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Case of tuberculosis at St Augustine School in Regina

Students and staff from St. Augustine Community School in Regina are getting tested for tuberculosis after one student tested positive for the disease in July.

A letter went out to staff and students of St. Augustine Community School last month requesting they be tested for the disease on August 18.

“I believe there were two notices sent out, one for students that were in close contact and one for students that were in more distant contact,” explained Noah Wernikowski, speaking on behalf of the Regina Catholic School Division.

Regina clinic down to one doctor working every second Friday

Prospective patients will be hard pressed to get a doctor's appointment at the Meadow Primary Healthcare Centre in Regina. The clinic is down to only one doctor who works every second Friday.

Out of four full-time physicians who previously worked at the clinic, three have left and only one doctor remains.

Karen Earnshaw with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region says this kind of issue is nothing new.

Water advisory issued for City of Melfort

A power outage in the City of Melfort has led to a precautionary drinking-water boil advisory.

The city saw a loss of pressure in their water distribution system and implemented the advisory at 8 p.m. Wednesday. The advisory will remain in effect until further notice.

Any water that may be injested should be boiled for at least one minute. This includes drinking water and any water used while brushing teeth or washing food.

Water used for laundry or showering should still be fine.

Yorkton doctor to face disciplinary hearing for threatening texts

A Yorkton physician has been charged with unprofessional and discreditable conduct for several text messages sent to another doctor.

In late July, Dr. Cornelius Spies was charged by the executive committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan for conduct contrary to the provisions of the Medical Profession Act, 1981.

Upgrades to Lawson Pool to cost extra $271,000

The ongoing air-quality issues at Regina's Lawson Pool should be fixed by September 1 but the upgrades are more expensive than the city originally bargained for.

Mayor Michael Fougere says the bids for the upgrades came in about $271,000 more than the initial $1.5 million budget.

“The bids that came back were higher so we can’t say exactly what drove those costs higher other than construction costs themselves are higher,” Fougere said.

Second death caused by hantavirus in Sask. this year

The province continues to caution people to protect themselves from hantavirus after the virus was confirmed to be responsible for a second death this year.

Saskatchewan Health confirmed Tuesday morning that a second death from hantavirus had been reported in northern Saskatchewan recently, and four cases of hantavirus had been reported so far this year.

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome causes fever, muscle aches, cough, headaches, nausea and vomiting. It is transmitted by breathing in particles from the droppings, urine and saliva of infected deer mice.

Number of mosquitoes that carry West Nile is rising in Sask.

There are fewer mosquitoes biting people in Saskatchewan, but the risk of contracting West Nile is rising.
“The mosquito that carries it—the Culex tarsalis—reaches its peak numbers usually about this time of year,” said Phil Curry, the province’s West Nile Virus coordinator at a news conference Friday.
The upcoming long weekend doesn’t help peoples’ chances, added Curry, noting that many people spend extra time outdoors.
The province is continually testing the insects, and so far, none have tested positive for the virus.

A few scrapes and bruises at Queen City Ex

Saint John's Ambulance volunteers are helping people feel better and get back on the rides at the Queen City Ex.
Superintendent Mary Walters says so far it's been pretty quiet at the first aid center.
"We have had a few scrapes and falls and bruises. Some have felt the heat so they come in and they lay down, have a rest."
Walters has volunteered at the Ex for 48 years. Looking back at all the summers spent at the Ex, one particular medical emergency sticks out in her mind. A man had an unusual cut on his back.

RUH to shut off water in labour and delivery ward overnight

Baby delivery could be a little messier in Saskatoon Wednesday night.

The Saskatoon Health Region says running water will be cut off to the labour and delivery ward at Royal University Hospital while maintenance crews replace some of the old, leaky pipes in the basement.

The shut-off is scheduled to begin at 10 p.m. Work is expected to be completed by 6 a.m. Thursday, though it's not known exactly how long the job will take.

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