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MAP: Sask. cold-weather records fall Friday morning

A cold Friday morning saw at seven new cold-weather records set in Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada confirms the records as shown on the map below.
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Sask. wetland policies need to be strengthened: researcher

At least one water expert is pleased with the changing tide of attitudes toward wetlands and drainage systems he’s seeing in Saskatchewan.

“There’s a tremendous consensus amongst farmers and others that something needs to be done in terms of our wetland policies and to strengthen them,” said John Pomeroy, director of the Centre of Hydrology at the University of Saskatchewan.

City of Saskatoon rolls out snow clearing plan

The City of Saskatoon laid out its snow-clearing strategy Thursday in a press conference at city hall.

Public works director Pat Hyde said several new measures will be brought to bear to combat snow and ice for the 2014-15 season. 

Among those are four pilot projects to testing various ways of juicing up the mix of sand and salt spread on city streets.

WSA awash in opinions about Sask. drainage

Hundreds of farmers, rural politicians, and conservationists have weighed in, and now it’s up to the government to direct the tides of opposing views to create a drainage plan for Saskatchewan.

"It's worse now that it was five years ago. The more rain we get, the more snow we have, the more water we get and it has got no place to go," said Stan Ganczar, councilor with the RM of Griffin, near Weyburn.
The RM has experienced significant flooding in recent years, and people are hoping to build a drainage ditch to redirect water into the Alameda Dam.

Tow or no? Regina looks at street-clearing options

With another winter settling in for Regina, the City wants to find the most effective way of getting vehicles off streets so snow can get cleared.

Administration had recommended the status quo, but with more public education. However, the public works and infrastructure committee said no to that.

Another option presented to the committee was to have enforceable snow routes and/or parking bans. A report outlines how that could cost over $350,000 in one-time capital funding along with an additional $500,000 in operating costs each year.

Block heater cord confirmed as cause of Regina fire

Regina Fire & Protective Services confirmed Thursday that the fire on Royal Street Wednesday morning was started by a block heater.
The fire consumed two vehicles and damaged two houses on the 300 block of Royal Street in the Regency Park neighbourhood.

Groups meet in Regina to discuss Assiniboine River basin plan

An inaugural meeting is being held in Regina this week to come up with a plan for the Assiniboine River basin.

The three-day conference includes various water-related groups from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Dakota. They have gathered at the Travelodge to discuss common goals and issues and find a way to work together in the future.

Some of those issues include water quality, drought, and the flooding seen in 2011 and 2014.

Saskatchewan gets dose of winter

Saskatchewan is getting a good dose of cold and snow this week, even though winter is still about five and a half weeks from officially kicking in.

Terri Lang with Environment Canada says we were spoiled for a while in September, and October with above normal temperatures, but clearly that couldn't last. The current cold spell came gradually, she said.

"This one was sort of getting colder, and day by day it deepened. We got a little bit of snow with it," Lang said.

Lang noted at least we've been able to ease into winter this time around.

The great tire debate: TV host recommends all-weather wheels

Driving on Saskatchewan's roads is always a challenge during the winter, even if you have the proper tires on your vehicle. However, a large number of Canadians drive with tires that don't measure up to the conditions on the road.
About 50 per cent of Canadians have all-season tires year-round.
"The all-season tire performs well spring, summer, and fall," said Bill Gardiner from TSN's Motoring 2014. "But in the winter time when it gets down to anything 7 C or lower, the grip is greatly diminished."

Cold air to stick around southern Sask.

After weeks of mild fall weather, colder temperatures are starting to settle in parts of southern Saskatchewan.

Regina's forecast for the next week shows temperatures getting no warmer than -10 C throughout the week. CJME weather specialist John Wilson says that's about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year.

"I don't think we're going to set any records," Wilson said on Himpe, Don and Sam Maciag Monday morning. "The record lows are all in the -30 range so we've obviously had this before this time of year."

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