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Saskatoon enjoys rare December warmth

Whether it was to run errands or just to have some fun, warm weather in Sasktoon had many people taking a rare opportunity to ditch their toques and head outside.

With temperatures peaking around 6 C, the city didn't quite crack the record of 7 C, but, between wrangling her dog and her toddler at the Avalon Dog Park, Kayla Schaan said the last few days have meant plenty of chances to get out.

"It's awesome. We're here at the dog park every day.  Me and the dog and the baby."

Snowmobilers hoping for a white Sask. Christmas

If this warm weather keeps up, Saskatchewan’s normal winter wonderland for snowmobilers could turn into a slushy brown mess.
Snowmobilers, like Chris Brewer with the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, are dreaming of a white Christmas, like what Saskatchewan saw two years ago.
“We’re all hoping and praying that Mother Nature shares some snow with us very shortly,” he said.
There are some snowmobilers riding out in southern Saskatchewan, but he says we really don’t have enough snow to make it safe.

Warm weather records fall across the province

It's been mild in Saskatchewan this week, and it looks like it will stay that way for now.

"Very strong southwesterly flow over Western Canada just continues punting very warm air right from the western United States all the way to Saskatchewan," said Mark Garland, meteorologist with Environment Canada adding he doesn't foresee a drastic cool down anytime soon.

On Wednesday more than a dozen warm weather records were broken across the province.

New records set:

Buffalo Narrows 6.8 C (6 C in 2005)

First-time skater loves Saskatoon's warm weather

The sun beats down on the Meewasin Rink in downtown Saskatoon where three-year-old Kaitlyn Bartsch slowly skates between the sunbeams.

She needs her small, pink sunglasses on this bright December day, but her winter coat is unzipped a bit.

This is the first time tiny, white skates have been put on her feet and she's pretty proud to be skating.

"I did it all by myself," she smiles.

Kaitlyn can't wipe the smile from her face and she's already making plans to be outside for as long as she can.

Markets won't impact Sask. natural gas price

Volatility on the market will have no impact on what you pay to heat your house this winter.

SaskEnergy doesn't purchase natural gas based on spot-market prices.

"The spot market is the price that is available that day," explained Dave Burdeniuk, director of media relations for SaskEnergy. "We buy next to no gas on the spot market because we need to secure supply into the future. So we buy on forward markets and we guarantee that supply that either is gas that we take delivery of via pipeline or we take delivery of it and put it in our storage caverns."

School bus gets stuck in slushy Saskatoon

Mitts are off and jackets are unzipped as people enjoy the nice weather in Saskatoon.

Drivers however are getting frustrated as the warmer weather means snow is turning into heavy slush.

Four-wheel drive is a requirement on many residential streets in Stonebridge, including Teal Lane where a school bus got stuck for nearly two hours Wednesday morning.

Bryan Schmiedge heard a loud diesel engine from inside his home and assumed it was a snow plow to clear his street, which in some spots is covered with half a foot a snow.

Regina could break weather records as mercury rises

Snow will continue to melt in Regina as above-zero temperatures hang around southern Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada expects daily highs to be above zero until the weekend, but then the fun is over.

"It quickly kind of starts dipping back down to a below-zero for our highs, like Sunday we have a high of -4 C, -12 C for Monday," said Justin Shaer, meteorologist with Environment Canada.

Regina has the potential of breaking a record before the mercury falls. The record for Friday is 6 C with the forecast showing a high of 5 C.

Regina tobogganing hill empty as temps warm up

There aren't many frozen fingers and toes this week as the kids play outside.

It's a big change from the frigid end of November as temperatures are expected to rise to a few degrees above zero through Saturday.

"We decided to come and get the sledding in now while there's still snow on the ground and it's not -30," said Steven Nichols.

However, his son Evan was the only one on the hill at Mount Pleasant Sport Park Tuesday afternoon.  His other son, Keanu, took a break after a big wipeout on his GT snow racer.

Warm weather a Christmas gift for Regina mail carriers

For Canada Post mail carrier Angie Douville, this is the busiest time of the year and the above seasonal temperatures are like an early Christmas gift.

“I think I might be in shorts by Friday,” Douville laughed walking down College Avenue on Monday.

“I’m not wearing mitts or a toque right now and I’m sweating.”

Weather warmup could take toll on plants

While most of us will welcome a break from the freezing cold this week, the extreme weather swing can be hard on your plants and shrubs.
By Wednesday the mercury is expected to climb above zero and remain warm until the weekend.
Rick van Duyvendyk with Dutch Growers said if we see a lot of melting, the roots of shrubs and plants are at risk of exposure to the elements.

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