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Regina lawyer plans class action suit as birth control Yaz, Yasmin linked to deaths

Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills are suspected to be linked to the deaths of 23 women in Canada and now their families are looking for answers.

One class-action lawsuit is already underway in Ontario representing hundreds of women who have faced health problems after taking the pill. Regina-based lawyer Tony Merchant is in the process of launching a second class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company Bayer for women outside Ontario.

South African woman in Regina recalls meeting Nelson Mandela

Two words continue to describe the condition of Nelson Mandela: "serious", but "stable".

The 94-year-old former South African president is battling a lung infection in a Pretoria hospital.

Historical hike brings people back through Saskatoon's LGBT past

Pride week 2013 holds a lot of meaning for LGBT communities around Canada because it is the tenth anniversary of same-sex marriage. But it's not the only momentous occasion in Saskatoon's LGBT community.

"Saskatoon is gayer than Liberace," said Joe Wickenhauser, the co-coordinator of the Homo Hike.

Saskatoon's first Homo Hike brought 40 people on an hour long historical downtown walking tour Monday night.

"We really want to bring the LGBT history to people's attention, he said.

Researchers raise alarm over phosphorus in Lake Diefenbaker

Research being done at Lake Diefenbaker is bringing comfort to a nearby mayor, despite the lake's water being described as chemical and possibly harmful.

City council hopes to control strip teases through bylaws and zoning

City council wants a clear picture of when and where the city will be allowing strip teases and other forms of exotic entertainment.

“I would like the administration to take their time on this one. I personally feel the government dropped this in our lap and we have to make it clear this isn’t a city decision,” said Councillor Troy Davies.

VIDEO: Rescued puppy doesn't let injury slow him down

When you first meet this little black and white puppy you wouldn’t guess that he’s different. Playful and curious he starts sniffing around in my bag to see if a radio mic might be a treat or a toy in disguise.

Only when he stands up can you see that his back legs are shorter than his front ones, in fact he has no back paws. This injury goes back to the freezing cold night in January when he was born a stray in La Loche.

Regina baseball players hope MLB scandal will clean up the game

Regardless of the league they play in, many baseball players at one time or another feel the pressure to gain a competitive edge over others. For some, that means using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

 “I don’t understand why somebody would try and get away with it now,” said Regina Red Sox head coach Jay Livingston.

SCYAP uses comics to help at-risk youth

We’ve all heard the stories before: don’t do drugs, wear a condom and stay in school. But while the clichéd messages may not be reaching kids the way they used to, a local art group is trying to re-engage the province’s youth through comics.

The Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming (SCYAP) created a series of four interactive comics to teach youth the value of good choices.

Regina boy battling cancer finds global support

A young boy from Regina is gaining world-wide support as he battles a rare form of brain cancer.

Last September, doctors in Regina noticed a tumour on the brain stem of six-year-old Tyler Puetz. Since then, he’s undergone nearly 30 radiation treatments as the location of the tumour makes it inoperable.

Survival rates on diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma are very low, but to lift the spirits of Puetz and his family, Chad Bremner decided to take a stuffed monkey on a global sailing race and has been posting pictures to a Facebook page of the monkey’s adventures.

Regina man receives citizenship award

Nolan Barnes has been awarded SIAST Kelsey Campus’ Outstanding Citizenship Award.

In high school, Barnes said he was a bit of a party animal, getting mixed up in the “drug scene,” as he puts it. But in his senior year he was involved in an accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

“I wanted to be a power lineman. Unfortunately, doing drugs and other stuff, it kind of took me away from my goals,” he said. “Then when I was injured, I didn’t know what to do.”

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