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Hundreds of retro licence plates already bought in Sask.

It didn't take long for drivers in Saskatchewan to buy hundreds of a new licence plate.

On Tuesday, the province announced the launch of two new licence plates. Both are modeled after the 1965 Saskatchewan licence plate. One celebrates the Roughriders with a vintage team logo on the left side and ‘Rider Nation’ on the bottom. The other is a collector plate.

Saskatoon Bishop opts for modest lifestyle

Saskatoon Bishop Don Bolen doesn't believe one person needs a house with four bathrooms in it.

It's the reason why he has decided to move out of the Roman Catholic Bishop's residence on Spadina Crescent and into a modest two bedroom apartment in Pleasant Hill, on 20th street near Avenue O. His old home has been put up for sale.

"I was looking for something a little simpler, and smaller," Bolen said.

Bolen says it was a decision to "try to be a little more faithful to gospel" in his lifestyle, adding other leaders are making similar decisions.

38 Regina Beach homes still without services

Some people in Regina Beach are left in limbo, waiting for water and natural gas services to be restored following Wednesday afternoon's explosion.

Pink insulation still hangs from a number of trees around the area where a blue summer home once stood. Homes in the area are scarred from the blast with windows shattered, doors blown in, and some structures knocked completely off their foundation.

The flashing lights of SaskEnergy trucks illuminated the town on Friday morning as crews continued their repair work - a process that could take some time.

Fate of Saskatoon bus barns remains up in air

As plans to relocate the bus barns out of Caswell Hill march forward, a Saskatoon group wants the old buildings to become a space for artists.

The fate of the 13.5 acres of land in the heart of the city is still being discussed, but ArtSpace Saskatoon would like to see the buildings turned into workshops and offices for artists and artistic organizations.

ArtSpace Saskatoon founder Craig Campbell said the areas size and location make it ideal for local artists.

More allegations of poor conditions in Saskatoon care home

Once again, shocking allegations of poor conditions in a Saskatchewan seniors' care home were levelled in the Provincial Legislature.

During Question Period, Opposition Leader Cam Broten brought up the case of Margaret Froess, a 74-year-old woman living in the Samaritan Place care home.

"In location after location, we hear how short-staffing is hurting patient care," said Broten, explaining that Froess suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy and delusions.

Dogs rescued near Lestock, 1 shot in face

A dog named Wilson is recovering from being shot in the face after he and his family of pups were found by Good Samaritans near Lestock and taken to the Regina Humane Society.

Wilson was with the mother dog and their eight pups when they were found huddled in the basement of an abandoned farm house.

The mother and the pups were dirty, dehydrated and malnourished, but Wilson's condition was more severe. He had a broken jaw and bullet fragments embedded inside his mouth.

His injuries weren't obvious at first.

Davidson coffee pot landmark needs repairs

The huge coffee pot in Davidson needs more than a shot of caffeine.

The landmark requires major repairs after standing near the highway through all prairie weather for 18 years.

"It's like anything made of metal, it starts to show rust after a while. It needs to be cleaned up and painted again," Austin Eade said.

Eade is one of the people who designed and built the original structure with the company Harvest Services in Craik.

City targets summer repairs for University Bridge

If you think traffic congestion in Saskatoon is bad now, just wait until this summer when the University Bridge needs to be shut down for repairs.

The city's chief engineer Mike Gutek said initially planners were looking at shutting the bridge down entirely. They've since reconsidered doing that.

"We do realize the pressures from the downtown core, as well as access to the University bridge. So right now, the option we're looking at is having one lane from downtown, to the east side of the river," Gutek said.

PHOTOS: Regina college president accepts accessibility challenge

The simple things we take for granted can be quite the challenge for people living with disabilities.
Dale Williamson has minor function of his arms but is legally quadriplegic after surviving a car rollover 11 years ago. He's currently pursuing a secondary education with an English major at Campion College but finds it a challenge getting to classes on time in the old building.

No one can tell if Lean is working: Sask. auditor

The provincial government has spent many hours defending Lean, but the provincial auditor says the government itself doesn't know if the initiative is working.

Auditor Judy Ferguson says the Health Quality Council (HQC) is supposed to measure the success of Lean. She found that "the council's database did not include one half of the expected updates. As a result the database was not complete."

"Lean" is a management philosophy that looks to eliminate inefficiencies to save money and time.

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