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Heavy rain forces City of Regina to release wastewater early

The City of Regina has to release some treated wastewater early because of the heavy rain in the last week.

The City's lagoons are close to overflowing, and with the potential of more rain in the coming days, it will be releasing some wastewater sooner than usual.

A news release issued Thursday afternoon explains that the water has been treated and disinfected, however it hasn't gone through the process that removes phosphorous. The water will be blended with fully-treated water in an effort to lessen the impact on Wascana Creek.

School is out for the summer: What are your family's plans?

When the bell rings for elementary students at 2:30 on Thursday afternoon, school is officially out for the summer.

News Talk Radio dropped by W.F. Ready School in Regina on Wednesday afternoon to ask kids what they plan to do as soon as school lets out?

“I’m going to like, throw out every school thing that I have,” one girl said.

“Throw my backpack off and probably just run,” a boy chimed in.

“When the bell rings I’m going to be running out the doors and we’re going camping,” another young girl explained.

Tent caterpillar population relatively average for Regina

The cool start to spring is having an effect on tent caterpillars in Regina.

Tent caterpillars build a white, stringy nest in trees that looks almost like a big spider web and they can pose a serious hazard to foliage.

The City of Regina monitors the insects and treats them based on calls received. Ray Morgan, manager of forestry, pest control and horticulture, has responded to 25 different calls for treatment so far this year.

Rain dampens some Sask. services

Days full of rain are causing some complications for services and business around Saskatchewan and the people who use them.

SaskParks says campers are still weathering the damp conditions for the most part.

"(We've had) lots of activities on the weekends," said Mary-Anne Wihak, director of visitor experience. "But as well, a lot of folks who seem to be pulling out early."

City of Regina preparing for spike in mosquito numbers

When the clouds finally clear and the rain stays away long enough to enjoy being outside, you will likely have to deal with a whole lot of mosquitoes in Regina.

Ray Morgan is in charge of pest control for the City of Regina. He says they haven't seen that many mosquitoes in the city traps yet but that is going to change.

Bethune radar station fixed

After four days, Environment Canada says the radar system at Bethune has been fixed.

“The radars are massive pieces of equipment that run 24/7, 365 days per year.  This outage is regular wear and tear on the radar components.  We schedule maintenance every two months but sometimes the parts fail before we can do our regular maintenance,” stated an email response Tuesday.

Radar system at Bethune is broken again

There have been recurring problems with Environment Canada's weather radar station at Bethune for the past few years and now the system is down once again.

Gaetan Deaudelin is the Director of the National Radar Program. He says there's no specific issue with the system in Bethune, despite similar issues in 2012 and 2011.

Spring showers above average for the month of June

Rubber boots, raincoats, and umbrellas have become a common site in Saskatoon this June with many days of rain.

Environment Canada meteorologist Dan Fulton said the bridge city is already 20 per cent over what it would typically see for the entire month.

"June is actually... the rainiest month for Saskatoon," he said. "The average rainfall in June is 65.8 millimetres and we are past that already. We are running already at 86.3 for the month."

Regina avoids first summer storm

After a beautiful morning with clear blue sky and sunshine, a severe thunderstorm watch was issued for Regina, Moose Jaw and the entire portion of southeast Saskatchewan. But no extreme weather was felt in the Queen City, a brief shower passed and the sun peaked out between the clouds.

Summer may finally bring normal temperatures to Sask.

Just like the winter that preceded it, spring 2014 proved to be cool and gloomy in Saskatchewan

“Temperatures in June are clearly more than three degrees colder than normal,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Phillips who admitted he must sound like a broken record this year.

“May was still below normal, I think eight of the last nine months have been below normal.”

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