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Heavy rain could bring more flooding to southeast Sask.

Areas of southeastern Saskatchewan still recovering from summer flooding may be hit with heavy rain again this weekend.

The Water Security Agency (WSA) is warning the public that flooding may hit areas southeast of a line that starts at Val Marie and goes through Assiniboia, Regina and down to Estevan. Anywhere from 50 mm to 80 mm of rain is possible from Friday night to Monday morning.

Rafferty and Alameda Reservoirs would be able to hold a lot of the rainfall, however localized flooding could still happen depending on how much rain comes down, and how fast.

Environment Canada to start tweeting soon

Environment Canada will soon have one more way to keep people in Saskatchewan updated on severe weather.

The weather service has been negotiating with Twitter to use the social-media site to share alerts and updates. Kent Johnson, interim executive director of national programs and business development, explained there were two issues that needed to be resolved in order for Environment Canada to fully utilize Twitter.

Cool down expected for late August in Saskatchewan

After a few weeks of heat and sunshine, Mother Nature seems to be giving Saskatchewan the cold shoulder.

The next two weeks are expected to be cooler than normal for this time of year feeling a little more like fall weather.

"There's no mystery; when you get this cool temperature, there's only one way the winds are blowing, and that's from the north," said David Phillips, meteorologist with Environment Canada.

Tough growing season for producers at Regina Farmer's Market

Fresh produce may have filled the tables at the Regina Farmer's Market on Wednesday, but it hasn't been an easy year for growers.

Potatoes, corn, peas, beans, cauliflower and much more were flying off the tables, even with a steady drizzle falling from the sky. But the wet weather is something producers have been dealing with all summer.

"It was a really slow start, with all the rain and the cold," said Chelsea Erlandson. She's with Spring Creek Garden, and travels to Regina from Outlook twice a week. "Everything was pushed back about a week or two."

Chilly August weather in Saskatoon

After some intense heat, Saskatchewan is heading into a dramatic cool down.

Temperatures are expected to stay in the low to mid-20 C range for Wednesday till Friday. By the weekend, day time highs will only be in the mid to high teens.

"It's going to be four or five degree below normal," Mike Russo, meteorologist with Environment Canada, said.

This all comes after hitting 30 C Tuesday at the Saskatoon Airport.

Forest fires bring haze back to Regina

The sky was grey Monday evening and the haze continued into Tuesday all thanks to wildfires.

Environment Canada says there are fires burning in the Northwest Territories again.

"The upper winds are such that it brings it down over the province of Saskatchewan, the upper levels, and then it settles down into the lower atmosphere... It's hot and humid and the air is quite stable so it traps everything in the lower atmosphere, so we really see that haziness," explained Terri Lang, meteorologist with Environment Canada.

Greenall High School in Balgonie damaged in wind storm

The powerful wind storm that knocked over trees and knocked out power in southern Saskatchewan on August 8 also caused damage to one wing of Greenall High School in Balgonie.

Lyle Stecyk is the Superintendent responsible for facilities at Prairie Valley School Division. He says at first glance from the ground level, the damage to the building itself did not look too severe. Along with several trees that were knocked over part of the soffit on one wall had come down. But inside the east end of the building, Stecyk said the damage appeared to be more severe.

Health Region urges caution in the heat

Another sweltering day in Saskatoon means people need to be wary about getting too much sun.
"I think it's quite underestimated," Dr. Shovati Padhi with the Saskatoon Health Region said about the high temperatures, adding people can actually faint or, worse, lose the ability to sweat.
"That's actually a medical emergency and people need to phone 9-1-1 immediately because that could be fatal," she said.

Smoke from forest fires hanging heavy across the province

Smoke from northern forest fires was hanging in the air across the province Friday.

"It's going to be particularly bad today just because of the wind direction and the fact that the lower atmosphere is quite stable, so it's trapping a lot of the smoke," Terri Lang, warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada, said.

She added that the combination of heat, humidity and smoke is not good for small children, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Heat too much to handle in downtown Regina

The humidity and blazing sun didn't stop people from enjoying the outdoors in downtown Regina on Thursday.
Kurtis Balon is with the Downtown Business Improvement District. He helped set up for an afternoon concert on the plaza.  He says summers are short in Regina so he wasn't surprised to see a large crowd brave the heat to listen to music.
"There were a few (people) that I think you could tell they enjoyed it, they wanted to get out there and support some of the things that we're doing down here but also just could only handle so much of it."

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