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Saskatchewan is growing

Saskatoon student housing pricey but available

Despite ranking among the top 10 most expensive Canadian cities to live in, Saskatoon's housing market continues to accommodate the yearly influx of university and college students.

"Because our city, for many years, has been so geared towards that (student) market, it's like it's ready for it," Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors executive officer Jason Yochim said.

Young jockey chasing win at Marquis Downs

On a chilly September morning, Isabelle Wenc has the track to herself as she speeds around on a horse named Toast 'n' Tea with only the horse's hooves pounding on the soft dirt breaking the silence.

The calm surrounding this warm-up will disappear when Wenc loads into the starting gate Friday and Saturday night.

"In the gate is probably the most nerve-racking part and then the race feels like it's five seconds," she said.

At only 19 years old, Wenc is the youngest jockey at Marquis Downs in Saskatoon and the only woman.

Sask. high schools offering more diverse classes

The days of high school science consisting of only chemistry, biology and physics are long gone in Saskatchewan. Now, students can choose from environmental, health and earth sciences.
It's just one example of how courses are becoming increasingly diverse in high schools across the province.

The new science courses are part of the provincial curriculum, which means they're offered at both Catholic and public high schools.

Mayors praise new passing lanes for highway 7

A busy highway linking Saskatchewan and Alberta is the next to get passing lanes in the province.

The provincial and federal governments are sharing the cost of the project that will see four sets of passing lanes built on Highway 7 between Delisle and Rosetown. The estimated cost is $7.6 million split evenly.

"We've really seen a need for this. We were actually going after twinning, that was our dream, but these passing lanes are a major advance to the safety on Highway 7," Rosetown Mayor Brian Gerow said.

Regina mayor looking for common ground as city grows

Finding common ground with surrounding RM's when it comes to growth is a top priority Regina's Regional Planning for Growth Summit this year.

Elected officials will join with business and community leaders November 17-18 to share their visions for sustainable growth in the Regina and the surrounding area.

At the first summit, held in 2013, Mayor Michael Fougere said he learned Regina has a good base in partnerships in southern Saskatchewan but now it is time to hold more practical discussions moving forward.

The Banks' developer surprised with added costs from city hall

The Banks' developer says he’s facing various head-winds as he pushes forward with the highly-anticipated River Landing development project.

As the four-structure residential-commercial project enters its 20-month construction window, Chris Le Fevre said he was caught off guard when the City of Saskatoon informed him of a few added costs he needed to incur if development is to move forward.

The first came when he asked to close Sonnenschein Way from Avenue B to C to work on the site, known as parcel A, uninterrupted, and to store equipment.

SIAST takes next step in expansion plans

As SIAST students hit the books this week, the institution is undertaking a study of its own.

Chinese parents yearn to live in Sask. to give kids better education

Many wealthy Chinese parents such as Lisa Wang are sending their kids to Saskatchewan for a good education and coming along to supervise.

The problem lies, according to Wang, in the length of the parents’ visa. She arrived in Saskatoon in July with her 12-year-old daughter Lily Chang but she will have to return home to Beijing in December.

“She wants her daughter to get a better life when it comes to education in western countries like Canada. Canada is one of the best in the world,” Michael Xiao, her agent and translator, said.

Sask. medical students shadow rural doctors

A program that aims to connect aspiring doctors to rural communities had record participation over the summer.
Forty University of Saskatchewan medical students were paired with practicing physicians in 24 smaller centres across the province to gain a better understanding of the needs in those areas.
Second year student Samantha Holbird was placed in Shellbrook for part of her time with the program.

Homeschooling year kicks off in Saskatoon

Tuesday marked the first day back to class for many Saskatoon students, but some kids haven't really stopped going to school.

"Homeschooling definitely continues all the time. It's all day long, all summer long," Jessica Benson said.

Jessica and Greg Benson have been homeschooling their kids for seven years and watched learning come naturally.

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