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  • WEATHER ALERT: West Saskatchewan under severe thunderstorm watch. See Map


First 24-hour period without freezing temps. in 6 months

It’s the first 24-hour period in over six months the temperature will not drop below freezing in Saskatchewan.

However you may want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts because snow is in the forecast for later this week.

“Thursday temperatures will drop to where you might get 12 degrees below normal and all the white stuff. It won’t be cherry blossoms that you are seeing, it will be the white stuff,” David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada said on John Gormley Live.

U of R students hope to create national weather balloon project

The launch of a weather balloon in Regina on Saturday was an example not only of what a group of people can do when they put their minds together, but the scientific process as a whole.

The project began almost as a dare by Professor David Gerhard who teaches a computer science class at the University of Regina.

“I teach a course on building interactive gadgets,” he said. “I issued a challenge at the beginning of the course, saying ‘It’d be great to see somebody send up a balloon.’ I didn’t think anybody would do it.”

Farmer rescues stuck bus near Canora

It was almost a typical Saskatchewan scene on Friday night after a Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) bus got stuck on a snowy, icy highway near Canora.

The bus was heading east from Saskatoon on Highway 5. By about 9:45 p.m. it was only a few kilometres outside of Canora when it hit a patch of ice on a curve.

“The driver was travelling at low speeds going around a curve,” said STC chief operating officer Dean Madsen. “Simply, what happened was the back end of the bus was sliding into the ditch and got stuck there.”

Late season snow storm wreaks havoc on Central Sask. roads

A snow storm that tracked through Central Saskatchewan on Friday made for some treacherous driving conditions throughout the province, even causing an STC bus to skid off the road near Canora.

RCMP in Canora reported late Friday evening that a bus had skidded sideways on Highway 5 just west of Canora, blocking both lanes of traffic. They worked for hours to move the bus, but traffic was shut down for a number of hours before they could clear the highway.

Easter weather system bringing rain, snow to many areas of Saskatchewan

As the Easter weekend kicks off, much of Saskatchewan is under some type of weather warning.

According to meteorologists at Environment Canada’s weather office, a low pressure system has developed in Alberta and will be making it’s way across the central part of the province throughout the day Friday.

That system will bring snow for many areas north of Saskatoon along with freezing rain as far south as Regina.

Cold and wet spring weather in Saskatchewan

People in and around Saskatoon woke up for the long weekend Friday morning to find freezing rain.

Environment Canada meteorologist Danielle Fingland said a system is coming from Alberta and tracking across Saskatchewan and into Manitoba.

"For the next day and into tonight it doesn't look that great. There is some freezing rain in Saskatoon. We are expecting that to flip over to snow in the next couple of hours and then back to rain this afternoon," she said.

Cooler weather will stay in Saskatchewan this week

It may feel more like October than April in Saskatchewan for the next few days.

Much of the province has slid back into colder-than-normal temperatures for spring, thanks to a weekend that saw snow fall throughout Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada's Natalie Hazel explained that it's due to a system that's been lingering since last week.

"We're just in that weird scenario where we're just on the cusp of seasons, in a sense, with our temperature ranges," she said.

City launches spring roadwork program

Warmer temperatures and a melting snowpack means the City of Saskatoon can launch its spring roadwork program, patching potholes and sweeping the streets.

“Starting Monday April 14 we will be kicking off the spring pothole blitz as well as the spring street sweeping blitz,” Pat Hyde director of public works said Friday, adding at this time last year city crews were pothole patching, street sweeping and still pushing snow.

Heavy equipment being used to break ice on Wascana Lake

The City is relying on some very heavy equipment to deal with thicker ice on Wascana Lake.

There should be very little chance of Regina flooding this year. But Jay O'Connor, the city's emergency management manager, said Friday that the ice is thicker than usual after a very cold winter.

"Because of the colder weather that we've had this year we know that the ice has been a lot thicker than in past years. So this is a precautionary measure to make sure we don't have any problems."

Up to 15 cm of snow expected for eastern Saskatchewan

Environment Canada has issued a special weather alert for various parts of Saskatchewan.

There is the possibility of significant snowfall from Friday night into Saturday for areas around Yorkton, Humboldt and Kamsack, according to Natalie Hazell, warning preparedness meterologist with Environment Canada.

The snow is moving eastward from Alberta.

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