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Saskatchewan is growing

Sheepdogs' Ewan Currie to throw first pitch at Jays game

From Saskatoon’s east side Blue Jays to the real deal in Toronto, the lead singer of the Sheepdogs will be using his baseball skills to throw the first pitch on Sunday.

Ewan Currie is hoping to avoid highlight reels of bad first pitches and is hoping his baseball experience will help.

“Everybody that I tell about this thing, they are like, ‘Oh don’t pull a 50 Cent or be like Carly Rae Jepsen or some of the worst first pitches in history,” he said. “I’ve got a decent arm I think I can pull it off.”

Medical simulation centre opens in Saskatoon

Meet Bruce. Bruce's chest rises and falls as he takes a couple deep breaths, sweat beads on his forehead and his pulse feels rapid.
Now Bruce is now having a heart attack. As his eyes widen medical professionals gather around and begin to work to help him. Monitors blare and the team gets ready to defibrillate.
However, the thing you need to know about Bruce is, he's a simulator.

New police crisis team in Saskatoon

A new team combining a police officer and a crisis worker is now on the streets of Saskatoon.

The Police and Crisis Team (PACT) is the first of its kind in the province and aims to cut down on the number of people who end up in jail or emergency rooms suffering from mental health issues.

The team has been out since June 1 and crisis worker Krista Townsend said she is seeing results from her first-hand work.

Council votes on priority option for rec program registration

Should Saskatoon taxpayers get priority registration when it comes to leisure programs in Saskatoon?

A report heading to city council on Monday explains there are tools at the city’s disposal where they can modify the leisure program registration system giving Saskatoon residents preferential registration over non-residents.

Corman Park Reeve Judy Harwood said she sees this as being difficult to manage because there are varying types of residencies in Saskatoon.

Dog rescue seeking community support

One of Saskatchewan’s largest dog rescue organizations needs your help.

Today Water Paws and Disco Dogs are coming together to raise awareness and lobby support for We All Need a Rescue: K9 Rescue.

“They rescue dogs only in Saskatchewan, they bring up dogs mainly from up north and all the proceeds we raise today will be going towards vet bills because most of these dogs have been abused or neglected,” said Steve Dent, hydro therapist with Water Paws in Saskatoon.

Sask. business community disappointed with TFW changes

The federal government has clamped down on the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program.
“This is not tinkering. This is not cosmetic. These are profound, comprehensive, and fundamental reforms to the program,” announced Immigration Minister Jason Kenney on Friday. The program will be capped, meaning that no more than 10 per cent of a business’s workforce can be TFW’s.

By the numbers: Sask. population up by more than 5,000 in 2014

Saskatchewan continues to see one of the highest population growth rates in Canada.

Statistics Canada figures show that in the first three months of 2014, the province saw an increase of 5,085 people. That’s a jump of 21,180 people in the past year.

The increase includes Matthew Bowles from the United Kingdom. After losing his job there, he contacted a friend of his who had gone to Canada. The next thing Bowles knew, he was living in Regina working for Redhead Equipment.

“It was a very swift process,” he said.

RM of Sherwood confident about provincial review

The RM of Sherwood says it welcomes an independent inspection over its policies and procedures in relation to the proposed Wascana Village mega-development.

Deputy Reeve Tim Probe announced Tuesday afternoon that the RM intends to fully co-operate with the third party review.

Province requests inspection of RM of Sherwood's huge development

The Government of Saskatchewan is ordering an investigation into the RM of Sherwood and its massive mega-development known as Wascana Village.

A retired Court of Queen's Bench judge has agreed to take a look at the RM and its plans to develop a new residential area southeast of Regina, which could one day be home to 14,000 people.

Minister of Government Relations Jim Reiter requested an inspection of the situation and Ron Barclay agreed.

Ritz suggests withdrawing Pakistan adoption appeal, lawyer disagrees

Minister Gerry Ritz said the Afridi family could speed up the process of granting a Pakistani child permanent residency in Canada as their adopted son if they withdrew their appeal before the courts.

However, the couple’s lawyer completely disagrees.

“If we would withdraw the appeal, basically we are killing the application,” Haidah Amirzadeh said on John Gormley Live Thursday.

Amirzadeh said the Afridi family submitted the application to Ottawa before the federal government decided to stop accepting adoptions from Pakistan.

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