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Will March weather be like a lion or a lamb?

March has arrived in Regina but the weather is hardly roaring in.
The old saying suggests if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. Environment Canada meteorologist John Paul Cragg says the weather for March is not very lion-like. 
"There's not any real big weather events that look like they're on the horizon so we're looking at fairly innocuous weather."
Cragg says people in Regina can look forward to some better weather conditions.

Chilly February comes to an end in Regina

Lion or lamb, people in Regina will likely welcome the arrival of March.
After above normal temperatures in December and January, the city saw below normal conditions throughout the month of February.
The 24-hour average daily temperature is -11.7 C for February in Regina.
"This year we've seen average temperatures in February of -15.9 (C)," said John Paul Cragg, meteorologist with Environment Canada.
Cragg says last February was colder, with an average temperature of -20.3 C.

Regina's homeless seek refuge from bitter cold snap

For many Reginans, the recent bitter cold snap does little else besides sting our eyes and make our cheeks rosy. But for the city's homeless, it could come down to life or death.
On Thursday afternoon, with temperatures below -30 C, Rod Hunter sat inside Carmichael Outreach trying to escape the elements and warm up.
He doesn't have a home and has to do whatever it takes to stay out of the cold. That means staying at Carmichael or the Salvation Army.

Car smashes through Warman Road sound wall

A car-sized hole can be seen in the sound wall along Saskatoon's Warman Road following a crash Tuesday afternoon.

A man was sent to hospital after his car went part-way through the wall at around 1:30p.m. His injuries are described as non life-threatening.

Saskatoon police said this was one of 17 crashes they responded to between midnight and 3 p.m. Two of them, including the one on Warman Road, led to minor injuries.

Slippery roads, highways reported in and around Regina

There was a four-vehicle crash at Courtney Street and Dagliesh Drive on the west side of Regina Monday afternoon.

Police say no one was injured, but weather conditions were a significant factor in the collision. Blowing and melting snow is creating icy, slippery conditions.

Garth Hordenchuk was driving west on the Trans-Canada Highway from Regina to Moose Jaw. He suggested taking a little extra time to get to where you're going if you're driving on that stretch of highway.

Drivers cross ice bridges at own risk, Warman Fire Department

The Warman Fire Department (WFD) says people take their lives into their own hands when they drive across the Clarkboro ice road.

The department says people cross the bridge over the South Saskatchewan River between Warman and Aberdeen at their own risk.

“We don't advise people to use it at all -- if you want to go over there, go ahead at your own risk but I know some people last week that have gone over,” fire chief Gord Thompson said.

PHOTOS: Former Saskatoon resident says Maritime winter 'relentless'

The winter of 2015 in the Maritimes has been "relentless" according to a former Saskatoon resident.

Kate Peardon, who now calls Nova Scotia home said the latest winter blast from Mother Nature was like a "weather bomb."

"In the city, downtown Halifax, they had about 12 centimetres of snow. Where I am, I got hit with at least 40 cm of snow."

Valentine's Day blizzard shows no love for drivers

Mother nature was not showing much love to Saskatchewan this Valentine's day.
Many parts of the province were under a snowfall warning from 9 a.m. to around 4 p.m. Saskatoon airport reported nine centimeters of snow while many other local stations reported as much as 15 centimeters.

No parking around Regina's General Hospital for snow clearing

One of the most challenging places in Regina for parking is going to be a no parking zone Friday and Saturday nights thanks to snow clearing.
The City of Regina will have trucks out both those night around the General Hospital and in the Transition neighbourhood.
Anyone parked there is asked to move their vehicles by 6 p.m. each night. Anyone who doesn't will be ticketed and towed.
Friday, Feb. 13 at 6 p.m.

Winter storm warning in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan could be in for a Valentine's Day snowstorm as a high-pressure system moves in from Alberta.

A winter storm warning has been issued for a good chunk of western, central and southern Saskatchewan including Saskatoon, Prince Albert, North Battleford, Regina and Moose Jaw.

Environment Canada says most areas can expect 10-15 centimetres - or up to six inches - of snow combined with wind starting Saturday morning.

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