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Transit lockout shines light on carpooling

As the transit lockout drags on in Saskatoon, is reminding people about the program.

"A lot of people forget about it. Carpools tend to be invisible because they just look like cars,” Anne Marie Thornton, executive director of, said.

Monday is the start of Carpool Month which runs Oct. 6 to Oct. 31. Its goal is to increase carpool awareness and encourage commuters to give it a try. It takes place each October as the weather cools and people think less about active modes of transportation.

SK registered nurses review role of licensed practical nurses

A group regulating some nurses in the province is trying to throw cold water on a hot debate between registered nurses and licensed nurse practitioners.

“Some of the misinformation has caused, I believe, some emotion and we need to step back,” said Karen Eisler, executive director of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association (SRNA).

The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (SALPN) has been working on rewriting its bylaws during the past year and part of that process is redefining the scope of practice for LPN’s.

SaskTel customer gets U.S. data roaming charges from Alameda

A woman who farms north of Alameda wants to know how she suddenly went over the U.S. data roaming limit without leaving her yard.

Kimberley Dietze was surprised when she got an automatic voice message from SaskTel saying she went over her $100 international data roaming limit on her MiFi internet hotspot device which runs off its own cellphone number. She said the device did not leave her yard which is more than 35 kilometres away from the U.S. border.

Social services sees moderate increase in transportation requests

Saskatchewan social services say only a fraction of their Saskatoon users have needed help with the transit lockout.

Executive director of income assistance service delivery Jeff Redekop said five percent of Saskatoon's 8,500 beneficiaries have asked for help getting around the city.

They include people who receive help under the Saskatchewan Assistance Program, Saskatchewan assured income for disability, and transitional employment allowance.

Historic anniversary of last train crossing main Saskatoon bridge

Exactly 50 years ago Sunday, Saskatoon saw a major milestone on one of its main bridges.

It was October 5, 1964 when the last train crossed over the CNR bridge, which was then torn down and the Idylwyld Freeway Bridge, now known as the Senator Sid Buckwold bridge, was put in its place.

"(The CNR bridge) was part of the railway line that ran from Regina through Saskatoon up to Prince Albert and was the first bridge to cross the South Saskatchewan River," Jeff O'Brien, archivist with the City of Saskatoon, said.

2,500 litres of liquid asphalt spills into a Saskatoon storm drain

A small environmental disaster was averted Saturday after 2,500 litres of liquid asphalt spilled out into a Saskatoon storm drain.

Fionn MacCool’s opens in downtown Saskatoon

An Irish-style pub is the latest of many watering holes to open up in downtown Saskatoon.

Nestled on the same parcel as the Galaxy Cinemas on Second Avenue, Fionn MacCool’s is a separate entity from the massive theatre.
Before opening the doors Monday morning, Clive Atkins showcases the cozy pub’s community tables and plethora of beers.

Sask. LGBT group marches for GSA support

The rain wasn't the only thing causing rainbows in Saskatoon Saturday as a group of LGBT rights activists gathered to promote safety in schools for the gender diversity community.

With brightly-coloured signs and umbrellas, the roughly 40 people made their way down Broadway Avenue.

Students like Charlene Moore, 17, say they found a safe haven in their school's Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) clubs.

Sask. hunters reminded to check rules

As hunting season ramps up in Saskatchewan the province is reminding everyone to follow the rules.

The reminder follows a 2013 incident where a Saskatoon man trespassed on posted land to illegally shoot a deer. He then chopped off the antlers and left the carcass to rot.

Donald Sheuerman was handed a $6,500 fine, a 10-year firearms prohibition, a lifetime ban on restricted-class weapons and a five year ban on hunting in the province.

Those sanctions came on top of $5,600 in fines given to Sheuerman in August 2014.

Seniors relearn the rules of the road

Learning how to drive a car doesn't stop once you get your license.
The Saskatchewan Safety Council is offering free driving refresher courses to seniors to update their knowledge of the latest rules and regulation of the road.
Seniors were back in the classroom taking the course in Regina on Friday. 71-year-old Marcella Moldovan wants to return to the road with confidence.

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