just before 6 p.m. when he called the fire department.

Fire crews put out the blaze in minutes.

No word on the cause of the blaze, though the neighbour did say he saw some kids playing in the yard earlier in the day.

UPDATE: Car bursts into flames in City Park

Saskatoon Police and Fire and Protective Services are investigating a car that burst into flames.

At around 5:20 p.m. on Monday, police were alerted there was a car on fire in the area of 7th Avenue and 33rd Street, in the alley behind Lauriston Street.

Police confirm the car was stolen and no one was inside the car when the fire started.

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Arizona fire hits close to home

The tragic deaths of 19 firefighters in Arizona, are being felt here in Saskatchewan.

The province's Wildfire Management Program, based near Prince Albert, has seen its share of deadly of fires as well like the one northwest of Phoenix on Sunday.

Early farmhouse fire near Regina city limits

Fire crews were out at a farmhouse fire just northeast of Regina’s city limits Saturday morning.

Fire marshal Randy Ryba said a passer-by had called in the fire, and ten minutes later crews arrived on the scene.

“(They found) a fully abandoned farmhouse; a large, stonewalled farmhouse,” he said.
By that time, the farmhouse was fully engulfed in flames and was unable to be saved. Crews stayed on the scene to make sure the fire didn’t spread.

Fire at closed Sherwood House Motel in south Regina

Bright flames lit up a foggy Friday morning in Regina as the fire department battled a blaze at a closed motel in south Regina.

The fire at the Sherwood House Motel began shortly before 4:00 a.m. but as of 6:00 a.m. fire crews seem to have the blaze under control.

City of Regina Fire Marshal Randy Ryba confirmed the motel was not open to guests as it’s under demolition.

“Nobody in the building confirmed,” he said, adding nobody was sent to hospital.

12 year old charged with arson in Saskatoon

A 12-year-old boy in Saskatoon has been charged with four counts of arson after allegedly setting fires over the course of the past month-and-a-half.

Police said a van was set on fire on 20th Street West on May 4. Two days later fences and a shed on Avenue T South and a garage were set ablaze. And then on June 9 two portable toilets were set on fire and destroyed in a park on Appleby Drive.

No one was hurt in any of the fires, but the fire to the shed and garage caused thousands of dollars in damge.

Moose Jaw man facing jail time for string of car thefts, fires

A long string of charges and a long string of guilty pleas were entered in a Moose Jaw courtroom Monday all linked to vehicle thefts and fires.

It was back in April when Nolan Conway of Moose Jaw was charged in a rash of vehicle thefts in that city and surrounding areas. Of the 10 vehicles stolen, six were lit on fire.

On Monday Conway was sentenced to 44 months in a federal jail. Once he gets out, he won't be able to drive for seven years.

Two teenage boys were charged along with Conway. They will be back in court at a later date.

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