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Mosaic Place responds to accusations by Hockey Canada

Mosaic Place Manager Scott Clark is reacting to the story that Moose Jaw is being blacklisted by Hockey Canada because of discrepancies over rental fees.

Moncton Mountie funeral hits home in Regina

As three slain RCMP members were laid to rest in Moncton, people in Regina were paying close attention to the regimental funeral.

At the RCMP Heritage Centre, CEO Al Nicholson and a few others gathered inside the facility’s theatre room where the service was being shown.

Local historian concerned about future census data

A Saskatoon history professor is concerned with the direction Canadian census data is headed.
Bill Waiser appeared on John Gormley Live (JGL) Tuesday to discuss his recent opinion piece Let's Protect Future Census Data.
When households filled out the short-form census in 2006 and 2011, they were asked if they would allow their personal data to be made available 92 years later.

Saskatoon and Warman Catholic boards amalgamate

Catholic parents did the legwork to get a school board in Warman -- now they're bringing in experienced hands from Saskatoon to run it.

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools board chair Diane Boyko said trustees voted unanimously Monday night to accept the Warman board's request to amalgamate.

"We were thrilled to welcome them here because we know that they're committed in Warman to Catholic school," she said.

Warman began the process of getting a Catholic school board in 2013, spearheaded by current board chair Josie Hodgkinson.

City of Regina homeowners battle dandelions in parks and yards

It's summer and the dandelion dispute is once again raging in Regina.

Last year, 844 people received letters from the city telling them to clean up their lawn. Of those, 720 voluntarily complied. The remaining 124 were done by the city with the bill - which starts at $175 - going to the property owner.

Fines for non-compliance can be as high as $5000 but nobody has received a fine of any kind under the Weed Control Act since it was implemented in December 2010.

Some people, however, say the city should take care of their own back yard first.

Corman Park Reeve warming up to regional planning

Five communities in central Saskatchewan are moving ahead developing a regional plan for future growth in the province.

On Monday, Saskatoon city council will review a report outlining the foundations agreed on, by regional municipalities including Osler, Warman, Martensville, Corman Park and Saskatoon.

Defence closes case in Saskatoon sex assault trial

A Saskatoon man said he had sex with a woman who went into a bedroom with his friend after she aggressively pursued him when he entered the room to retrieve a camera.
Butchang Nkem, 25, is one of two men charged with sexual assault stemming from an incident in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2012. He’s accused of raping a 20-year-old woman, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, in an off-campus University of Saskatchewan residence on Cumberland Avenue.

Memories of killed Mounties fresh in the minds of many

It's a rare occasion when protective service personnel are called together for something positive. However, that was the case today as men and women across Saskatchewan were recognized for 25 years or more of service.
Conservation officers, city police, RCMP, firemen and more gathered at the Saskatoon Club to receive their Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal from Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon. One of the recipients was Inspector Wayne Maughan with the RCMP, who has served for 30 years.

Interim U of S president responds to TranformUS letter

It's been a while since anyone could say it, but a glimmer of optimism appears to be coming out of the University of Saskatchewan in the wake of an open letter demanding an end to the controversial TransformUS program.

Regina marks 70th anniversary of D-Day at Government House

It may have happened seven decades ago but the sacrifices made by our Canadian soldiers during the invasion of Normandy are not being forgotten by those in Regina.

Veterans, dignitaries, school children, and others from the public gathered outside of Government House Friday morning for a ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of “D-Day”.

Veteran Bob Cade proudly saluted as the Canadian flag was raised. After the ceremony was over he spoke about the sacrifices made by our soldiers that day.

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