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SARM president calls flooding worst he’s ever seen

This summer’s flooding could force Saskatchewan to take a step back and look and how they build highways and bridges.

“I can't remember anything this big and with this much rain in one region of the province,” said Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) president David Marit.

June wetter than normal but dryer than 2013

The month of June was wetter than normal in Saskatoon, but still dryer than last year.
According to Environment Canada, the total rainfall for last month was 94.8 mm or 3.7 inches.
In June 2013, the city saw 115.9 mm or 4.5 inches.
Meteorologist Alyssa Charbonneau said June 2014 saw more rain than the average monthly rainfall of 65.8 mm or 2.5 inches. But the daily extreme record is from June 24, 1983, when the city saw 96.6 mm in one day.

Top 10 photos of Saskatchewan Floods 2014

As part of News Talk Radio's ongoing coverage of Saskatchewan Floods 2014, our newsroom has compiled some of the most-striking photos to come from the flood area so far.

Moosomin basement floods

PHOTOS: Flooding in Esterhazy area "hard to believe"

Katherine Miller and her family spent the weekend in the basement of their Esterhazy home working around the clock vacuuming and pumping out water, trying to keep flood water at bay.

By the time Canada Day rolled around on Tuesday, Katherine and her husband Chris could finally turn off the shop vac and go outside. Chris is a pilot so the couple decided to take a look from the air and see how the flooding was impacting the area.

"It was just jaw dropping," Katherine said Wednesday morning. "It was really hard to believe."

Serious flood concerns for Round, Crooked Lakes

As water levels begin to recede in some parts of the province, other communities are preparing for flooding.

“We are very concerned about Round and Crooked Lakes in the Qu’Appelle system. These lakes are rising and we should see the peaks moving through in the next few days,” Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency said Wednesday.

The two lakes face a significant threat and are deemed high priority by the province. Flood crews are helping the two communities get organized which includes thousands of sandbags.

UPDATED: Regina cleaning up after heavy rain

After some extremely wet weather over the past couple days, the City of Regina is moving into clean-up mode.
"It's going to be looking at cleaning up the streets, looking at the contaminated areas and cleaning up there," said Helene Henning-Hill, manager of sewer and drainage operations.

'Unprecedented' flooding damage costs to exceed 2011 levels, Premier

The "unprecedented" amount of flooding wreaking havoc in southeastern Saskatchewan will likely cost taxpayers more than the 2011 floods, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said.

Speaking in Saskatoon Tuesday, Wall said "very early" estimates of flood damage will exceed the $360 million mark set by flooding in 2011.

"There will be an impact financially, but the good news is this; we have healthy finances in the provinces (and) we have a rainy day fund," Wall said. "This is our number one priority as a government."

UPDATED: More than 150 evacuated from Melville hospital and care home

More than 150 patients and seniors were evacuated from a hospital and a care home in Melville after flood waters began to circumvent the community's dam and threaten the buildings.
Early Tuesday morning, water began flowing around the earthen dam at the reservoir south of the city. Mayor Walter Streelasky said both St. Peter's Hospital and the St. Paul Home were evacuated, starting around 5 a.m.
"It's approximately 151 patients and residents," Streelasky said.

Village of Gainsborough evacuated

More information came out Monday as Saskatchewan worked to get a handle on flooding that's ravaged the province's southeast.

Many have reported that the damage is some of the worst they've seen.  Dean Martens told News Talk that he couldn't believe what he ran into near the village of Gainsborough.

"I've never seen anything like this.  Like, we went to the 2011 flood and there was only a few roads (out). But this time down here there's a lot of these roads that are going and there's quite a few dams that they're scared their going to go."

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