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Moose Jaw teacher still proud of students' anti-smoking petition

A health teacher in Moose Jaw is proud of her past students’ impact on today's smoking laws in Saskatchewan.

It has been 10 years since Lucy Dalgarno and her grade 7/8 class started a grassroots movement to ban smoking in public places.

Tourism Saskatoon not fazed by Memorial Cup shortfall

The one million dollar shortfall for last year's Memorial Cup is the first time Tourism Saskatoon hasn't met or exceeded profit guarantees in 17 years.

Todd Brandt, chief executive officer with Tourism Saskatoon said that doesn't mean they won't learn from this experience.

"You have to learn from every experience and we fully intented on doing that. Our tourism economy is based on hosting these events and the ancillary benefits of bringing attention to Saskatoon," Brandt said.

SGI showing extra interest in people driving out of province

When you go to renew your license plate you might notice that SGI suddenly seems to be taking a greater interest in your travel plans, asking more specific questions about how you will use your vehicle outside the province.

Sask. born MLB pitcher kicks off cross-province baseball tour

The first Saskatchewan-born Major League Baseball player in 21 years is back in the province this month, spreading a message of hard work and perseverance to students.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder experts meet in Saskatoon

Experts specializing in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) have gathered in Saskatoon to discuss how to better prevent Canadian women from drinking during pregnancy.

Over two days, they'll determine what's been done in the past 10 years and what should be done over the next 10 years.

"We know that more and more women are still drinking throughout pregnancy," said Jocelynn Cook, executive director of the Canada FASD Research Network.

Update: One person dead in highway collision near Delisle

The driver of a pickup truck was killed in a collision Monday afternoon west of Delisle.

The collision happened one mile west of the community on Highway 7 and resulted in the highway being shut down for several hours.

"A Ford Edge collided head on with a tractor trailer unit. This resulted in an explosion and subsequent fire," said Warman RCMP Sgt. Warren Gherasim.

The Delisle Fire Department responded to extinguish the fire. Inside the truck the remains of an adult male were recovered.

Enbridge pumping station springs a leak near Regina

Clean-up was under way at an Enbridge oil pumping station just a few kilometres south of Regina Sunday after a line leaked roughly 125 barrels of oil onto the ground.

“It’s about a quarter-size of a football field—contained within the station property—and maybe one or two inches deep,” said Graham White, a spokesperson for Enbridge, adding that estimates on the amount spilled could change after an investigation into the line’s release is completed.

He said it could be a while before they could determine a cause.

Snakebit charity truck sells for $450,000 at auction

The Wheels of Dreams Snakebit truck will return to Saskatchewan after it fetched a pretty penny on the auction block.

The custom ride brought in $450,000 at the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz on Friday with the winning bid coming from a Prince Albert businessman. Gordie Broda, president of the Broda Group of Companies, had the highest bid when the gavel crashed down, meaning the car will return home following its three-year journey from concept to auction.

“We’re ecstatic,” Wheels of Dreams’ Vaughn Wyant said.

First citywide snow removal set for Monday

Before snow ruts get too bad, the City of Saskatoon is enacting its first citywide snow clearing of 2014.

Beginning Monday at 7 a.m., contract graders will hit two neighbourhoods at a time, digging down as close to the pavement as possible and clearing windrows on residential streets.

“We’re taking away the potential for rutting on the streets. There are areas where rutting is developing and we’re addressing some of those as we go and this program will take away the potential from all city streets have ruts develop,” public works director Pat Hyde said.

STARS helicopters flew 535 missions in Saskatchewan in 2013

After launching in 2012, STARS Air Ambulance service really began taking off last year running 535 missions in 2013.

“254 from the Regina base and 281 from Saskatoon,” said STARS spokesperson Cam Heke. “Those numbers are a reflection of the fact that both those bases were fully operational operating 24 – 7.”

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