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'Don't put away the snow shovel' climatologist cautions

While it’s hard to believe spring isn’t here to stay, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist says you shouldn’t put your shovel away just yet.

David Phillips is reminding people living in Saskatoon that the city typically gets about 27 per cent of its snow (25 centimetres) after March 1.

“Certainly winter could return. The thing is though, when it returns it’s probably a one-or-two day not those -30 C temperatures,” he said.

“My advice is don’t put away the snow shovel.”

PHOTOS: Melting snow reveals Regina's potholes

As the snow melts away, rough roads are waiting underneath in some Regina neighbourhoods.

On Monday, drivers were learning of some potholes and sinkholes on some of the city's streets.

A school bus dropped into a sinkhole on Plainsview Drive near the Southland Mall. Although there were students on board at the time, no one was hurt.

A car ended up stuck in another sinkhole on Cameron Street near 4th Avenue.

Where are the worst potholes in Regina?

Enjoying the sun, but skeptical spring has arrived in Regina

People in Saskatchewan are wearing light jackets and smiles as they enjoy a week of warm weather, but not everyone believes that spring is really here.

"No I don't think so, not yet," commented Jim as he walked his dog in Wascana Park.

"The sun has some strength to it, but everything else says we're not finished."

Even if it is only a temporary tease of spring weather, Jim was happy to shed his winter parka for a spring jacket.

Sask. grain belt could see above-normal spring runoff

Saskatchewan isn't expected to see any significant issues caused by flooding despite the grain belt expecting an above-normal spring runoff.

On Monday, the Water Security Agency (WSA) released the March Spring Runoff Forecast. Most of the province is expecting a normal to below normal spring runoff. The central part of the grain belt, however, could see higher flows that "exceed the natural channel capacity."

“We’ve had more snow than we would have liked in February," said Minister responsible for the WSA Scott Moe in a news release.

Spring-like weather starts the melt in Saskatchewan

In true Saskatchewan fashion, the weather this week feel vastly different than the week before with temperatures jumping above zero and beyond.

Just a week ago, extreme cold warnings were in effect for much of southern Saskatchewan. This week, the snow is melting quickly as Regina is forecast to hit highs above zero all week with Saskatoon seeing much of the same.

Optimism at winter ending weak in Regina

The temperature looks to be turning a corner after the recent bitter cold in Regina, as Environment Canada is forecasting the mercury to soon sneak above zero.

In fact, beginning on Friday the weather service is predicting highs to be anywhere between 1 C and 9 C for the better part of the next week.

Does this mean winter is over?

"This is Saskatchewan. Winter's not over til it's over," proclaimed one man.

"We're going to get about four to five days of lovely weather and then it's just going to go 'bang' and we're going to get ice cold again, Arctic air."

Another day, another water main break in Saskatoon

For a second straight morning a water main break disrupted people's normal routes to work in Saskatoon.

Two blocks of Miners Avenue were closed from 58th Street to 60th Street after a broken water main sent water gushing into the streets after 5 a.m.

With the temperature hovering around -20 C, the water quickly turned to slush and ice making the road impassible.

Water in the 800 block of 60th Street was shut off for crews to make repairs. The city expects repairs to be complete by Friday evening.

Picturing the March cold in Saskatchewan

Hunker down for the day as the cold keeps us all chilled but get ready for Friday when the temperature is expected to rise to 1 C.

PHOTOS: Busted water main turns Saskatoon street into frozen river

Cars were slugging through water at Eighth Street and McKercher Drive Wednesday morning after a water main break sent water gushing into the streets.

A stream of water poured down Eighth Street for several hours, filling the intersection at McKercher Dr. causing a nitemare for morning commuters.

The city said the break occurred a few blocks away just before 6 a.m. Water was shut off to an apartment building.

Service was restored later in the day but residents were issued a boil water advisory.

Extreme cold for southern Sask. before warm weekend

People in southern Saskatchewan have to deal with at least one more day of extreme cold before spring weather arrives.

An extreme cold warning was put in place late Tuesday for parts of southern Saskatchewan. It remained in effect Wednesday morning starting around the Lloydminster, and throughout areas southeast of there all the way to the Manitoba border. Environment Canada warned that the entire area could see wind chill values below -40 C until sometime Wednesday morning.

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