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Saskatchewan is growing

A&W defends 'better beef' campaign to Sask. producers

Saskatchewan cattle producers have a beef with A&W’s burger campaign.

You’ve likely seen the better beef commercials that promote the company selling beef with no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Trish Sahlstrom, vice president of purchasing and distribution for A&W, said after a lot of research, the company is simply responding to what consumers are asking for.

Saskatoon's Brazilian community torn over World Cup

Elizabeth Freire has lived in Saskatoon for 26 years but she grew up in a soccer nation.

"We are going to watch the games. We are always cheering for Brazil," she said adding that the World Cup has left her feeling divided. "Everybody there, even the protestors and people who are protesting they are soccer lovers."

Freire is a board member of the Brazilian Association of Saskatoon (BRASA). She also keeps close ties in her home country going back every two years to visit family and friends. She has been watching the World Cup protests closely.

Local historian concerned about future census data

A Saskatoon history professor is concerned with the direction Canadian census data is headed.
Bill Waiser appeared on John Gormley Live (JGL) Tuesday to discuss his recent opinion piece Let's Protect Future Census Data.
When households filled out the short-form census in 2006 and 2011, they were asked if they would allow their personal data to be made available 92 years later.

City of Regina aims to shape new developments

While it may be hard to stop Regina’s growth, the city is aiming to help shape that growth so that taxpayers don’t bear any unreasonable financial hardship.

The city is taking steps to decide which new developments move ahead in the short term and which neighbourhoods will be put on hiatus for the future. On Monday, the city’s executive committee passed a motion that looks at developing a new Interim Phasing and Financing Plan. It’s being recommended the city uses a phased-in approach to develop new land, essentially managing development in more of an orderly manner.

Corman Park Reeve warming up to regional planning

Five communities in central Saskatchewan are moving ahead developing a regional plan for future growth in the province.

On Monday, Saskatoon city council will review a report outlining the foundations agreed on, by regional municipalities including Osler, Warman, Martensville, Corman Park and Saskatoon.

Sask. signs letter of approval for Pakistani boy's arrival

Ajjab Afridi, 3, could finally be moving to Saskatoon from Pakistan to be with his adoptive parents after being separated for more than three years.

“I’m so proud to tell you that we’ve signed the letter of no objection in Saskatchewan,” Social Services Minister June Draude said in Saskatoon Thursday.

The province has forwarded the letter, which supports Ajjab’s arrival, to the federal government. Ottawa has said the Afridi family would need a letter of non-objection from the province in order to let Ajjab in to the country.

Legacies honoured at Century Farm Family Awards

Bob Sanders farms on the same plot of land as his father and his father's father.
In 1914 his grandfather homesteaded by Shell Lake, Sask., and since then the Sanders family has continued the farming tradition. Sanders is just one of the more than 300 families honoured with the Century Family Farms Award this year.
"It's got a lot of prestige, someone put a lot of work into it to start with and just to try and keep it going."

Saskatoon remembers Tiananmen Square massacre

Exactly 25 years ago tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square, Beijing, where the Chinese People's Liberation Army, under martial law, sought to put an end to the six-week protest for democracy held by students and civilians.
Yatong Chen was only six when it happened, living a seven-hour train ride from Beijing. She said details of what occurred June 4, 1989 weren't taught to her in school and her parents didn't speak of it.

Handful of Prairie players competing for Stanley Cup

Saskatchewan is well-represented in the Stanley Cup finals.

Michael Dorsett, older brother of Derek Dorsett of the New York Rangers, said his entire family is extremely proud to see Derek play in the finals against the Los Angeles Kings.  It’s also very exciting for the small town of Kindersley, where Derek grew up.

Community group serves up wheelchair tennis league

Kelsi Paul races across the court in her wheelchair after a tennis ball that's gotten away. During a warm summer night at the Nutana Kiwanis courts, she said she wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

"Just being active it keeps me healthy, it keeps my sane. I love the interaction with people and it's just a huge part of my life and I'm a very competitive person so," she said laughing. "I have pretty much tried anything. My main sport right now is cross country skiing but I've done everything from bowling to swimming to basketball and wheelchair racing."

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