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SHR aims to reduce ER wait times to five hours

The Saskatoon Health Region is aiming high this year with a plan to get nearly every emergency patient into a bed within five hours.

Their target is to have 85 per cent of patients who need to be admitted to hospital from emergency in the right bed within five hours, with the goal of completely eliminating wait times by March 2016.

“That’s one big hairy audacious goal,” SHR president Maura Davies said.

“That’s a provincial target and we have a lot of work to do this year to get us to that ultimate goal two years from now.”

Regina Qu'appelle Health Region plans for balanced budget

It’s a case of two steps forward and two steps back as the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) looks ahead at their fiscal year and plans for a balanced budget.

At a meeting Wednesday night, the Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority (RQRHA) was presented with an update on the health region’s financial situation as well as a financial plan for the upcoming year as the RQHR prepares its 2014-15 budget.

Saskatoon unveils second telemetry bed

Saskatchewan epilepsy patients won’t have to wait as long for surgery with the addition of a second monitoring bed.

The telemetry bed and equipment, located at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, will cut the current two-year wait time in half.

Sask. store sees e-cig sales spike

The owner of Saskatoon's only liquid and electronic cigarette store is blown away by how popular his products are.

Vapor Jedi began as a small online store in Mitch Tarala’s basement last February. The business has expanded twice since then.

As Tarala sits in his new office on Circle Drive, customers stream through the front doors of the store. A menu displays over 100 flavours, from apple pie to root beer. The wall full of containers resembles a candy store.

Saskatoon mom wants sex removed from birth certificate

Renn is just like a lot of 6-year-old girls who love dancing, singing, and wearing dresses. The key difference is that her birth certificate says she is male.

"Renn had some self-destructive behaviours we noticed about two or three (years old). She didn't seem like a generally happy little human," explained Renn's mom Fran Forsberg.

"My older daughter noticed that she seemed to be lighter in spirit when she was around ... her clothes. When she dressed herself in those clothes she seemed a lot better."

2013 Touchdown for Dreams ambassador dies in Saskatoon

After spending her final year spreading her inspirational message and living life to the fullest, Tracy Doell died Monday in a Saskatoon hospital.

In November 2012, Tracy was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. At the time, doctors said she had between eight and 19 months left to live.

In April of last year, Tracy walked into the offices of Cameco. She would eventually be named as their 2013 Saskatchewan Roughrider Touchdown for Dreams ambassador.

Man isolated in Saskatoon has fever of unknown origin

Doctors say the man isolated in a Saskatoon hospital after returning home from Africa has an undiagnosed fever of unknown origin.

Rod Ogilvie remains in critical condition and is intubated with failing organs according to Denise Werker, Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer.

Late Monday night, lab tests resulted negative for the four most serious pathogens of viral hemorrhagic fever: Ebola virus, Marburg virus, Crimean-Congo virus and Lassa virus. Werker said there are other hemorrhagic fevers, like Dangue, but those are not transmissible from person to person.

Regina Home Care program visits delayed due to capacity issues

The Regina-Qu’Appelle Heath Region is warning that the Home Care program is over capacity.

An internal memo sent to staff March 20 states that, “capacity issues have prevented new service demands from being met.” That could mean delays for some people, but the Health Minister insisted Tuesday that existing clients will be prioritized.

“All the patients will be seen by Home Care, it just may be a little bit longer for the non-urgent individuals as they work through these demand issues,” said Dustin Duncan.

Regina's Pasqua Hospital returning to full surgical capacity

After more than a month of postponements, Regina's Pasqua Hospital will finally be returning to full surgical capacity after determining the cause of a stain showing up in a sterilization process.

More hospital safety issues reported with new hotline

Reports of safety issues at a Saskatoon hospital have skyrocketed since a 24-hour hotline launched, but health officials say the Safety Alert system is working as intended.

"We realized there was 14 different ways in which staff could report safety issues and we heard from staff that it was very confusing," said Petrina McGrath, vice-president of people, practices and quality with the Saskatoon Health Region (SHR).

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