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Saskatchewan is growing

STARS' new air ambulance lifts off in Saskatoon

The bigger, faster and more rugged air ambulance added to Saskatoon's STARS fleet takes off for the first time.

"We're pretty excited this is an awesome day for STARS," president and CEO of STARS, Andrea Robertson said. "It's going to allow us to reach more communities, faster and with less time needed to refuel, we'll be able to get there more quickly."

Pills linked to two Saskatoon deaths match national warnings

A pair of Saskatoon deaths may be part of a national problem.

Saskatoon police reported Monday they're investigating the deaths of two men in their 20's.  They're believed to have overdosed on what they may have thought were prescription drugs.

While police haven't confirmed what drugs the men may have taken, they did describe the pills as green with the number 80 stamped on one side and the letters C-D-N on the other.

School divisions set up newcomer centres to help new families

As hundreds of newcomers start school in Saskatoon, both school divisions now have centres to help with registration.

Saskatoon parents hope to build playground at Lakeview School

It takes a lot of dance-a-thons and bake sales to raise money for a school playground.

That’s what parents at Saskatoon’s Ecole Lakeview School are learning. The province doesn’t fund school playgrounds and school boards are not allotted enough money for big renovations.

A year and a half ago, Liz Allen decided to spearhead the Lakeview Park Enhancement Committee. Parents such as Jana Kinar joined the effort to raise enough money to add more playground equipment, and repair and expand the tarmac to include basketball courts.

Premier optimistic about Sask. growth projections

If Saskatchewan keeps up current growth trends its population could reach 1.5 million by 2038, according to new numbers released by Statistics Canada.

The agency releases population projections for provinces every five years. Wednesday's outlines seven different possible scenarios for Saskatchewan over the next 24 years. Each shows growth with the lowest estimate at 1,173,900 and the highest at 1,527,000 compared to the current population of 1,108,000.

Number of phone books staying stable despite decrease in landlines

Phone books are not yet a thing of the past in Saskatchewan because there's is still a demand and need, according to Sasktel.

Michelle Englot with Sasktel said they distribute around 194,000 phone books in Saskatoon, another 44,000 in the Saskatoon district, and just over 800,000 provincially.

"We do continue to print the same number each year and we find that for the most part a lot of our users are still requesting phone books," Englot explained.

New high school proposed for Emerald Park or White City

The Prairie Valley School Division is preparing for growth in communities east of Regina with a submission to the Ministry of Education to build a new high school.

The idea of the new school was first brought up to the ministry in February 2013. Ben Grebinski, director of education for the school division, said a change in how capital projects are proposed led to Prairie Valley submitting the idea again on September 5 listing three options.

Saskatoon student housing pricey but available

Despite ranking among the top 10 most expensive Canadian cities to live in, Saskatoon's housing market continues to accommodate the yearly influx of university and college students.

"Because our city, for many years, has been so geared towards that (student) market, it's like it's ready for it," Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors executive officer Jason Yochim said.

Young jockey chasing win at Marquis Downs

On a chilly September morning, Isabelle Wenc has the track to herself as she speeds around on a horse named Toast 'n' Tea with only the horse's hooves pounding on the soft dirt breaking the silence.

The calm surrounding this warm-up will disappear when Wenc loads into the starting gate Friday and Saturday night.

"In the gate is probably the most nerve-racking part and then the race feels like it's five seconds," she said.

At only 19 years old, Wenc is the youngest jockey at Marquis Downs in Saskatoon and the only woman.

Sask. high schools offering more diverse classes

The days of high school science consisting of only chemistry, biology and physics are long gone in Saskatchewan. Now, students can choose from environmental, health and earth sciences.
It's just one example of how courses are becoming increasingly diverse in high schools across the province.

The new science courses are part of the provincial curriculum, which means they're offered at both Catholic and public high schools.

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