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University of Regina says parking spaces meet demand

As students at the University of Regina begin a new semester and search for parking spots, the school's parking department says there is adequate room for their vehicles.

"This year, we're virtually the same as we were last year, last fall," said Pauline Tessier, director of parking and transportation services.

"We haven't had any changes on campus. The construction that we had last year is still happening. We met the demand last year so we've just done a bit of tweaking."

Second-hand buses require first-class inspections before hitting the road

As the City of Saskatoon awaits older, used buses from the City of Calgary – SGI says rigorous inspection standards across Canada ensure these buses will be safe and road-ready.

“Commercial vehicles are actually held to a higher standard when it comes to periodic inspection -- commercial vehicles across Canada are required to be subject an annual or semi-annual mechanical fitness inspection,” former manager of vehicle standards at SGI, Ciaran Downes said.

Sask. woman loses appeal in nanny case

A Vanscoy woman lost her appeal to the province's labour board.

Sask. NDP calls for auditor to review smart meter program

The opposition NDP is calling on the government to order the provincial auditor to investigate SaskPower’s smart meter program.

“It is a very good time for Mr. Wall and cabinet to ask the provincial auditor to do an independent investigation,” said NDP Leader Cam Broten Wednesday.

SGI to consider impound appeal

The provincial government has asked SGI to consider an appeal mechanism for vehicles impounded due to violations of distracted driving laws.

The request is a response to a complaint from a Saskatoon businessman; one of his company vehicles was impounded when an employee was caught using his cell phone while driving for the second time.

Citronella bug spray banned by Health Canada

As of 2015, Canadians won't be able to buy mosquito sprays made with citronella oil because there's not enough data to prove the oil is safe when used in bug repellent, according to Health Canada.

The federal department is pulling the product from Canadian store shelves by the end of December after launching a review in 2004. 

City buys up old, used buses to assist with route cancellations

A shortage of journeyman mechanics alongside an aging fleet means the City of Saskatoon won’t have enough buses for full transit services for about three more weeks.

“This problem will be significant this week,” said Jeff Jorgenson, general manager of transportation and utilities.  “We’re doing everything we can to address this as quickly as we can – we’re hopeful that by the third week of September we’ll have the vast majority of routes back in service.”

Homeschooling year kicks off in Saskatoon

Tuesday marked the first day back to class for many Saskatoon students, but some kids haven't really stopped going to school.

"Homeschooling definitely continues all the time. It's all day long, all summer long," Jessica Benson said.

Jessica and Greg Benson have been homeschooling their kids for seven years and watched learning come naturally.

Celebrity hack highlights iCloud security

The recent celebrity phone hack has highlighted a service that some people didn’t even know they have.

Hackers managed to download nude or personal photos from about 100 stars after they breached one or more personal celebrity iCloud accounts.

“You know, a lot of people probably don’t even realize they have it on,” said Scott Bryanton, who works in the cell phone industry. “They can opt in to turn on their iCloud in the initial set-up. A lot of people just click ‘yes’ and they forget about it.”

New back to school party after LB5Q cancelled

Organizers have come up with a replacement for a popular back to school party that was cancelled this year.
Little Buddy Big Buddy BBQ (LB5Q) is an annual tradition put on by the Edwards Business Students' Society (EBSS) in September. The event attracts thousands of students who hop on buses to an undisclosed location to enjoy food, drinks and music.

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