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Tree pruning starts in City Park and Varsity View

Christmas may be over but the city is still trimming trees.

From Thursday until Monday, city crews will start their annual pruning of trees in City Park and Varsity View. Crews will remove any broken, dead, weak, and diseased branches as well as anything blocking pedestrians, cars, street lights and signs.

Some roads might be restricted as crews work and the City has posted signs in the areas.

Tree maintenance in the two neighbourhoods will continue until March.

Regina refinery valve leak leads to oily cars nearby

The Co-op Refinery is cleaning up a small but dirty mess after a valve leak sent a mist of oil into the air.

A mechanical failure led to a small oil leak on Dec. 20 that was quickly contained according to spokesperson Daryl Oshanek. However due to some wind that day, the air-borne oil wasn't all contained.

Texas company buys Magna Electric in Saskatchewan

An electric service company called Shermco Industries based in Dallas Texas has bought out Saskatchewan's Magna Electric Corporation.

Combined the two companies will create the largest electrical testing and maintenance company serving industrial and energy clients in North America. On it's own Magna Electric takes in about $85 million in revenue and has developed a wide reach with 650 employees working regularly on projects across North America.

Environment Canada predicts reprieve from brutal cold to last 10 days

Days of bone chilling cold, - 30 C is starting to feel warm but the next 10 days should feel downright tropical in comparison if the forecast holds up.

“All that praying hoping and begging has paid off because what we’re going to do is shed these minus double digit temperatures,” said Dave Phillips with Environment Canada.

So far he said the models are showing warmer than normal temperatures for the next 10 days with highs between -5 C and -8 C even getting up to a high on Saturday of -2 C.

Flights from Regina to Toronto cancelled Wednesday

Weather conditions have caused a lot of extra hassle for air travel across the U.S. and Canada.

Pearson International Airport in Toronto stopped all arriving North American flights for more than eight hours on Tuesday stranding thousands of frustrated passengers and causing delays that could last days.

More than half of 774 arriving flights had been cancelled, along with 381 of all departures. Weary travellers slept on seats or trudged forward in hours-long lines to rebook their cancelled or missed flights.

Saskatoon woman recounts accident

A Saskatoon woman said she is grateful to be alive after her car went off a bridge and plunged into the river below.

Breanna Pegg had been house sitting for friends in Martinsville and the 23-year-old nurse decided to meet up with her cousin for lunch in Willowgrove. Pegg drove a route she had taken many times before but on Dec. 30 it ended with her and her car in the river.

Solar panels heating U of S student residences

The University of Saskatchewan is walking on sunshine as solar panels installed on two new residence buildings are helping pay the heating bills this winter.

The Aspen Hall residences within the College Quarter project have been equipped with the panels.

"There's solar panels on half of the project, so two of the buildings use the solar panels and the other two do not," said James Cook, manager of business opportunities at the U of S.

Flu shot clinics busy in Regina

Many people are flocking to the health clinic to get immunized as it opens up again for January.

Those who didn't get the flu shot in the fall formed a long line outside the health clinic on Wascana Street in Regina as it opened again Monday evening.

"I thought it would be a good idea to come down today and get our flu shot. Apparently everybody else had the same idea," said a mother waiting in line with her children.

For those who opted not to get a flu shot earlier in the season, the threat of the H1N1 virus appears to be enough to change people's minds.

Extreme cold knocks doors, parking meters, cars out of commission

It's not just your spirit that can break in this cold—many of the things around you are breaking too.

“Most of the world does not experience this very low temperature," said Amr Henni, a professor in the Industrial System Engineering department at the University of Regina. "So all of the equipment and instruments that we purchase worldwide, they are really not designed to work at this very low temperature.”

Water main break floods 18 rooms at U of R residence

Industrial vacuums are roaring as clean-up continues after a flood at the North Tower Residence at the University of Regina.

Offices on the main floor and 18 student dorm rooms sustained damage after a water main break late Sunday night. Only a few students were actually staying in the rooms at the time because the semester doesn’t start until Tuesday.

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