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Regina man successfully petitions city to repave street

Saul Lipton is happy because his residential street just finished a major overhaul, complete with a repaving job and new sidewalks, but it wasn’t an easy road to convince the city to do the work.

“There were depressions. There had been all kinds of water breaks. We didn’t have real sidewalks. It was just a terrible mess,” he described the former condition of his street in the 3500 block of Allen Avenue

Lipton had had enough of driving on the sub-standard road and decided to take action.

Regina food bank holds record-setting drive

In 27 years, Regina's annual food drive has never seen anything like this.

In a 48 hour period starting on Thursday, the Regina Food Bank managed to raise 325 tones, or 650,000 pounds, of food.

That shatters not only their target of 250 tones, but also last year's total of 192 tones.

"One big component of it was the Farm Credit Drive Away Hunger, which is kind of the kick off for us at the start of the year" says Food Bank CEO Steve Compton, "But our door-to-door collection was, again, really substantial."

Ya-Ya Sisterhood raised $6,200 for C95 Radio Marathon

A group of young girls certainly did their part to push the total higher in the C95 Radio Marathon for breast cancer research this week.

The Ya-Ya Sisterhood presented a $6,200 cheque for the cause.

The roughly 45 grade seven and eight girls from St. Luke School spent the last year raising money through bake sales and bottle drives.

“It’s a good organization to support and some women have (breast cancer) and we’d like to support them,” grade seven student, Gracie Harper, said.

Province, feds see benefits in EU trade deal

A new free trade deal with the European Union shouldn't drive up the cost of prescription drugs, according to Saskatchewan's Premier.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed the deal in Belgium. The deal is expected to help increase Canada's gross domestic product by about $12 billion, creating 80,000 jobs along the way.

Saskatoon protesters rally in support on N.B. demonstrators

Demonstrators in Saskatoon are showing their support for protesters in New Brunswick involved in a violent clash with RCMP.

About 50 people showed up Friday morning at the corner of College Drive and Wiggins Avenue carrying signs and claiming to stand with the east coast demonstrators.

"It's about showing solidarity with our Mi'kmaq brothers and sisters out east," said Serena Gamble, who took part in the event, which lasted for about half an hour.

Saskatoon non-profit reopens after losing funding

A Saskatoon non-profit forced to shut down after losing provincial funding, is open again.

Saskatoon Equal Justice for All (EJA) is a non-profit, charitable organization that helps people with mediation, and appeal decisions by government agencies including social services, the Rentalsman and family services.

"There are agencies out there that some of these people don't fit in their criteria, whereas we help everybody. We don't discriminate against race, age, disability. We are all inclusive," said executive director Roberta Fehr.

UPDATE: Nigerian students deported from Regina

After 16 months of hiding in Regina churches two Nigerian students arrested for violating their student visas were deported Friday and are heading back home.

Sask. comedian entertains troops overseas

A Prince Albert comedian brought his act to the Middle East over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Kelly Taylor entertained troops in Kuwait and Oman from Oct. 10 to 14 for the second time.

“This is the last one in the Middle East because they’re pulling out. This is what they call … the best of team Canada. I was the only comedian and then we had some NHL hockey players; Tiger Williams, the older penalty guy; Troy Crowder, another tough guy; Tony Currie, an old NHL guy,” he said, listing several others on the tour including singers, announcers and a NHL team president.

PHOTOS: Regina volunteers feed 40 colonies of "semi-feral" cats

These cat condos might be difficult to spot but spread around Regina, tucked between buildings and businesses, are more than 40 "cat colonies" that serve as feeding stations to Regina's feral and semi-feral cats.

"We're not only feeding them," explained Leanne Toth. "We're sterilizing them and that's going to stop the problem of overpopulation, of fighting and spraying and (the) spread of disease."

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