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Saskatchewan is growing

SK government reaches new salary deal with ER doctors

The Saskatchewan Government has signed a new agreement with all emergency room doctors in the province in the hope that higher salaries can help with recruitment efforts.

On Thursday, Premier Brad Wall announced that the government has signed an agreement to bring emergency room doctors up to a salary between $300,00-$400,000 a year depending on the number of hours that they decide to work.

Sask surplus still expected despite lower revenues

The province insists its budget remains right on track despite a couple of bumps along the line.

The mid-year report released today says a surplus is still expected on both sides of the ledger despite the expectation that government revenues will come in nearly $34 million lower than originally predicted.

Canadian Western Agribition setting up for another year

It’s been 43 years since the Canadian Western Agribition had its humble beginnings in Regina, and on Monday, it begins again for another year.

There will be a couple new events and exhibitions at this year’s Agribition, according to CEO Marty Seymour. It includes two equine events, the first being a horse training show.

“A couple horse trainers will take an animal that’s never been trained before and teach that animal a bunch of skills so they can ride (it),” said Seymour. That event will happen over the noon hour each day.

Regina to consider raising parking fines

Reginans who hate getting parking tickets while downtown could have even more to get angry about if City Council goes ahead with a plan to double illegal parking fines.

Regina looks outside borders for Regional Growth Summit

Regina’s mayor is insisting a two-day "Regional Planning For Growth Summit" in the city won’t be all talk.

“One of the issues you (could) have is a talkfest but nothing happens,” admitted Michael Fougere. “My plan, and I know the plan for all the leaders that are in this room, is to talk about how we can do it and then act on it.”

Homestead, Inc. Pt. 1: Land for sale

The landscape of rural Saskatchewan is changing; could it be the end of a long-time way of life?

The number of farms in the province has been cut almost in half since 1991. As the number of individual farms shrinks significantly corporate farms are growing by leaps and bounds. That shift is fundamentally changing the landscape of farming and rural life in our province. It begs the question: is this the end of the family farm? Is the homestead becoming Homestead, Inc.?

City of Regina looks at strategy to redevelop brownfields

Land contaminated by decades of industrial use sits empty in lots around Regina, and city council is still trying to determine what can be done to have these “brownfield” sites redeveloped.

Property values have doubled in the last five years and the land is needed to support a city experiencing strong growth which includes a mix of residential and commercial use.

“Beyond just being just simply an eyesore, we have a growing economy and we have the opportunity to develop within,” Councillor Mike O’Donnell said.

SaskPower to ask for 15 per cent rate increase over three years

A need for more investment into the power grid means SaskPower is taking the unusual step of requesting a three-year rate hike.

The required upgrades the system will need to serve a growing province means power rates will go up 5.5 per cent as of Jan. 1, 2014. That will happen even before the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel, an arms-length government body that must approve Crown utility rate increases, has a chance to decide whether or not it will approve the request (the increase would have to be rolled back if approval is not granted).

International hits continue to drive up traffic on job listing site

International web traffic continued to drive the number of visits to the Saskatchewan government's job listing web site last month.

According to the province recorded more than one million visits in the month of September alone.

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