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Rainy weather caps off long weekend

It's not exactly how we wanted to finish off our Victoria Day long weekend in Saskatchewan.

But here comes the rain; Environment Canada says Regina can expect about 20 millimeters or a little less than one inch.

Other areas, like the south east section including Estevan and Carlyle can expect quite a bit more than that according to Meteorologist Rob Paola.

"Up to 30 to 40 millimeters of rain is possible through today and into tonight (for the south east)," he said.

"Some spots may approach 50 millimeters."

Saskatchewan seeing bigger grass fires during cold spring

It's not warm enough to head to the beach or even wear a pair of shorts outside yet, but it appears to be warm enough for grass fires.

Grass fires are being reported across Saskatchewan. While there may not be more than last year, they're definitely bigger.

"(Fires) start as a controlled burn but in a lot of cases the control can get out of hand pretty quickly," said Dave Campbell, Balgonie's Fire Chief.

Campbell helped manage the response team for a grass fire that grew to be 40 kilometers long near Kronau, along highway 33, on Friday.

Blame overnight frost on a cold northern wind

It's almost May long weekend and people across Saskatchewan are still getting frost on their windows overnight.

Natalie Hasell is a meteorologist with Environment Canada and she says temperatures are still below normal for this season.

“Overnight temperatures typically hover around plus 4 C at this time of year,” she said.

Instead, we're falling below zero overnight and daytime highs that should be around plus 19 C are only getting up to plus 14 C or plus 17 C. Hasell says we can blame it on a cold wind from the north.

City of Regina works to keep ahead of emerging mosquitoes

A little bit later than usual, City of Regina crews are busy treating water bodies in and around the Queen City in the fight against the dreaded mosquito.

"More standing water has prevented the emergence of adult mosquitos," explained Ray Morgan, manager of forestry, pest control and horticulture, "but we're trying to get ahead of the game here into the spring and summer seasons."

What should you pack in an emergency kit for natural disasters?

Matches, tape, Tums and bottled water may sound a bit like a MacGyver wish list, but these are all things the province is urging people to pack up during Emergency Preparedness Week.

The idea is for people to pack a kit that would help them survive for 72 hours without help in the case of an emergency or a natural disaster.

SK Red Cross urging families to be prepared

The Canadian Red Cross is urging people to take steps to be prepared as it sees an increasing number of people needing help after disasters.

Environment Canada: expect cooler start to May

After such a frigidly cold winter you would think Saskatchewan deserves a warmer than normal spring, but that is too good to be true this year.

Sask. green groups call for climate change action

A report put together by a number of concerned environmental groups is calling for big changes to fight climate change in Saskatchewan.

The document is the culmination of the Saskatchewan Citizen's Hearings on Climate Change, which happened back in November 2013.

About 200 people attended the hearings, which saw about 20 hours of testimony from 36 different witnesses ranging from scientific experts, members of the First Nations community and farmers.

Snow delaying some spring projects in Regina

Besides pushing back spring projects - and possibly bringing back the winter blues - this week's snowfall has pushed back some projects for the City of Regina.

Residential street sweeping is being delayed along with some construction. Work on the Ross Avenue overpass at Ring Road had to be put off for a couple of days. There was also work delayed on 12th Avenue between Albert Street and Smith Street because of the snow.

Delay to street sweeping in Regina after snowfall

The slushy snowfall only caused a small delay in operations for crews sweeping city streets.

Regina city crews have already done most of the arterial roads and are only about a week behind schedule because of another delay from the weather on Monday.

The sweeping manager with the city, Karen Howie, said the wet roads are no problem for sweeping but they just can't do it through puddles or ice.

"Say a catch basin should be blocked or something, you know, we may have to leave that and come back," she said.

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