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Updated: Saskatoon city council unanimously approves pension changes

City council voted unanimously Monday to legislate changes to its general pension fund, increasing contribution rates over the next three years.

Council held a special meeting to enact these changes to the general pension plan – which affects the city’s nine unions including the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 615. The pension changes come in light of the pension board recognizing a $68 million deficit in the general pension fund, $6.7 million for just the transit union.

Facebook page arranges rides during transit lockout

With buses not running in Saskatoon because of a transit lockout, a new Facebook page has been created to connect people willing to give rides with those who need them.

"I thought that based on the number of vehicles on the road with only one person in them, that there was an opportunity to try and connect those who are looking to get around the city with those who have an extra spot available in their vehicle," Doug Ramage, the creator of YXE Share-a-Ride, said.

Police ticket Sask. speeders, distracted drivers in August

Saskatchewan people continue to drive while using cell phones and police are catching them.

In August, 228 people were ticketed for using a cell phone while driving, 21 of whom were caught in a two-day period in Estevan.
Police in Saskatchewan were focusing on cell phone use in August, though that didn't mean they weren't looking out for other infractions. Ninety-one tickets were issued for driving without due care and attention, 206 people were ticketed for seatbelt violations, and 93 people were given tickets for impaired driving.

Saskatoon riders deal with no transit service

With still no end to the transit lockout in sight, Saskatoon transit commuters were scrambling Monday to make alternate transportation plans.

City of Saskatoon offers no additional services

The City’s only message since Thursday has been that transit riders should “make alternative arrangements” for getting around.

City councillor Charlie Clark posted a statement on Facebook, answering questions regarding bus passes.

Comic-lovers tie knot in true geek-fashion at Expo

As guests filed into Kristin and Sabastian Van Esch's wedding hall, they were greeted by two unusual door men.

X-Men's Wolverine and Batman's Bane guarded the gates, checking invitations and welcoming friends and family.

Once inside, guests were escorted to their seats by a suit-sporting Spiderman while Star Wars' R2D2 chirped at those who walked by.

Superman, Green Lantern, Wonderwoman, Harley Quinn and a Sith Lord sat amongst the rows, eagerly awaiting the ceremony.

But that's just what to expect at a comic convention wedding.

Saskatoon bus drivers locked out, bus service stops

Thousands of Saskatoon bus riders will be forced to find other modes of transportation until further notice  after contract negotiations between the City and transit union broke down again Saturday.

The City of Saskatoon announced last-minute negotiations with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 615 had failed to produce a contract agreement.

Saskatoon pub owner apologizes, stands firm on controversial facebook comments

A Saskatoon pub owner has apologized but stands by some controversial comments he posted on the company’s Facebook page Friday night.

Hotel Senator co-owner and Wintson’s Pub manager Chris Beavis took to social media to complain about downtown crime and people who are attracted to the area because of those staying at the nearby Lighthouse Supported Living centre.

U of S plans for Saskatoon transit lockout

The University of Saskatchewan has drawn up a contingency plan if Saskatoon Transit services are suspended Monday morning.

The plan was revealed just hours after a lockout of transit workers was expected to take effect because of an on-going labour dispute.

Police make multiple visits to Saskatoon hip-hop concert

Bear mace and flying fists brought Saskatoon police to 2nd Avenue outside the O'Brian's Events Centre on two separate occasions Friday night.

This was during a performance from American hip-hop artist Tech N9ne.

At 11:30 p.m., police say a man walked up to a group of people standing outside the building and let loose with bear mace.

Several people were treated on scene by MD Ambulance. Police are still looking for the suspect, who ran from the scene.

Yarrrr! Regina office celebrates international talk like a pirate day

It wasn't your typical Friday at the office of in Regina.
Employees celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day by hanging pirate flags and displaying treasure chests on desks; even a few parrots were perched next to computers.
"Yarr whenever we need a bit of relaxing, a little bit of a break we can do a bit of a sword fight to let off some steam," said Spencer Mohr.
It's the ninth year the office has chosen to celebrate the pirate's life but not all hands were on deck.

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