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Future of Moose Jaw's outdoor pool in question

It's sink or swim for the City of Moose Jaw when it comes to fixing the city’s only outdoor pool.
According to a new report from Moose Jaw Parks and Recreation Director, Jody Hauta, this could be the last summer to swim in the Phyllis Dewar Outdoor pool.
Hauta explains the pool needs about $30,000 in repairs just to stay open this year.

Prince Albert SPCA rejects woman's attempt to adopt her own dog

A Prince Albert woman from is upset that the SPCA rejected her attempt to adopt her own dog because her other dog isn’t spayed and neutered.

Katy Campbell said she realized her dog Gizmo was missing on Wednesday. Her mother-in-law had been looking after him, but had given him to another daughter-in-law for a temporary stay. After she was told she couldn’t have pets in her building, the daughter-in-law took Gizmo to the SPCA.

“She never told us. So, I went there and I tried dealing with it but they wouldn’t give me back our dog,” said Campbell.

Daycare kids plan for Father's Day Sunday

It's all about Dad on Sunday.

At the Turtle Park Childcare Centre, kids are already finished crafting their Father's Day gifts.

Daycare kids make crafts for Father's Day.

News Talk Radio spoke with a group of four and five year olds and asked them what they like to do with their dads.

"Going on walks with him," said Kate.

Burris 'hometown' quarterback for RedBlacks at Mosaic

There are still plenty of tickets available for the Riders' first pre-season game at Mosaic Stadium Saturday afternoon.

“We won’t see a sellout,” stated the Saskatchewan Roughriders vice-president of marketing Gregg Sauter. “I would say we’re going to be somewhere between 16,000 and 20,000 I would say.”

The Riders will be the visiting team for the game, as the Ottawa RedBlacks technically become the home team since their stadium isn’t ready. It’s something quarterback Henry Burris is having some fun with.

“Is it OK if I use Darian’s locker?” Burris joked in a radio ad.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria found on Squid in Saskatoon

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have discovered a bacteria that's resistant to the strongest antibiotic.
The bacteria, Pseudomonos, was discovered on a piece of squid purchased from a local supermarket.
Pseudomonos is a type of bacteria that produces an enzyme called carbapenemase. The enzyme breaks down antibiotics before they are able to kill the bacteria.

Ritz suggests withdrawing Pakistan adoption appeal, lawyer disagrees

Minister Gerry Ritz said the Afridi family could speed up the process of granting a Pakistani child permanent residency in Canada as their adopted son if they withdrew their appeal before the courts.

However, the couple’s lawyer completely disagrees.

“If we would withdraw the appeal, basically we are killing the application,” Haidah Amirzadeh said on John Gormley Live Thursday.

Amirzadeh said the Afridi family submitted the application to Ottawa before the federal government decided to stop accepting adoptions from Pakistan.

HSAS bringing government into negotiations

Saskatchewan's union for health services workers has reached an impasse in bargaining and is bringing in the government.

Thursday morning the Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS) sent a formal notice to the Government of Saskatchewan of an impasse in its collective bargaining with employers, represented by the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO).

Sask. woman cautions others after man claims to be Mountie

A case of apparent road rage took a strange twist on Highway 11 last weekend when a man tried to pull over the woman who passed him on the highway using an RCMP business card.
Tara McDonald was driving her kids between Bethune and Craik when she passed another driver on the twinned highway. She was surprised and shaken up by what happened next. She says he pulled back out beside her, swerved at her vehicle, sped up and cut her off scaring her kids in the process.

Family searches for info about relative shot in 1910

A family spread out across Manitoba and Ontario is looking for any information about a great-uncle who was shot near Langham more than 100 years ago.

Archibald (Archie) Latchford worked in Hanley and then at the Langham Northern Crown Bank in 1910.

"We were told he died in a bank robbery," said Shelley Muma, who currently lives in Cambridge, Ontario.

But, Muma found out from an old newspaper article her great-uncle accidentally shot himself near Langham while he was out goose hunting.

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