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Regina Humane Society telethon raises $42,250

The Regina Humane Society is calling their 26th annual telethon a 'doggone success'.

The telethon that aired on January 26th raised over $42,250. RHS staff and everyday heroes told the behind the scenes stories that they experience every day at the Humane Society. Tales of success were told and there was a spotlight on animals up for adoption.

Regina council votes on 4% interest for $100 million stadium loan

We now know the terms in which the City of Regina will pay back its $100 million loan for the new stadium.

On Monday evening council unanimously agreed to change a bylaw that will now see the city repay the loan over the next 31.5 years with an interest rate of 3.99 per cent. That rate will stay the same over the entire life of the loan with the city to make semi-annual payments of just over $2.8 million.

Mayor Michael Fougere said this had to be done now.

Billboard targeting Cameco goes up in Saskatoon

A new billboard in Saskatoon is hoping to catch the eye of Cameco and people driving by at the corner of 20th Street and Idylwyld Drive.

The sign asks Cameco to "pay up" and says the company owes hundreds of millions in taxes to people in Canada.

"(The billboard) may help to influence Cameco to change their way of doing things and not use offshore havens to put their money away and actually pay it back here in Saskatchewan and Canada where we could all benefit," said Don Kossick with Saskatchewan Citizens for Tax Fairness, the group behind the billboard.

Former foster kid strives to make a difference in the system

Mike Scott was in and out of many foster homes as a child and now he wants to change how things are done.

Last week it was announced in the last 20 years almost 500 children that the ministry of social services was involved with, died. According to the provincial children’s advocate, 42 per cent of the deaths were preventable; they were due to abuse or neglect.

Wind chill putting Saskatchewan at risk of frostbite

Wind chill warnings are all around southeastern Saskatchewan.

The wind is creating wind chill values into the -40 C range on top of the already-frigid temperature. Natalie Hasell with Environment Canada explained the conditions are perfect for things to be much colder than normal.

"We've got clear skies that allows a lot of heat to escape in the overnight period. We also have winds from the north, so that keeps bringing down that cold air from the arctic.

She said the big concern is frostbite.

Aunt concerned about kids kept out of school for 6 years in Regina

Every morning Alek Bar sends her seven children off to school before she embarks on her own work day. The single mother holds down two jobs to support her family. But when Bar leaves the house, other family members are still there—Bar’s sister and her two kids. Bar says her nieces have not been enrolled in school for the last six years.

"It's really bothering me every day. And I'm just sitting watching them. I can't do anything about it," said Bar.

CFIA says Irn-Bru, Marmite not banned in Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is reassuring Canadians that some of their favourite British foods aren’t going to disappear from store shelves.

Fat Bikes gain traction in Saskatoon winters

Fat is in, at least when it comes to bicycles.

Fat Bikes are the latest cyclist trend to hit Saskatoon. With thicker, oversized tires and wider frames, Fat Bikes look like oversized mountain bikes and make small work of snow drifts and sandy beaches.

The bikes have been around for about a decade but Bike Doctor’s Reid Challis said they're slowly gaining traction in Saskatoon.

Blowing winds causing problems on Sask. highways

Blowing snow and strong winds have caused problems on Saskatchewan's highways.

"It's really windy out there this morning," Erika Gudnason with Highway Hotlines said.

"We have lots of travel not recommended around the Regina area. Saskatoon, there is not as much travel not recommended but there is a lot of reduced visibility , drifting snow, and swirling snow."

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