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Baby with rare disease to get liver transplant from aunt

Zoey Welch may finally start living a more-normal life for a girl her age. At only ten months old, the little girl with biliary atresia has been suffering every day since she was born.

"She has a feeding tube right now because as her liver disease progresses, she doesn't want to eat," explained her mother Carmen from their home in Odessa on Tuesday. "We're trying to get her to gain weight but the liver has so many functions and when it's not functioning right you don't gain weight."

Abandoned puppies recovered from a dumpster

It's not something you expect to find in a dumpster late at night.

Early on Valentine's Day a woman in the Battlefords was taking her garbage out when she found a box in the garbage bin with five puppies inside.

Thankfully the puppies all recovered with the care of the woman who found them and the Battleford's Humane Society.

Michelle Spark with the Humane Society says unfortunately it was not a unique situation, but it is becoming less common.

Rawlinsons donate $100,000 to SIAST for aboriginal student scholarships

A Saskatchewan business leader is offering a scholarship to get more young aboriginal people interested in business.

Gordon and Jill Rawlinson are providing $100,000 dollars for the Rawlco Aboriginal Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Award.

For at least the next three years, any SIAST student of self-declared aboriginal ancestry who completes a business certificate or diploma program will get $1,000. The money will also be matched by a provincial program.

Regina city council hosts roundtable on housing

The City of Regina is hosting a roundtable discussion focusing on how to address housing issues.

Mayor Michael Fougere explained that the roundtable is part of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' efforts get the federal government engaged to fix the housing crunch. The FCM is holding similar roundtable discussions with community stakeholders in cities across the country.

VIDEO: 12-year-old hockey player hurt when referee breaks up fight

A 12-year old peewee hockey player has a broken wrist, after being hauled down by the referee in Winnipeg who was trying to break up a fight.

Kainen Bell was hurt in the final minutes of a game between peewee teams from the Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation and the Sagkeeng First Nation as part of the Southeast Winter Tribal Days annual hockey tournament in Winnipeg on Sunday.

Regina speed skaters impressed by Olympian who stepped down

The story of a Canadian speed skater giving up his spot in the Winter Olympics for a team mate is inspiring athletes in Regina.

Canadian Gilmore Junio let his team mate Denny Morrison take his spot in the 1,000-metre speed skating event and Morrison went on the win silver.

Sarah Piluk is a member of the Regina Speed Skating Club and said she was amazed by the move.

Horse trainers 'mane' event at Equine Expo

Horse trainers trotted out their best at the third annual Equine Expo’s trainers competition at Prairieland Park this weekend.

Over the course of the three-day event, competitors had three hours to train their own young horse who had never been ridden before.

At the final competition on Sunday, trainers must guide their horse through a series of tests and obstacles to show who has helped their horse improve the most over the weekend.

Craven digs deep to prevent flooding

Excavations are already underway at the Craven Country Jamboree campsite as crews dig new holding ponds and drainage ditches to mitigate flooding at future festivals.

“Every year we try to do a little bit more to improve the site’s conditions. It is a flood plain, so every year we have issues,” jamboree marketing director Kim Blevins said.

The project follows the construction of a large dike around the site in 2011 that cost more than $1 million.

440 mediations, no prosecutions under Regina anti-bullying bylaw

While Saskatoon city council debates the adoption of an anti-bullying bylaw, Regina can look back at the effectiveness of its similar bylaw formed in 2006.

"I really don't think anything has helped, because mainly people don't know about it even though it has been in place for eight years," said a student at Belfour High School who wished to remain anonymous.

Sask. government pleased with Building Canada Fund

Saskatchewan's minister of government relations is giving a thumbs up to the new Building Canada Fund announced on Thursday.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the $14-billion fund will be divided between provinces and municipalities for infrastructure projects over the next ten years.

"We have a huge infrastructure deficit," said Minister Jim Reiter, "this is a significant amount of money. It's obviously not going to fix all of our problems but it's going to help."

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