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Snowbirds ready Grey Cup celebrations

Rider Nation’s snowbird population isn’t letting a little distance get between them and Sunday’s Grey Cup.

Despite the lack of Canadian sports coverage in Phoenix, Ariz, Wes Akerman always makes sure there’s a Grey Cup gathering. A seasonal resident at the Sunbird Golf Resort in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Akerman has organized Grey Cup events for the past eight years.

On Sunday, hundreds of Canadians will converge on the clubhouse where they'll watch the big game on a 12-foot screen while munching on burgers and salad.

Crown not appealing Sask. foster mother verdict, says victim's father

The Crown won't be appealing the acquittal of a former Saskatchewan foster mother charged with criminal negligence causing the death of a 22-month old boy, according to his father.
Chris Martell's son Evander Lee Daniels drowned in a bath tub on June 8, 2010 while living in Eunice Wudrich’s foster home near Saskatoon.
Martell said Crown prosecutor Paul Goldstein delivered the news to him Tuesday morning.

New book offers glimpse into Saskatchewan gang life

It's rare for most people to get a true glimpse into the life inside Saskatchewan's gangs, but a new book is telling true stories from some of the province's ex-gang members.

Brighter Days Ahead by Ph.D candidate at the University of Saskatchewan Robert Henry, brings raw photos and memories from gang life onto the page.

"We are using stats and ideas constructed out of the United States and other communities and I just thought it's different here. Why aren't we trying to understand the issue from our own perspectives?" explained Henry.

Banner of kids' signatures headed to Regina for Grey Cup

A huge Rider banner full of signatures from kids in Rosetown and Outlook is headed to the Grey Cup.

Jade Ballek, a big Rider fan and consultant with the Sun West School Division, has been bringing a banner signed by Saskatchewan kids to every Grey Cup since 2007.

It started when she was a teacher and wanted to get her students engaged in the big game when it was in Toronto.

"I promised the students I would try to get this Rider banner on TV, so that they could feel that they were part of the celebration," she said.

Grey Cup 101: Tickets popping up for sale online

Those who didn't get Grey Cup tickets right away and are scrambling now may still be in luck to get some, and even avoid the scams to boot.

Now that the teams are actually set for Grey Cup 101 there are plenty of people looking to either dump or pick up tickets online. By Monday morning new ticket offers were popping up on Kijiji every minute.  One post offered two front row tickets for $2,500.

CN Rail employee fatally injured while working near Tisdale

RCMP and CN officials have confirmed a man has died in a train-related incident Monday evening in Crooked River, near Tisdale.

"At approximately 6:30 p.m. yesterday evening, Nov. 18, a CN employee was fatally injured in the performance of his duties near Tisdale," said Warren Chandler, of public affairs with CN.

Tisdale, Melfort and Humboldt RCMP all assisted CN Police in investigating the incident before fully handing the matter over to CN Police, according to a statement from RCMP.

Man who saved 4-year-old niece from fire given bravery award

The Royal Canadian Humane Association handed out 19 awards for bravery at the Government House in Regina on Monday.

The people who received those awards come from across Saskatchewan and have collectively saved 23 lives over the past few years, according to President Rudy Berghuys.

"I think they set such a great example for society and for humanity that I think it's extremely important to recognize these folks," said Berghuys.

Regina police respond to rumour rampant on social media

The Regina Police are trying to stop a rumour that has been running rampant on social media about the possibility of a serial killer in the city.

The rumour posted to Facebook warns people that the police have told First Nations Chiefs in the area that there is a serial killer in Regina, but that they won't be telling the public until after the Grey Cup. In response to the rumour the Regina Police Service has taken the unusual step of posting a response on their Facebook page to tell the public that it is not true.

City calls for 7.26 per cent tax increase in 2014 budget

A huge bump to the road levy and added investment from the city has pegged the proposed 2014 buget tax increase at a whopping 7.26 per cent.

“The theme is ‘The Roads Ahead’ as it clearly deals with the condition of Saskatoon roads,” the city’s finance director Kerry Tarasoff said. “The budget puts emphasis on roads and core services and a long term plan of getting Saskatoon’s roads improved.”

Four Saskatoon cabs held up in two weeks

After four taxi cab robberies in the span of two weeks, Saskatoon cab companies are stepping up their safety precautions.

"You know we have people run quite often. That happens. You know, they run away from paying the fare... but to actually take money from a driver? That's fairly new" says Cliff Kowbel, Operations Manager at Comfort Cabs. He says his cabs were targeted in two of the recent robberies.

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