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NDP child-care plan would double Sask. spots

The federal NDP unveiled a child-care plan Tuesday that promises parents would pay no more than $15 a day per child.

The multi-billion-dollar plan that would add 370,000 new spaces across Canada in the first four years should the NDP form government.

“We’re talking about a doubling of the number of child-care spaces in Saskatchewan,” said NDP Regina-Lewvan candidate Erin Weir.

Brett Wilson fighting cancer -- again

North Battleford-born entrepreneur Brett Wilson is in for another battle with cancer.

Wilson tweeted on Thanksgiving that his cancer is back, and he faces treatment including two months of radiation. He adds he's grateful to have beaten cancer thirteen years ago.

Wilson is known for his philanthropy, and his time on the CBC TV series Dragon's Den.

Halloween fundraiser 'Vampire Beat' finds new home in Saskatoon

A popular Halloween arts fundraiser in Saskatoon has outgrown its space and doubled its capacity this year.
For the first time in six years, PAVED Arts and BlackFlash Magazine will hold Vampire Beat, the annual costume contest and dance party, at Amigos Cantina instead of their Riversdale event space on 20th Street West.

Friendship Inn serves up Thanksgiving feast

Saskatoon residents got stuffed at the Friendship Inn Monday thanks to a Thanksgiving feast.

The 20th Street centre was serving up heaps of food for their annual Thanksgiving meal.

The transit lockout did little to stop people from coming together and the line was out the door. Executive director Sandra Stack said she was glad so many families could come out despite the lack of transportation.

High demand for ice time at Regina rinks

Hockey season is now in full swing and arenas around Regina are busy once again.
Available ice times are at a premium as thousands of people scramble to strap on the blades this fall. The City of Regina confirms demand is higher than in previous years.
"We have higher registration numbers across a lot of the minor sports programs and that causes an increase in the demand for ice," said Ted Schaeffer, coordinator of sports facilities and special events.

Saskatoon teen aims for finals at legends car race in Vegas

AJ Morrison has his sights on the final at a legends car race in Las Vegas.
The 16-year-old boy from Saskatoon will compete in the most anticipated legends race in North America Oct. 16 with a chance at the final the following day.

Competing in the semi-pro division against people aged 40 and under, Morrison drives a scaled down version of a 1930s hotrod with a Yamaha motorcycle engine. Drivers are not allowed to soup up their cars.

Movie-inspired science at Ignite! festival

The mixing of art and science was celebrated at the Saskatchewan Science Centre in Regina over a two-day feestival.

A homemade telescope, robots drawing with markers and LEGO artwork of Rider players were on display at  the first ever Ignite! festival on October 10 and 11.
There was also a special musical performance by dry ice. Ryan Hill works at a sound studio creating noises that are used in film. By pressing metal against dry ice, he made experimental music full of high squeaks and low rumblings.  

Saskatoon tattoo artist using breast cancer scars as canvas

In a tattoo parlour located downstairs in a strip mall on Broadway Avenue, women bring the remnants of their battle with cancer to make works of art.

Mastectomy scars are the canvas for Eye of the Needle tattoo artist Baillie Fruson.

"My mother had breast cancer and she has horrible scars," Fruson said, of her personal connection to the cancer.

Tattooing for around 11 years, Fruson has combined her desire to help others with her work before.

Celebration of culture and community at Thanksgiving Powwow

The 16th Annual Northern Lights Casino Powwow is underway this weekend at the Art Hauser Centre in Prince Albert. 

Various performers, vendors, local residents and those traveling from different places are all coming together for the celebration.

Some Elders are sharing the importance of tradition and culture to younger generations.

Saskatoon author tackles population growth in new book

A Saskatoon author is calling for optimism in the face of a rising global population.

Paul Hanley has spent the last 25 years writing on environmental issues.

He said his new book '11' addresses a key challenge faced by policymakers and regular citizens all across the planet.

"The world's population is moving from around 7 billion today to around 11 billion by the end of this century," Hanley said. "What happens when population grows by 50 per cent and the economy is projected to grow by 500 per cent by the end of the century?"

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