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Free fishing across Sask. this weekend

Get out the tackle and grab your fishing rod for a weekend of free fishing across the province.

For the 25th year, the Ministry of Environment has dedicated a weekend, July 12-13, to free fishing for everyone in Saskatchewan.

"I would say, generally, across the province all the lakes are fishing pretty good," Brian Dygdala, manager of the Fishin' Hole said.

The province contains more than 100,000 lakes and rivers, boasting almost 70 different species of fish.

Mosquito population up, province warns against West Nile

If you've spent any time outdoors lately, you've probably noticed the barrage of mosquitoes following you around.

Saskatoon is experiencing some pretty high numbers right now, according to Jeff Boone, entomologist with the City of Saskatoon’s pest management control program. He said there were a number of bad years like this dating back to the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“We don’t consider things like fogging for nuisance mosquitoes. There is very few municipalities in Canada that are fogging for nuisance mosquitoes.

Sask. health care workers have to 'immunize or mask' next flu season

The Ministry of Health has determined the best way to improve Saskatchewan's influenza immunization rates for health care workers is to make it mandatory that workers either get the shot or wear a mask during flu season.

E.coli hampering activities at flooded Sask. lakes

For kids at the lake, summer usually means staying in the water all day but with E.coli warnings in place at Saskatchewan lakes, that won't be possible for a while.

Testing done on Last Mountain, Echo, Pasqua and Katepwa Lakes on Thursday, July 3 showed high levels of E.coli in the water; the same is expected for Crooked and Round Lakes.

Environment Canada issues statement about Sask. air quality

Environment Canada has issued a special air quality statement for the entire province of Saskatchewan because of smoke drifting down from the North West Territories.

Smoke from a forest fire to the north is continuing to move into Saskatchewan and impact the air quality. The statement issued Wednesday morning warns that children, the elderly and anyone with respiratory problems should take precautions. Even those with good health are being cautioned not to do any strenuous activities outdoor.

Campers warned to stay out of the river at Craven this year

It may be tempting under the hot sun but campers at Craven Country Jamboree are being advised not to swim in the Qu'Appelle River.
"Just think about it before you go diving into the (river) because you just don't know what's in there," said Director of Marketing Kim Blevins.

Because of the flooding, over the past two weeks the City of Regina has released partially-treated and some untreated wastewater into Wascana Creek.

Hanley ranchers raise $44,000 for Children's Hospital

This past weekend's Junior Ag Showcase at Prairieland Park wrapped up with a $44,000 donation to the Children's Hospital Foundation thanks to 10 year old Cadence Haaland.

Both Cadence and his little brother Cohen, 8, are no strangers to the hospital. Rare immuno deficiencies have brought them to Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital many times over the past four years.

Though their treatments have not disrupted their childhoods too much, father Chad Haaland said they owe a lot to the generosity and caring of the nursing staff.

High levels of E.coli found in some flooded Saskatchewan lakes

Water samples taken from some flooded Saskatchewan lakes have tested positive for high levels of E.coli.

The Ministry of Health tested the water at Last Mountain, Echo, Pasqua and Katepwa Lakes on Thursday, July 3. The results have now come back indicating high levels of the harmful bacteria.

"It is recommended that residents avoid flood waters at this time, including refraining from water contact sports and taking care not to drink or bathe in the water," said Director of Environmental Health Tim Macaulay in a news release.

Hospitals of Regina fundraiser purchases 37 new pieces of equipment

The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region has another 2.5 million ways to help shorten surgical wait times in the region.

The Regina Hospital Foundation, along with Potash Corp, managed to raise $2.5 million in its recent campaign. The money will go towards new surgery equipment that will hopefully help reduce wait times.

Peak season for nuisance mosquitoes in Saskatoon

It’s peak season for mosquitoes in Saskatoon.
Right now, the numbers are comparable to the same time last year.
"I think the cool weather in May and June kind of helped because we did get an extreme amount of precipitation. But ... suddenly things are building because it's getting warmer out," Jeff Boone, pest management supervisor with the City of Saskatoon, said.

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