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Saskatchewan is growing

Neighbourhood Watch program forms in Warman

Marshall Seed isn’t a police officer or a politician, but the father from Warman has founded a group he hopes will help deter crime in the growing bedroom community north of Saskatoon.

Family farm allowed to employ kids in chicken farm

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Labour has reached a compromise in the case of the Covlin family farm in Endeavour, Sask., who were employing kids in their poultry processing plant.

"What we decided to do was just treat this as a simple extension of a family farming operation," Saskatchewan Labour Minister Don Morgan told News Talk's John Gormley Live Monday, "We've told the occupational health workers, 'no more investigations, this is a family farm, leave it alone.'"

Family farm 'blown away' by OHS rules

A law preventing a Saskatchewan woman from letting her kids do certain jobs on her chicken farm is ruffling some feathers.

Janeen Covlin raises and sells chickens and eggs at Cool Spring Ranch in Endeavour, Sask., 370 kilometres east of Saskatoon. Her kids help out at their processing plant-- or at least they did.

South Africans lending a hand at Ex midway

15,000 kilometres is a long way to go for a job. But that's just what some of the workers on the Saskatoon Ex Midway have done, coming all the way from South Africa for a chance to travel North America with the carnival.

Chantelle Van Der Murwe explained that a company in South Africa recruits people interested in taking a few months to see some new sights. She said it's difficult to keep track of all the places she's visited while working at the ticket-selling booth.

Small town clothing line turning heads

A small town clothing line is gaining popularity not only in Saskatchewan, but also overseas.
"There's not too many comedic farming apparel companies out there, so that's where I slid in," Tractor Fitness founder Adam Fullerton laughed.
The 23-year-old farmer from Lacadena, Sask., said it all started last year when he was on his 16th straight day of seeding.

Regina's vacancy rate up to 2.5 per cent

Regina continues to make small gains in its efforts to increase its vacancy rate.

A report presented to the Mayor's Housing Commission Tuesday afternoon showed the spring vacancy rate rose to 2.5 per cent, up from 1.8 per cent.

"It's very good news for those renting," said Mayor Michael Fougere beforehand. "We need more work to be done but certainly the market has responded and the incentives both the city and the province have in assisting in affordable housing and for rental accommodation is working."

Saskatoon lawyer recalls Great War Tour

Three years ago, Anne Wallace embarked on a trip of a lifetime to France and Belgium to visit the battlefields of the First World War.
The Saskatoon lawyer says the history courses she took in university gave her a basic understanding of the First World War, but actually seeing the places in person gave her a new appreciation.
"What the Western front really was, for example, and what really went on in terms of the back and forth on that line for so long," Wallace said in an interview on John Gormley Live.

Humans of Saskatoon sharing local stories

It took a personal tragedy for local photographer Moe Morin to reach out to her community, not in the way one might expect.
Inspired by the successful Humans of New York project, Morin created the Human's of Saskatoon Facebook page.
She said she lost her father figure early this year, followed closely by her niece. It was the loss that really drove her into the project.

The race for a 2015 election begins in Saskatoon

Consider the 2015 Conservative campaign underway.

“Cutting taxes for hardworking families is our top priority,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday night in Saskatoon in front of Conservative Party supporters at Prairieland Park.

Volunteers dawning blue t-shirts with Team Donauer on the back – in support of Saskatoon city councillor Randy Donauer and his recent nomination for the Conservative Party in the new Saskatoon-West riding – Harper was quick to remind the group of their government’s accomplishments.

HIV numbers sliding down, STI cases up

The Saskatoon Health region reports rising cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sliding numbers of HIV and Hepatitis C.

Deputy Medical Officer Julie Kryzanowski said a rise on one end and a dip in another is because of demographics.

“It isn’t the same populations that are affected by these infections,” Kryzanowski said. “STIs are greater in younger groups (teenagers and people in their early 20s) who are having sex with multiple partners … For Hepatitis C and HIV the biggest risk factor is injected drug use.”

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