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Number of mosquitoes that carry West Nile is rising in Sask.

There are fewer mosquitoes biting people in Saskatchewan, but the risk of contracting West Nile is rising.
“The mosquito that carries it—the Culex tarsalis—reaches its peak numbers usually about this time of year,” said Phil Curry, the province’s West Nile Virus coordinator at a news conference Friday.
The upcoming long weekend doesn’t help peoples’ chances, added Curry, noting that many people spend extra time outdoors.
The province is continually testing the insects, and so far, none have tested positive for the virus.

Life on the road with the midway

The Queen City Ex is all fun and games for visitors but for hundreds of people it's also their place of work.

Luke was employed at a law office in Alberta before choosing to hit the road with the travelling fair. He is now working at the plate smash game, where people can win prizes by hitting plates with a baseball.

On Thursday afternoon not many people were stepping up to the plate.

"So far it's been quiet but it always picks up at night.  Seems like the people who like to break things always come out later at night," said Luke. 

Busy long weekend at Saskatchewan provincial parks

It's shaping up to be a busy long weekend in Saskatchewan provincial parks.

Mary-Anne Wihak, director of visitor experiences with Sask Parks said reservations have been steady. With all the warm weather this week people seem to be eager to plan camping trips and most of the fully-serviced campsites have been booked.

For those looking for last minute plans to get out and enjoy the sun, there are other options, as the majority of the parks have over flow camping available.

A few scrapes and bruises at Queen City Ex

Saint John's Ambulance volunteers are helping people feel better and get back on the rides at the Queen City Ex.
Superintendent Mary Walters says so far it's been pretty quiet at the first aid center.
"We have had a few scrapes and falls and bruises. Some have felt the heat so they come in and they lay down, have a rest."
Walters has volunteered at the Ex for 48 years. Looking back at all the summers spent at the Ex, one particular medical emergency sticks out in her mind. A man had an unusual cut on his back.

Saskatchewan battalion honoured at legislature

The men of the 28th Battalion came from all corners of the province, from Regina to Prince Albert.
It was September 18, 1915, when these young men landed on the French shore, where they would remain to fight for the rest of the war. They didn't know it at the time, but they wouldn't leave for over 37 months. Some would never return to Canadian soil.
That battalion was honoured on Thursday morning in Regina, as members of the Royal Regina Rifles presented the Battle Colours to Premier Brad Wall in a ceremony at the legislature.

Medicine Hat follows Saskatchewan, pauses smart meter program

As SaskPower begins to remove 105,000 smart meters due to safety concerns, officials in Medicine Hat are halting their own installation program.

"We're going to put a pause on the electric meter installations, while we gather some more information about what's happened in Saskatchewan," said Wilbur Mclean, communications officer with the City of Medicine Hat.

Stanley Cup bound for Saskatoon

Jarret Stoll of the Los Angeles Kings is still reflecting on his team's championship-winning playoff run.

"A lot of long games and long series and great series.  It was fun hockey to watch, I'm sure, and it was fun hockey to play."

Those long series paid off, and now Stoll is getting a chance to bring the Stanley Cup back to his home province for a visit.

He'll be taking the Cup to Saskatoon's Kiwanis Memorial Park North between 2 and 4 p.m. Sunday. People will be able to take pictures with the trophy provided they bring their own camera.

Buyer beware, concert ticket fraud on the rise

Imagine having floor seats to see your favourite country artist, finally getting to the front of the line and finding out the ticket you bought online was bogus.
That was the reality for Marlie Chovin and 20 others at last week's Blake Shelton concert.

Summer sun shines on Saskatchewan solar farm

This week people were out soaking up the rays of the sun, but so were 39 solar panels on a farm in White City.

The solar farm generates enough energy to power about 17 homes.  Bill Walton, president of 2B Green Power Solutions, says there are already plans to expand the number of solar panels.

It took 5 days for 2B Green to install 110 solar panels on the roof of a garage on a farm just outside of Regina . Deborah Shawcross/CJME

Some customers hope bills drop after smart meters are removed

Safety is the main reason given for the removal of smart meters across the province, but some customers are wondering if it will have a positive impact on their wallets.

News Talk Radio reported that some residents were left paying hundreds of dollars more on their power bills, after getting the new meters.

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