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PHOTOS: Estevan Fire Dept. fights fire and ice

Estevan Firefighters braved the cold for more than eight hours on Sunday as two large commercial buildings caught fire just north of the city.
Fire Chief Shane Code said a fire ripped through the buildings before 6 a.m. and caused multiple explosions.
"At least four trailer truck diesel tanks caught and had exploded while we were there. There was at least one cherry picker, a Bobcat, you've got lots of vessels containing fuel." 

Temperatures to plunge across Saskatchewan in coming week

A mild Saskatchewan December is in for a frosty finale as another blast of Arctic air makes its way through the province.

A low pressure system over the Arctic is pushing cold air south towards Saskatchewan. The sun will shine, but temperatures are set to plunge across the province with wind chills blowing to minus 40 Saturday and Sunday.

Extreme cold warnings were issued for the Yorkton, Melville, Prince Albert and Humboldt areas on Sunday. The warning is expected to spread throughout southern Saskatchewan Sunday evening into Monday morning.

Cold air returning to Regina with sunshine on Christmas

Mild temperatures may be coming to an end, but Christmas should still be clear enough for traveling around the Regina area.

CJME Weather Specialist John Wilson calls for flurries in the Queen City Tuesday before arctic air clears up the snow in the air.

"Right now, once we get the colder air in here from the north. It looks like it'll be fairly stable for several days with no major storm," Wilson said, saying Christmas Day will likely be colder but still have some sunshine.

Christmas week starts with icy roads in south Sask.

Swirling snow, icy slippery sections and reduced visibility due to snow and fog are just some of the factors contributing to poor driving conditions across southern Saskatchewan.

Travel is not recommended on Highway 43 or Highway 58 in the southwest around Gravelbourg due to ice and swirling snow.

Across the rest of the province there are reports of icy sections and swirling snow on provincial highways to the east and west.

Regina's outdoor rinks an all-day skating classroom

She's taught many children how to skate, but Nichole Huck is now trying to teach her own son how to skate out on Regina's rinks.

Nichole and three-year-old Rye Huck-Fraser took slow but steady steps on the rink next to Wascana Lake over the weekend. She grew up in a small town where, she says, you were born in skates.

"He might just get a ride while we do a few spins and stuff today," Nicole said while Rye held on tight.

Winter has officially arrived, bringing milder temps

Winter officially arrives at 5:03 p.m. on Sunday, even though winter weather has been hitting the province for some time now.
Environment Canada's chief meteorologist, David Phillips, said after experiencing below normal temperatures last month, December has mostly been five degrees warmer on average. That's 12 degrees warmer than the bitter cold in December of 2013.

"We've broken that string of month after month of colder than normal temperatures and mabye the trend is now for milder temperatures," said Phillips. 

Thick fog slows down Christmas travellers

It was a distressing start of the day for scores of people who thought they were flying out for the holidays Sunday morning.
Flights out of the Regina International Airport were cancelled because of thick fog that also stopped planes from landing late Saturday night.
In all, three flights were impacted on Sunday - the early WestJet flight to Calgary, the morning Delta flight to Minneapolis and the United 7:40 a.m. flight to Denver.

Freezing rain causes delays at Regina airport

The icy weather did not just impact the highways on Saturday - Christmas travellers flying into Regina saw their planes delayed as well.
Patrica was on the flight from Edmonton which had to circle the airport for half an hour as the runways were too icy and had to be cleared off.

Semis and cars hitting the ditch along icy Sask. highways

Christmas travellers are having to slow down as freezing rain caused slippery highways Saturday morning.
Vanessa was driving from Moose Jaw to Swift Current when she saw a car hit the ditch right in front of her. 
"They hit the ditch really fast, went through the divided highway and actually hit the other ditch as well. They seriously lost control."
She said semis are also sliding along the stretch of highway

Snowplow rear-ended near White City

A collision between White City and Balgonie Friday morning serves as a reminder to keep plenty of distance between your car and snowplows.

The plow was driving west on the Trans-Canada Highway, traveling at 40 km/hr when a car crashed into the back of it. The Saskatchewan government says the plow driver has told them both drivers are ok.

Icy conditions were reported on a number of highways Friday morning, with visibility also an issue in some areas.

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