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City of Regina looking to recruit bus mechanics in Ireland

The City of Regina needs hire more bus mechanics and engineers, so this week city staff joined a business delegation on a trip Ireland to see if they can find anyone interested in moving here.

City of Regina asks for patience on blocked catch basins

Be patient: for scores of Reginans dealing with lakes in the streets,  either the ice will melt, you or your neighbours will get the catch basin open or the city just might show up to help. But that last option just might take the longest.

With 23,000 catch basins, and 20 workers assigned to the job, just do the math, it could take a while to get to your street. 

What can spring potholes do to your vehicle?

Under layers of slushy snow and puddles the melt is revealing a lot of potholes covering the streets of Regina.

It can be tough to avoid all of them but driving over too many, or even one depending on how deep it is, could cause some serious damage to your vehicle.

"It definitely breaks things like springs and struts and shocks and stuff like that. It changes wheel alignment which wrecks your tires," said Roy Currie, an auto technician at Auto Electric.

Saskatchewan hockey gear delivered to India

Some kids in northern India now have new hockey gear thanks to people in Saskatchewan.

Andrew Wahba started a project he called Hockey in the Himalayas last year and just recently got back from delivering all the hockey equipment.

"We thought we'd try to get them as much equipment as we could by running a drive in Saskatchewan," he said.

That drive collected 80 pairs of skates, 30 helmets, 80 pairs of gloves and more than 100 hockey sticks.

First Nations people want more penalties for U of R cheer team

First Nations people across Saskatchewan are not happy with the University of Regina cheer team.

They say the team made fun of their culture by wearing offensive costumes in a cowboy and Indian-themed event. Pictures from the occasion were posted online, but were later removed after receiving a huge backlash on Instagram and Twitter.

Chasity Delorme is a student at the First Nations University. She said the costumes aren't accurate.

Classes cancelled at St. Philip school due to water main break

Tuesday's classes have been cancelled for the 235 students at Saint Philip Catholic Elementary School in Saskatoon.

It's all because of yet another water main break, which cut water service to the building and left a four-metre wide hole in the street outside.

City crews are working to repair it. Classes should resume on Wednesday.

There were no classes on Monday because of a professional learning day for teachers.

Water main woes sink backhoe

Water main repairs at Taylor Street and Haultain Avenue suffered a set back on Monday when a cave in caused a backhoe to fall into the hole.

The backhoe was pulled out with the help of a small crane and then put onto a flat bed truck.

City crews have been swamped with a high number of breaking water pipes this year.

Teen sentenced to custody for stabbing stranger in alley

A Saskatoon youth will spend just under a year in custody for stabbing a stranger who he met in an alley four times last month.

The 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was sentenced Monday to 11 months 10 days in secure custody and five months 20 days of community supervision after pleading guilty to aggravated assault on Mar. 3.

The teen stabbed Tom Brassoy, 50, after encountering him in an alley off the 1900 block of 22nd Street West in the late afternoon of Feb. 27.

Agribition founder Chris Sutter died Friday

Chris Sutter, one of the founding fathers of Canadian Western Agribition, passed away on Friday.

Sutter was the first President of Agribition and the visionary behind the show.

His vision became a reality in 1971 with the opening of the first ever Canadian Western Agribition.

Car crash knocks out power to 1,300 Sutherland homes, businesses

Power has been restored for most Sutherland residents after a car took out a power pole.

Around 7:45 a.m. a vehicle driving down a back alley on the 100 block of 111th Street West struck a power pole, knocking it over.

Police said that there were no injuries and they are still investigating. Meanwhile crews are working to replace the damaged pole.

As many as 1,300 homes and businesses were without power for four hours.

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