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FIFA World Cup

FIFA say 2018 WCup final arena 'ahead of schedule'

FIFA say the Luzhniki Stadium that will host the 2018 WCup final is 'ahead of schedule'
The Associated Press

MOSCOW - Russia is avoiding Brazil's mistakes.

That was the message as FIFA inspectors completed their tour of the arenas Russia is building for the 2018 World Cup - no delays here.

While Brazil's World Cup passed off largely smoothly, its build-up was dominated by the rushed finish to stadium construction and, even during the tournament itself, some stadiums were still unfinished and forced to deploy temporary seating and facilities.

Capello not getting paid, Russia struggling

Russia's struggles on the field seem to coincide with Fabio Capello's lack of paychecks
The Associated Press

MOSCOW - If Fabio Capello took over as coach of Russia's national soccer team for the money, he came to the wrong place.

The veteran Italian coach, who led England at the 2010 World Cup and then took over Russia two years later, has not been paid since June.

And since that time, the national team has won only one of six competitive matches.

Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, who played a crucial role in attracting Capello in 2012, seems to think the team's struggles and the coach's missing paychecks are related.

World Cup bid findings to be released in November

World Cup corruption findings to be released in November, FIFA won't publish full report
Rob Harris, The Associated Press

LONDON - FIFA's ethics chairman will release his findings into the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding contests next month, without making the investigation report public.

Russia's World Cup budget feeling squeeze

Russia's World Cup budget is under pressure as value of ruble drops
The Associated Press

MOSCOW - Russia's budget for hosting the 2018 World Cup may face a squeeze as the ruble's fall against the U.S. dollar makes imported construction materials more expensive, according to the head of the organizing committee.

The ruble has fallen by almost a third against the dollar since the start of the year, accompanied by a fall in the price of oil, a crucial factor for Russia's state budget.

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