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Late crops in Sask. could suffer from early frost

The combination of a late crop and an early frost could create headaches for Saskatchewan's farmers this week.

Environment Canada has issued a frost advisory for areas like Prince Albert and Spiritwood for early Tuesday morning. A cold front moving into the province from Alberta is expected to create below-average temperatures until the weekend.

"The cold air will be more over western sections early on in the week, then it will spread to more easterly sections towards the end of the week," said Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

No snow expected for Sask. this week

While some parts of the prairies will see snow this week, Saskatchewan should avoid the dreaded winter precipitation.

Calgary was expected to see up to five inches of snow Monday afternoon.

"There is snow falling through Alberta and Montana, mostly because of the elevation that some of these places are at," explained Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang. However, she pointed out that the snow isn't expected to stick around.

Regina's forecast this week calls for highs in the single digits and lows below zero.

Leaves are turning and so is the weather; cold, rain coming to Sask.

The sun was out across Saskatchewan on Sunday, with temperatures in the 20s, but the forecast for the week to come is drastically different. 

A cold front rolling across Saskatchewan will drop temperatures on Monday and last for the rest of the week. There is a possibility of seeing frost by mid week.

Environment Canada meterologist Mark Melsness said there will also be rain, especially south of the Trans Canada Highway. There is even a chance of snow in some areas by Tuesday overnight.

Moosomin applies for 3rd PDAP status

The town of Moosomin is again declaring a local state of emergency after another huge rainfall hit the southeast Saskatchewan community.

Around 100 millimeters of rain fell on the town Wednesday night through Thursday morning. It's the third time the town has seen significant rain this summer.

"We have applied to PDAP (Provincial Disaster Assistance Program) three times," said Larry Tomlinson, mayor of the 2,000-resident town. "We did a motion to apply again. People are getting fed up. There's people who have fixed their basements - this will be three times."

Basements in Moosomin flood again after heavy rainfall

It has been a very difficult summer for people in southeast Saskatchewan with heavy rain flooding basements, backing up sewer systems, and washing out roads.

It has been two-months since the torrential rain in July caused flooding in the southeast and on Wednesday night, another fresh downpour caused more problems. Approximately 100 millimetres or close to four inches of rain fell in Moosomin within just a few hours.

For people living in the town, it is just one thing after another. Crystall Purdey woke up early Thursday morning to find water in her basement.

Bethune radar fails again during rain storm

A large area of southwest Saskatchewan was drenched Wednesday night during rainfall warnings, and rain continued in the southeast Thursday, but the system proved difficult to track as the Bethune radar station was down once again.
The radar stopped working Wednesday afternoon right around the time the rainfall warnings were first issued.

Regina woman waiting on ice dam claims from February 2013

After being kept out of her home for nearly a year due to severe damage, one Regina woman says her house insurance is working against her, instead of for her.

"It's been so awful. We pay insurance to protect ourselves and our families. We've been paying for 11 years and never had to use it,” said Michelle Ducie. "At this point our house is in the worst possible condition besides being burnt down, which would probably be easier."

It all started in February 2013 when a massive ice dam formed on Ducie’s house.

Late blight popping in Sask. gardens

Wet weather and cooler temperatures at night is causing late blight to pop up in gardens across the province.
Rick van Duyvendyk with Dutch Growers Garden Centre in Saskatoon said that blight will start in the stems and then spread through the plant. Affected tomato and potato plants will have black and brown lesions on the leaves. Eventually tomatoes will get a brown, leathery look and the fruit will rot. Potatoes turn grey and brown on the skin and also rot.

Storm pushes train containers into ditch near Waldeck

As many as 40 Canadian Pacific Railway train cars left the tracks near Waldeck, east of Swift Current on Thursday night.

The cause has not been determined but the weather is believed to have played a factor. However, CP can't confirm that is the case.

"I'm thinking that's what it was because I don't think it was tornado myself 'cause I think it would've done a lot more damage than what it did," said Jim Roberts who drove by the scene just after it happened.

Rain hampers Sask. harvest

The rainy weekend has turned the logistics of harvest into a tough slog for farmers in the southern part of the province.

“It’s going to make for a real tough go,” said Curtis Dobson, a farmer in the Rouleau area. “(There is) moisture getting us going early in the morning or late at night. It’s going to shorten our harvest days, and create a lot of logistic issues getting through the fields with loaded grain trucks on roads.”

Dobson says there is quite a bit of standing water in fields.

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