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Sask. boy gives back to SHR with DQ Treat Day

Blake Wheeler has a lot to thank the Saskatoon Health Region for.

The eight-year-old and his twin were born premature at just 28 weeks. His brother passed away after two weeks but Blake, at just one pound and four ounces, fought through and spent the first four months of his life in hospital.

His mother, Alicia Wheeler, said without the hospital’s care, their son would have never become the healthy, normal eight year old he is today.

Salvation Army sending kids back to school with new supplies

For some families, back to school can be a very expensive time of year.
Between supplies, new shoes and clothes for gym class, the total cost can be hundreds of dollars for each family. But the Salvation Army in Regina is looking to lend a helping hand to those in need. Community Ministries Coordinator Val Wiks said the program has grown quickly.
"Two years ago we gave away 75 back-to-school backpacks," she said. "Last year we gave out 702."

Sask. families pay more in taxes than basic necessities, report

The average Saskatchewan family spent more in taxes than on food, clothing and shelter combined last year, according to a new report.

The Fraser Institute’s 2013 Canadian Consumer Tax Index shows the average family of two or more people made around $117,000, and gave up 42.4 per cent ($49,608) to governments. In the same year, the average Canadian family spent 36.1 ($42,237) per cent on basic necessities.

Saskatchewan’s numbers are just behind the national tax average of 43 per cent.

Pair stuck in Bessborough elevator for hour

Two people had a longer than expected elevator trip up the Delta Bessborough Friday night, after their ride became stuck between floors.

At around 9:30 p.m. the lift became stuck between floors.

The pair were stuck in the elevator for a hour before the Saskatoon Fire Department was able to secure the car and get them out.

No one was injured.

Photos/Video: Tests begin for excessive motorcycle noise

The days of loud motocycles in Saskatoon are numbered as police begin testing their newly acquired decibel meters.

Between now and October, police are holding free decibel-reading clinics around Saskatoon so bikers can test noise levels. Earlier this year, city council passed new provisions to the noise bylaw, introducing decibel limits for motorcycles; 92dB while idling and 96dB while riding. 

Health Region urges caution in the heat

Another sweltering day in Saskatoon means people need to be wary about getting too much sun.
"I think it's quite underestimated," Dr. Shovati Padhi with the Saskatoon Health Region said about the high temperatures, adding people can actually faint or, worse, lose the ability to sweat.
"That's actually a medical emergency and people need to phone 9-1-1 immediately because that could be fatal," she said.

Local fighter, trainer speak up for MMA

With the story circulating this week about an American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter allegedly inflicting a gruesome beating on his adult film star ex-girlfriend, a Saskatoon fighter and trainer are coming to the defense of their sport.

Trudeau questions federal transparency, priorities, while in Saskatoon

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the Harper government has done nothing but raise questions of accountability and transparency in the last year.

“It’s a real concern that this government has its priorities in the wrong place,” Trudeau told reporters in front of the Delta Bessborough Hotel on Thursday.

The 42-year-old Liberal leader stopped in Saskatoon for a roundtable discussion with the country’s water and infrastructure experts looking at how the federal government could help mitigate spring flooding that’s plagued much of the province the past few years.

Traffic tickets up east of Regina since speed limit lowered

The speed limit on Highway 1 east of Regina is down and tickets given on the stretch are way, way up.

The speed limit on highway 1 from the Pilot Butte turnoff to just east of White City was lowered from 110 km/hr to 90 km/hr on June 3. From that time to August 13, 284 tickets were issued on that stretch of road compared to just 19 in the same time period the year before.

ALS Society happy with awareness raised by Ice Bucket Challenge

The latest viral video challenge involves getting a very cold dunk for a good cause.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is meant to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease which is also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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