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Late crops in Sask. could suffer from early frost

The combination of a late crop and an early frost could create headaches for Saskatchewan's farmers this week.

Environment Canada has issued a frost advisory for areas like Prince Albert and Spiritwood for early Tuesday morning. A cold front moving into the province from Alberta is expected to create below-average temperatures until the weekend.

"The cold air will be more over western sections early on in the week, then it will spread to more easterly sections towards the end of the week," said Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

Young local Muslims speak out against ISIS terrorism

After reports that more than 130 Canadians have left the country to join terror groups, the call is out for people to fight Islamic extremism—and not just in large centres, here in Saskatchewan too.

“As a Muslim it is my job to make sure that nobody's abusing my religion. I don't want anyone doing something stupid, whether it's here in Canada or abroad, and giving it an Islamic label,” said Amir Aboguddah, President of the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) at the University of Regina.

Aboguddah says he is unaware of any extremist factions in Saskatchewan.

MAP: where the most parking tickets are handed out in Regina

Some Regina drivers are all too familiar with that little white paper flapping in the wind underneath their vehicle's windshield wiper - the frustrating parking ticket. And it turns out, those who park downtown or near either of Regina's hospitals regularly have probably seen their share.

Stolen truck rams RCMP vehicles during chase in eastern Sask.

A police chase in eastern Saskatchewan has left two RCMP vehicles smashed up, and one suspect with well over a dozen charges.

Rose Valley RCMP say it started at around 9:23 p.m. Thursday night when a man walked into a garage in Archerwill, which is 52 kms south of Tisdale. The property owner was in the garage at the time, and chased the stranger away.

Not long after that, a black Chevy pickup and some tools were reported stolen from another home in the area.

Big Brothers Big Sisters program changing lives

They laugh, whisper, and share inside jokes just like many sisters do, but Lauren Klassen and Crystal Macleod are not actually related. Ten years ago this month, little sister Klassen was matched up with big sister Macleod through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Saskatoon.

"I'm an only child and my mom thought having someone older to look up to would be a good thing. So when she heard about the program she registered me," Klassen,16, explained.

After about a year of waiting, she was finally matched with Macleod.

Paramedics help woman finish race

It’s an ambulance ride one woman won’t soon forget after paramedics helped her cross the finish line in the Colour Me Rad run.

MD Ambulance was called to the run on Saturday after a 35-year-old woman tripped over a hole in the grass and hurt her ankle just 200 meters from the finish line.

But rather than simply take her to the hospital, paramedics decided to help her finish what she started.

Twin running in Disney Princess Marathon to honour sister

They grew up watching movies like Cinderella and the Little Mermaid. Like many little girls, the Bulas twins had dreams of wearing princess dresses and twirling around in castles.

Next year, Kurstin Bulas, 21, will make her sister Kyley's princess dreams come true in her honour at the 2015 Disney Princess Marathon.

Kurstin will dawn her princess dress and jogging shoes in remembrance of Kyley who was killed in a car accident near North Battleford in May.

Runners put their feet to the test at Queen City Marathon

Thousands of running shoes will hit the pavement in Regina for the Queen City Marathon on Sunday.
The races actually started on Saturday with the Family 5K, a new event this year. Race director Shawn Weimer says there will also be a new category just for walkers.
"We've always had walkers on the course but they've never actually had their own event. They've done it as part of the run. It's kinda a race for every pace. People have all those opportunities to go out there and run their race that their comfortable with."

Angling license levy keeping fish population healthy

Anglers in Saskatchewan can now be assured that the entirety of a 30 per cent levy they pay on their license will be dedicated to keeping the province's fish population healthy.

On Friday, the province announced a trust agreement had been signed between the Ministry of Environment and the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF). The agreement includes the SWF taking over the staff and fisheries program through the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund.

City of Regina considers $42M multi-purpose facility in North Central

A massive project that could help turn around one of Regina’s most-troubled neighbourhoods is a step closer to fruition.
A new $42-million multi-purpose facility in North Central could soon get final approval from the city after about 10 years of discussion. The project’s working name is the North Central Shared Facility, which would be built at the existing site of Scott Collegiate between Elphinstone and Athol Streets, and 6th and 7th Avenues.

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