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Safeway shoppers bid farewell to Cumberland store

Cumberland Square Safeway shoppers were sad to see their long-standing grocery store close its doors for the last time on Saturday.

The location, along with the Centre Mall Safeway, is one of 23 across Canada to shutter their doors following Sobey’s purchase of Canada Safeway. Canada’s competition bureau ordered the closure as part of the $5.8 billion purchase.

“It was a surprise, I don’t know why they would do it but I guess the bigger companies are buying the smaller ones out,” 50-year shopper Orest Papish said as he was headed into the store on Friday.

Ituna water problems will continue into second week

Almost a week after Ituna’s water system fell into disrepair and they are still hauling water from Melville to meet needs.

The perfect storm of problems all started on Sunday when a water main broke and began draining the town’s supply. Alarms that are supposed to warn of low water reserves malfunctioned and the town continued on using water. Eventually, their reserves went dry.

Pair cast fishing lines into Saskatoon potholes

This time of year, potholes really bite and two Saskatoon friends are taking advantage of that.

Jason Stevens and Mark Kincade are turning potholes in Saskatoon into urban fishing spots.

"We're both fisherman and we both icefish and when you see a pothole, it looks like a hole you drilled in the ice," Kincade said.

The two men both drive trucks delivering mail for the Saskatoon Public School Board, so Kincade said they find a lot of potholes to turn into fishing holes.

Transgender Awareness Week marked in Saskatchewan

The U of R's Pride group is worried there are still too many misconceptions in the general public about transgender people.

This week was proclaimed Transgender Awareness Week in Saskatchewan. UR Pride is participating in a number of events in the hopes that people will become more sensitive to transgender issues.

"The social perception states that, you know, these people are sick or something like that, and that's frankly not the case," UR Pride's Leah Kaiser explained.

Oldest roller rink in Sask. calls it quits after 40 years

For some people, it was where they met their future spouse, and for others it was a high school hangout.

Now Wheel-A-While Family Roller Skating Rink is closing.

It's been a staple of Prince Albert's business community for 45 years, and is the oldest roller-skating rink in the province.

"Just the economic times of the roller skating," said owner Brent Macdonald. "The offer could not be refused."

The building has been bought by Charles Repair and Service, which will be moving from its current location on Eighth Street East.

Regina transit coalition looks at sidewalk accessibility

Now that snow and ice is melting away from Regina's sidewalks, a group of citizens is surveying the pathways to see how accessible they actually are.

On Thursday afternoon, members of the concrete and sidewalk committee, part of the Regina Citizens' Public Transit Coalition, took to Regina's Quance Street to document missing sidewalks.

Regina residents say Local Improvement Program not working

Some residents in Regina are fed up with a program that’s meant to help brunt the costs of residential street reconstruction.

In fact, homeowners in eight locations have petitioned against having their streets included under the Local Improvements Program (LIP) for 2014. That’s more than half that were on the original list.

“The Local Improvement Program is not working and it needs to be fixed, and fixed in a hurry,” concerned homeowner Frank Flegel told the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee Thursday afternoon.

Sask. lawyer suing GM over ignition switch recall

A Saskatchewan lawyer says a safety scandal involving General Motors vehicles could affect resale values for thousands of Canadian cars.

U of S technology combines Hollywood and medicine

A facility being built at the University of Saskatchewan will be the first of its kind in Canada. 

Researchers there will create animated medical images for doctors by combining patients' X-rays, MRIs or CT Scans. Then, they'll bring the images to life using technology similar to what's found in video games or movie special effects. 

Mexican man arrested in Regina deported on Wednesday

Almost two weeks after he was first arrested for being found in the country illegally, Edvino Sanchez Mayo has now been sent back to Mexico, leaving his wife and daughter behind.

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Mayo’s wife Fabienne Gauthier said she got the news from a voicemail message that day.

“He told me he was in Toronto,” she said. “It was kind of sad knowing that he was actually leaving.”

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