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Saskatchewan is growing

Saskatchewan population still growing at 1,089,807

Saskatchewan has reached another new record for population with five years of incredible growth.

Saskatchewan's population has passed 1,089,807.

According to figures from the provincial government 21,690 moved to Saskatchewan in 2012.

More than half of the people who moved to Saskatchewan in 2012 were from other countries.  The net international in-migration was 13,371.

The number doesn't come as a surprise to Hee Bau, the owner of Ngoy Hoa Asian Foods Limited in Regina.

Record $264.4 million to municipalities from Sask. government

The Saskatchewan government is handing over a record amount of money to municipalities in 2013.

Armed with a new formula for revenue sharing and a record amount of money in the pool, $264.4 million will be handed out to communities across the province.

The money is based on one per cent of PST revenue.

Under regulations the formula had to be reviewed after the 2011 census. During the review the Saskatchewan Rural Municipalities Association (SARM) and the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) wanted different things.

R.M. councillor says owners didn't get fair value for Pinkie Rd land

A local rural municipality councillor agrees the government isn’t playing fair with a group of landowners who had their land expropriated just west of Regina.

New office tower to go up in downtown Regina

Construction on one of the newest office towers in downtown Regina could start by this summer.

PHOTOS: Pinkie Road interchange anger rises in question period

The NDP says the experience of some landowners near the Pinkie Road interchange west of Regina is another example of how the Saskachewan government treats average citizens in its pursuit of growth, but Highways Minister Don McMorris points to safety and process.

A lawsuit filed by those landowners against the government came up in question period on Wednesday afternoon. (Read more here.)

EXCLUSIVE: Landowners at Pinkie Road interchange lost in the 'new Saskatchewan'

The "new Saskatchewan" is supposed to be about growth but only if you don't get in the way. That is how a pocket of landowners and developers west of Regina feel after having their plans halted by a bureaucracy that appears to want to drive through plans of its own.

Fred Siller owns land at Pinkie Road and Highway one. He lived there until he was forced to move.

"They demanded that I clear off my property in ten days. In ten days, anything left on that property was going to be abandoned by me. It would no longer be my property,” said Siller.

Steep rent increase for Regina renters cut

Those renting apartments at a Robinson Street building are learning the $520 rent hike planned for this fall by the building's new owners -- Castle Mountain Properties -- is being withdrawn.

"Total surprise. Very pleased. When you get together and work toward a cause, things happen," said Pat Colpitts, one of the tenants facing the 77-per-cent rent hike.

Changing definition of affordable housing in Regina

If you're looking for a place to live in Regina you will be shelling out a lot more money with rental prices skyrocketing in a tight market.

Earlier this week we told you about a group of women who are going to have to leave their apartments because their rent is going up by more than $500. As long term residents of a building in Cathedral, they were paying less than $700 a month, but under new owners they will have to pay close to $1200.

Organizations in Regina that help people with housing say those situations are not the norm.

Regina looking to increase city debt limit

Regina’s mayor has little doubt the city will get help with its growing debt load.

Michael Fougere and the rest of the city’s executive committee approved a couple of recommendations on Wednesday asking the Saskatchewan Municipal Board (SMB) to either exclude a provincial loan of $100 million dollars for the new stadium off the city’s total debt or to have the city’s limit increased.

“Either way we’re very confident they will. They’ll exclude it from the debt limit or they’ll add it to it, but either way we’re confident,” Fougere said.

Regina issues 176 building permits in February

Last year was a record-breaker when it came to growth in Regina and if new building permit numbers are any indication, it's not slowing down anytime soon.

The City of Regina issued 176 building permits last month which is technically down from February of last year, but the value of those permits is worth about $3 million more.

More than 150 new homes and apartments are currently under construction including a huge apartment complex for seniors.

Meanwhile housing prices in Regina have also reached a new high.

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