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Swastikas displayed outside Calif. house upset neighbours

Swastikas displayed outside Northern California house upset neighbours, lawmakers
The Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A Northern California man's display of poster-size swastikas outside his Sacramento house is upsetting some neighbours and state lawmakers, who plan to call on him to remove them.

The symbols used by German Nazis in World War II replace stars in one American and two Israeli flags. There is also a Palestinian flag and a statue made of wood of a figure raising its arms and dressed in army green. The display also includes Christmas lights to illuminate it at night.

Egyptian president issues new anti-terrorism law

Egyptian president issues new law, broadening state's powers in anti-terrorism campaign
Sarah El Deeb, The Associated Press

CAIRO - The Egyptian president has issued a law that broadens the state's definition of terrorism to include anyone who threatens public order "by any means," and gives authorities powers to draw up lists of alleged terrorists with little judicial recourse.

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