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Saskatchewan is growing

Sherwood Reeve denies conflict of interest in plans

The reeve of the Rural Municipality of Sherwood is denying accusations of a potential conflict of interest involving a "mega-project" worth over $2 billion.

Weyburn man worried about pediatric neurologist shortage

A shortage of pediatric neurologists in Saskatchewan has one Weyburn man worried for his kids’ future.

Andrew Kerr has two children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative disease that causes the muscles to weaken. Usually by age 12, kids with DMD are bound to a wheelchair.

Although his two children are young enough to enjoy some mobility (they can walk short distances, but stairs or any distance too long and they require help). But even his youngest child, at 4 years old, needs regular doses of steroids to slow the progress of his condition.

Former Premier and Meewasin Valley Authority founders celebrate National Trail Day

Former Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow said his role in establishing the Meewasin Valley Authority (MVA) ranks at the top of his accomplishments.

“One of my most proud personal accomplishments was to have been a part of the original operation here,” said Romanow during Trail Days at the Meewasin Valley in Saskatoon.

On Saturday the MVA celebrated ‘the Trail’. Now it its 34th year, the MVA is still a long ways away from what organizers hope it will look like 75 years from now.

Minorities in Regina say Saskatchewan is an inclusive place to live

In a new report released by Nova Scotia's Human Rights Commission, people of visible minorities feel they are more often the targets of offensive language or treated as potential thieves when shopping in that province.

As Saskatchewan's immigrant population continues to grow, it’s an important question to ask: how are visible minorities being treated here?

"Regina is the best place to live," said Asfaw Debia, president of Ethiopian organizing committee for Mosaic, "we don't have anything that we can say in a negative way."

Regina, RM of Sherwood disagree over long-term growth

When it comes to the City of Regina and the Rural Municipality (RM) of Sherwood, it appears all either side knows is that neither of them knows anything.

The back and forth on boundary and land claims between the two sides continued Thursday. The RM unveiled an ambitious plan to construct a new self-serviced neighbourhood south of the SIAST campus. At the announcement, deputy reeve Tim Probe admitted that they've been talking about bringing the $2.4 billion plan to fruition for two years.

That's news to Regina Mayor Michael Fougere.

PHOTOS: R.M. of Sherwood planning mega-project southeast of Regina

The rural municipality (RM) of Sherwood is hoping the announcement of a so-called "mega project" just outside Regina's borders will show the city how serious it is about developing its own land.

Habitat for Humanity Regina building 13 homes this year

The last year has brought a lot of changes for Habitat for Humanity Regina, from a point where the charity was running out of available lots for projects to now being able to start 13 projects in 2013.

Regina Mayor defends annexation plans for R.M. of Sherwood

Regina's mayor is firing back at the Rural Municipality of Sherwood after leaders claimed they didn't know anything about the City of Regina's plans to annex land over the next 40 years.
"I think we have a different level of understanding of where we're developing as a community with the R.M. of Sherwood. We want to respect the R.M. of Sherwood's rights but we also want to respect our right to go as well."
Mayor Michael Fougere said the city can't be boxed in.

Immigrant Nominee Program changes impact Regina restaurant

Recent changes to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program could have a major impact on some businesses in the province.

The program is putting a cap on the number of applicants in various categories like skilled workers, family referrals, and students from now until the end of the year.

The student category is where Rick Kruesel finds many of his employees. He runs the Greek Restaurant OPA! in the Cornwall Centre in Regina. The cap for this category is now 175 until December 31, 2013.

Wall signs action plan with U.K. for mutual economic benefits

Premier Brad Wall and Member of Parliament from the United Kingdom, Alistair Burt, signed an action plan to exchange economic, trade and investment expertise, with a special interest in energy innovation.

“This is the start I think of significant progress and action together on economic opportunities and innovation,” Wall said.

The action plan will aid in Wall’s plan to expand Saskatchewan’s exports.

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