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North Battleford

Broken A/C at Battlefords Hospital keeping visitors away

Imagine not being able to visit your loved one in the hospital because of the heat.

That is the situation at Battlefords Union Hospital for the rest of this week because the air conditioning is down.

The health region is asking visitors to stay away to keep the building cool until the air conditioning is up and running on Monday.

Exceptions are being made for palliative and maternity patients.

Saskatchewan drowning victim remembered

70 year old Carman Lawrence Keller is being remembered for his wicked sense of humour, and for his time playing for the North Battleford Beavers.

Keller drowned exactly one week ago in Atton's Lake. He had been swimming near a family cabin, when he become separated from his floating lounge chair about 50 metres from shore. One person tried to rescue Keller, but was unsuccessful.  The RCMP's underwater recovery team was brought in to find the body.  Police declared the drowning accidental.

Farms wetter than usual around Battlefords

Weather is always a battle for farmers in Saskatchewan but it really depends on where you are and who you ask to determine the state of crops across the province this year.

Right now farmers around the Battlefords area are hoping for a bit more sunshine and a little less rain.

So far this summer, some farms have recieved around 10 or more inches of rain this year. Usually on average, they only get about six inches at this time of year.

Meadow Lake hiker finds his way back to camp after overnight search

A hiker from Meadow Lake spent a harrowing night alone in the bush this weekend.

35-year-old Joel Gerrard was hiking near Little Raspberry lake about 60 kilometers north of Meadow Lake on Saturday when he got lost. After getting disoriented, Gerrard found himself way further from his campsite than he thought he was.

Luckily, he stumbled across a snowmobile warm-up shack before nightfall.

Car rolls into water killing 3 near Battlefords

People on the Mosquito First Nation will be mourning the loss of three of their own after a fatal rollover this weekend.

Two people escaped with their lives but three people are dead after the car they were driving rolled into a body of water around 3:00a.m. Sunday morning, off Highway four about 30 kilometres south of Battleford.

One passenger got out a window and swam to shore, and then flagged help. Another injured person was trapped in the vehicle but was rescued after the fire department winched the vehicle towards shore.

RCMP divers search for possible drowning victim near Cut Knife

RCMP divers are part of a search effort for a man who may have drowned at Atton's Lake Regional Park, near Cut Knife west of North Battleford Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses told police that around 2 p.m. Tuesday, a man was using an inflatable lounge chair in the lake, about 50 metres from shore. He became separated from the chair, struggled in the water and yelled for help before going under. Someone tried but failed to rescue him.

RCMP don't know who the man is, only that he looks about 60 years old.

North Battleford farm experiences the brunt of the storm

North Battleford is experiencing rotating power outages and the city is working on cleaning up the mess left from the storm.

The storm definitely left its mark at the Herbert Farm located a kilometer from the city.

"It took part of the roof off above the kitchen and the dining room. We have water in the kitchen, water in the basement that leaked through the walls. A lot of damage inside," said Ray Herbert.

He was not home at the time the storm hit but his wife, daughter, and two grandsons were in the basement.

Storm leaves North Battleford with debris but without power

North Battleford is dealing with the aftermath of Monday night's storms.

City crews worked throughout the night to remove fallen trees and clean up the debris. SaskPower employees worked through the night too trying to fix a citywide blackout.

"They were having trouble giving me an estimate this morning just because they are so busy just assessing the damage and fixing what they can," said Tyler Hopson, a representative of SaskPower.

Protests against chief at Red Pheasant First Nation

A group of protesters are stirring up controversy on the Red Pheasant First Nation reserve near the Battlefords.

Several band members have set up camp outside of the band office demanding change. Meanwhile the chief and a few dozen elders hold discussions inside.

To Chief Stewart Baptiste and those inside the band office, the explanation for the protest is simple.

"They're not happy with how the election went, there's two other chiefs that are supported by the woman outside and I beat them out," he explained.

Teen in North Battleford bear-sprayed, beaten

A teenager in North Battleford is in serious but stable condition after he was bear-sprayed and beaten up. 

On Sunday afternoon, two teenage boys were walking home when they were confronted by another group and attacked with bear spray. 

The 14-year-old victim was able to run away but his 16-year-old friend was caught and beaten up.

Police found him with life threatening injuries. He was taken to the Battlefords Union hospital and later transferred to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon where he is in stable condition.

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