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Premier part of charity effort creating 'Rider Mustang'

The premier, an autobody shop and others are revved up about raising some money for a couple of organizations in Saskatchewan.

When a contingent went to Arizona for the Barret-Jackson car auction in January to sell a truck as a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan, they didn’t stop there.

Tenancies office ruling allows Rae St. tenants to stay

A ruling by the residential tenancies office is a victory for tenants evicted from a Regina apartment building, but it might have come too late.

2014 University Cup in Saskatoon breaks attendance records

The 2014 Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) men's hockey championship drew 41,089 fans to Credit Union Centre across seven games, breaking the tournament's attendance record set in 2000.

The tournament's final game Sunday between the University of Saskatchewan Huskies and their rival University of Alberta Golden Bears brought in 6,289 fans alone.

The Golden Bears would win that game 3-1.

In the 52 year history of the tournament, the five most attended championships have all been hosted by Saskatoon.

Regina woman asks for mercy for husband found in country illegally twice

A woman in Regina is hoping that Immigration Canada will show her husband some mercy after he was found to be in the country illegally for the second time.

Fabienne Gauthier, 20, first met Edvino Sanchez just two years ago when she was working at a Superstore in the Queen City. They talked in the check-out aisle, exchanged numbers and ended up hitting it off.

Before long the two moved in together and were expecting their first child. They decided to get married and did so before the baby was born in July 2013.

High Voltage Classic celebrates 29 years

Saskatoon ball hockey fans came out in droves over the weekend for the 29th annual High Voltage Classic games.

Players of all ages competed through the night outside city hall in the 36 hour tournament to raise money for the Chromes and Colitis Foundation of Canada.

Reigning champions, three years running, the Bedford Boys have been a part of the tournament for 23 years.

Damon Bennett brings veteran work program word to Saskatoon

When he's not getting ready to host his first solo renovation show, contractor and HGTV network star Damon Bennett is working to create job opportunities for Canada's working veterans.

The construction celebrity, famous for being the right hand man of Mike Holmes, was in Saskatoon Saturday to discuss his new project.

"Our last troops have come back (from Afghanistan) and there's a huge work force that needs to get to work,” Bennett said. “Part of dealing with PTSD is getting back to work."

10 years since Regina's big dig

Its been a full decade since a huge earth moving project known as "the Big Dig" brought major improvements to Regina's Wascana Lake.

The problem was a shallow lake with huge algae and weed growth every summer -- enough to turn the man made lake into a swamp. The project saw the water drained from the lake and 1.3 million cubic meters of muck hauled away.

"Wascana lake was becoming a marsh, an eyesore, it was smelly and it wasn't conducive for people being around the lake," said Bernadette McIntyre, head of the Wascana Center Authority. .

Single vehicle crash in Saskatoon injures two, restricts traffic on Hart Road

Two people are in a Saskatoon hospital in stable condition after an early morning crash near Tommy Douglas Collegiate.

Police were called to Hart Rd. at around 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Initial reports from police said four people were taken to hospital.

Police later clarified that the driver and front passenger were uninjured in the crash. The two rear passengers were sent to hospital with injuries. Both are listed in stable condition.

Sask. woman proud of sister with Down syndrome

Mar. 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, and a Saskatoon woman is taking time to reflect on the chromosomal condition that makes her sister special.

Alex Stang's 22-year-old sister Julie has Down syndrome, a genetic disorder which occurs when the 21st chromosome is tripled instead of doubled. Although it causes varying degrees of intellectual and physical disabilities, Stang said in many ways, her sister is just like anyone else.

Sask. provincial park campsites 40 per cent full

The weather might not feel like spring this weekend but thousands of people have already booked their campsites at Saskatchewan Provincial Parks.

The online camping reservation system opened on March 2 and after the first three weeks, Mariane Wihack with SaskParks says 26,500 reservations are on the books so far.

“On average I would say it’s about 40 per cent of our campsites that are reserved at this point,” she said. “Some of the more popular parks are probably verging on the 50 per cent reserved state.”

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