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Saskatchewan is growing

Group says Kindersley hospital not meeting needs

A group of concerned community members in the town of Kindersley would like the province to come up with a long-term health care plan for the area.

"It seems that over the last decade or so, the amount of support and resources put towards our hospital ... has been, in our opinion, a little bit lacking," Tom Geiger, director of the Kindersley and District Health and Wellness Foundation Inc., said in an interview with News Talk.

First-time buyers eye lowered Regina housing prices

Housing prices still look pretty high to first time home buyers like Stephanie Wilkinson, even though in Regina those prices are starting to fall.

There are a lot of houses for sale in Regina right now and that supply is driving down prices that have been going up for the past seven years.  

According to a recent survey by Royal LePage, the average price of a two-storey home in Regina has dropped by 6.9 per cent in the third quarter down to $346,450. Single-storey bungalows fell by 7.9 per cent down to an average of $307,000.

Regina house prices fall in third quarter

There's good news for buyers but not for sellers as the latest Royal LePage House Price Survey indicates housing prices are down in Regina.

The survey reports 40 per cent more properties on the markets compared to the usual numbers; Regina house prices year-over-year went down in the third quarter of 2014. The Queen city is going against the grain as house prices went up nationally.

In Regina, the average price for a two-storey home dropped 6.9 per cent to $346,450. The average price for a bungalow is at $307,350, a 7.9 per cent drop.

Regina city council approves northwest development

The City of Regina is going ahead with the development of a new neighbourhood in the city’s northwest, but some believe it may interfere with the overall plan for growth.

On Tuesday night, council voted 9-2 in favour of seeing a parcel of land known as Rosewood Park - located within the larger Coopertown - move forward despite a recommendation from city administration against it.

City council considers new development in northwest Regina

The City of Regina is looking at developing 20 hectares of land in the city's northwest but the project still needs approval from council.
Within the neighborhood of Coopertown is Rosewood Park, where the development will take place. The city's executive committee stated they were in favour of the plan earlier this month.

Saskatoon author tackles population growth in new book

A Saskatoon author is calling for optimism in the face of a rising global population.

Paul Hanley has spent the last 25 years writing on environmental issues.

He said his new book '11' addresses a key challenge faced by policymakers and regular citizens all across the planet.

"The world's population is moving from around 7 billion today to around 11 billion by the end of this century," Hanley said. "What happens when population grows by 50 per cent and the economy is projected to grow by 500 per cent by the end of the century?"

Early planning phase for West Harbour Landing in Regina

The growth in southwest Regina doesn’t appear to be slowing down as one neighbourhood nears completion and another draws closer to beginning.

The appropriately-named West Harbour Landing would be developed to the west of the current Harbour Landing, putting it between the airport and the Trans-Canada Highway.

“If you can imagine this is a neighbourhood with an ultimate population of close to 30,000 people. Essentially, that’s a small city,” explained Paul Moroz, general manager of Dream Development.

Regina Food Bank launches annual campaign

Big, brown paper bags will be showing up at homes as the Regina Food Bank launches its 28th Annual Food Drive this weekend.
“It’s the longest-running food drive in Canada,” said Steve Compton, CEO of the Regina Food Bank.

The need for food banks has increased in recent years as a symptom of the higher cost of living in Saskatchewan. The Regina Food Bank currently serves 200 families per day, getting up to 10,000 requests per month.

Regina mayor not worried about delayed downtown buildings

Development of two buildings in Regina's downtown are on hold for the moment but the delay doesn't concern the city's mayor.
An affordable housing development was demolished on the 1700 block of Hamilton Street to make way for a mixed-use building but the lot is currently only being used for parking. A proposed 16-storey office building on the corner of 12th Avenue and Rose Street is also having trouble finding tenants.

Historic anniversary of last train crossing main Saskatoon bridge

Exactly 50 years ago Sunday, Saskatoon saw a major milestone on one of its main bridges.

It was October 5, 1964 when the last train crossed over the CNR bridge, which was then torn down and the Idylwyld Freeway Bridge, now known as the Senator Sid Buckwold bridge, was put in its place.

"(The CNR bridge) was part of the railway line that ran from Regina through Saskatoon up to Prince Albert and was the first bridge to cross the South Saskatchewan River," Jeff O'Brien, archivist with the City of Saskatoon, said.

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