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Saskatchewan is growing

Activist says immigrant families leaving Saskatchewan

Many immigrants who arrived in the province to use the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) are now leaving because they feel betrayed, according to an activist. 

Regina outreach program urges "housing first" strategy

An agency that works with Regina's needy says homelessness won't be solved as long as emergency services bear the brunt of its burden.

A new report on homelessness has been issued by Carmichael Outreach, a support program that works with Regina's homeless. It says the city and province need to work together on a "housing first" model in order to find a long-term solution for what the Outreach calls a decade-old problem.

New foundation system used in Regina affordable housing projects

Technology being introduced in Regina for the first time could mean an end to cracking foundations and shifting houses.

On Wednesday the Multipoint Foundation system was unveiled as part of an affordable housing project the provincial government is partially funding. The foundation, made up of woven steel rods, sits in a hole in the ground and is said to be impervious to the city's notorious shifting clay soil.

Increase in multi-unit construction rising significantly in Saskatchewan

The face of Regina's housing market continues to shift, which is probably good news for renters.

New data from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation shows multi-unit constructions like apartments and condos are up more than 60 per cent year over year. That amounts to more than 500 units already constructed so far this year.

CMHC analyst Goodson Male explains that continued in-migration and the long-standing rental housing shortage have finally inspired developers to look at multi-unit buildings.

Saskatoon Council on Aging opens Fieldhouse offices

The Saskatoon Council on Aging (SOCA) is officially open for business at their new location.

They'll be offering programs for seniors out of bigger offices located in the Saskatoon Fieldhouse on College Drive.

Executive director June Gaudin, speaking ahead of a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new space, said that they were well-served by their old home at the Saskatoon Service Village but, as more baby-boomers have joined the ranks of the 60-plus set, SOCA just needed more room after 23 years in operation.

Regina housing market evening out, says Realtors Association

Regina is no longer seeing the same chronic supply shortage in its housing market that it did in 2007, helping move to balanced market conditions for much of the year.

In its monthly report, the Association of Regina Realtors is reporting balanced conditions in September based on single detached home sales and listing activity. There were 317 sales during the month above a five year average of 313.

"It would be the third-ranked year as far as the number of sales during the five-year-period," explained Gord Archibald, executive officer of the association.

New call for Filipino workers despite on-going unemployment

The Philippines is one stop high on the list for Premier Brad Wall’s trip to Asia this week as he aims to build on business relations and continue boosting immigration.

The Premier will be signing a renewed agreement for labour migration with the Philippine's labour secretary. The Ministry of the Economy is also on a recruitment mission in the country with eight companies looking to fill 150 skilled labour jobs in the province.

Yorkton promotional video features NFL icon Terry Bradshaw

How does an icon of American football hosting a program called Today in America become a key promotional vehicle for a small Saskatchewan city?

Brad Wall's population goals could be met early: Conference Board of Canada

Saskatchewan is growing and Brad Wall is hopeful that will continue. He set a goal to grow by another 100,000 people by 2020. But according to the Conference Board of Canada, that could happen a year earlier.

“I don’t see anything in the economic future, at least over the short term, that could lead to a drastic change in the way people have been moving to Saskatchewan,” said Conference Board economist Mario Lefebvre.

“If I look at the Conference Board forecasts on Saskatchewan as a whole, it’s exactly what we’ve got. We’ve got 1.2 million people by 2019.”

New highrise will be tallest in Saskatoon

Saskatoon's latest luxury highrise project is poised to become a fixture of the city's skyline as the province's tallest building.

North Prairie Development's City Centre Tower will be built at Third Avenue and 22nd street where the Affinity Credit Union (ACU) stands. ACU offices will move to another location and the building will be torn down.

Right now, Saskatoon's tallest building is the 24-storey, 79.2 m, La Renaissance Apartments. The second-tallest building in the city is the 27-storey Hallmark Place, which stands 78.8 m.

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