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Saskatchewan is growing

Doctor disconnect: Is Sask. engaging physicians?

As Saskatchewan grows, more work will need to be done to make sure all people have the medical care they need.

Concerns of physician recruitment and retention were expressed Friday morning at the the fall 2014 meeting of the Representative Assembly of the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) in Regina.

Health Minister Dustin Duncan spoke to the assembly saying the entire system will have challenges to face.

Muslim group brings educational show to Saskatoon

Saskatoon's Ahmadiyya Muslim community is inviting people to learn about Islam in a presentation at the University of Saskatchewan.

Titled  Muhammad - The Astonishing Story of The Prophet, the program is one that's been run in cities across Canada.

Former liquor store owner favours privatization

As Saskatchewan debates on the future of liquor stores, one former owner is chiming in with her opinion.
Darlene Heimlick used to own two stores in Alberta. She says the provincial government could have the best of both worlds by keeping the current stores as is and letting a number of private stores go up.
“There’s nothing wrong with government owned stores,” said Heimlick.  “They have the more generic items.  When there’s privatization it allows for expansion of selection and who doesn’t like selection.”

Saskatoon tower would draw new downtown skyline

Once built North Prairie Developments' city centre tower will be the tallest skyscraper in Saskatoon.

“It’s the biggest project downtown since the Radisson and the twin towers and that was done in the early 1980s,” planning and development general manager Alan Wallace said.

The development slated for 22nd Street and Third Avenue includes three phases; two office and commercial buildings and a 290-unit condo building.

Small town surge: how immigrants are helping Grenfell grow

Longtime residents of Grenfell are having to get used to new, unfamiliar faces as 'small-town Saskatchewan' transforms into a popular destination for immigrants arriving in Canada.

"I move to Canada, very happy, I make a very, very good decision to choose Grenfell," said Louisa Li, who moved to the town of Grenfell with her husband and daughter from China.

According to the provincial government, 13,108 people immigrated from out of Canada to Saskatchewan last year. In the first half of 2014, 6,632 non-Canadians immigrated to the province.

Traffic lights coming to Marquis Drive and Hwy 16

Drivers coming in and out of Saskatoon’s northwest on Highway 16 can expect to deal with one more set of traffic lights.

While the City of Saskatoon waits for money to fund a couple of more overpasses along Marquis Drive, they’re moving ahead and installing a set of traffic signals at Marquis Drive and Highway 16 by SaskTel Centre.

Director of Transportation Angela Gardiner, said they’re hoping to get underground work done before the ground freezes, hoping to have traffic signals as well as flashing warning lights operational before the end of the year.

Finalists announced in Sask. P3 school project

The province has announced three finalists as it decides who will build nine new joint-use elementary school buildings.

On Friday morning, the government announced that three teams responded to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) which closed on Sept. 11. Those three are now considered as finalists for the projects in Regina, Saskatoon, Warman and Martensville. They are Joint Use Mutual Partnership, Plenery Education, and Tandem Education Partners.

The groups consist of:

Joint Use Mutual Partnership

New White City elementary school celebrated

The ribbon has been cut on a new $22 million elementary school in White City.

On Tuesday morning, the opening of Emerald Ridge Elementary School was celebrated - a school that can accommodate up to 475 students in a growing community. It's White City's second elementary school welcoming students from kindergarten to Grade 8.

Regina Mayor's Housing Summit to address years of issues

Regina’s housing crisis is a personal crisis for many people who live in the Queen City.

As homeless people wait to warm up at Carmichael Outreach Tuesday morning, the Mayor’s Housing Summit willl kick off a few blocks away at a downtown hotel.

This is the second year for the Mayor’s Housing Summit which features meetings to discuss solutions for all levels of Regina’s ongoing housing crisis from development to affordable housing and social housing projects.

Regina school divisions add hundreds of students

Two large elementary schools could be filled with the increased number of students enrolled in the Regina Public Schools division and the Regina Catholic School Division this fall.

There are 507 more students at Regina's public schools and 463 extra students at Regina Catholic schools compared to last September. Most of those additional students are at elementary schools. High school enrollment at Regina public schools showed a small decline this year.

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