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Study shows people trust paramedics in Saskatchewan

A new survey shows that paramedics are the most trusted healthcare profession in the province.

"We did a survey of 800 residents of Saskatchewan," said Steven Skoworodko, a member of the board of directors for Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Association.

"We wanted to examine how trusted paramedics are and also what the acceptance would be of paramedics going into new and changing roles in health care in the province."

The results were very supportive.

"Close to 80 per cent of respondents trusted paramedics," said Skoworodko.

Senate would have to abolish itself

The federal New Democrats have their aim at the Senate, as they announced they will campaign in the next election to abolish the Upper House. However, constitutional expert and former Saskatchewan NDP premier Roy Romanow said although it’s possible to do so, it’s not likely to happen.

SK Red Cross taking donations to aid Oklahoma tornado victims

Saskatchewan Red Cross taking donations to aid Oklahoma tornado victims

The Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan is helping those in the Mid-West United States affected by devastating tornadoes. Cash donations are currently being accepted by phone, on the website, or by visiting an office.

 “There probably likely will be a high degree of interest in this response,” said provincial Red Cross development manager Richard Kies on the generosity of those in the province.

Yorkton police search for suspect after assault on teenage girl

Yorkton police are looking for an unknown male suspect after a 16-year-old girl was assaulted this weekend.

On Saturday night a 16-year-old female was picked up by a stranger on Highway 52 outside of Yorkton. He allegedly propositioned her to perform sexual acts and when she refused he assaulted her and abandoned her on the side of the road two kilometres west of Willowbrook on the same highway.

Predicting tornadoes still tough in Saskatchewan

It’s still difficult to predict exactly when and where a tornado will strike in Saskatchewan.

Dan Kulak with Environment Canada said there’s a relatively small window in terms of letting the public know.

“A tornado watch is usually about a two hour heads up and tornado warnings, very rarely will you get more than 10 minutes of warning,” he said.

Rider season tickets selling strong

Over 28,000 members of Rider nation have season tickets for the 2013 season.

"I do marvel at it, because it wasn't too many years ago we were sitting at about 7,000 season tickets," said Saskatchewan Roughriders president and CEO Jim Hopson. 

Hopson says they're getting close to the maximum number of season tickets they could sell, but he doesn't anticipate any problems for the walk-up crowd. 

New app makes switching to 10-digit phone numbers easy

A new app has helped people in Saskatchewan switch their contacts to 10-digit phone numbers.
Shiverware, based out of Regina, launched the new app 306it last month.
“The response has been very good,” said Brett Parker, lead developer of the app.
“We’ve actually had over 50,000 numbers that we've converted for people already, so it’s being well used in the province,” Parker said.
The app allows people to add 306 to existing phone numbers that are not currently 10-digit dialing compatible, all at the touch of a button.

Former Melville baseball player thinking of family, friends in Oklahoma

Although he's away at college, a former Melville Millionaire baseball player is thinking of his hometown of Moore, Oklahoma, after the community was leveled by what turned out to be a deadly tornado.

“Not being able to be there has been a struggle for me, with my parents living there and a couple of close, close friends,” said Bryson Thionnet. 

Increased number of immigrants welcomed into Saskatchewan in 2013

More immigrants will be allowed into Saskatchewan this year than originally thought.

On Tuesday, the provincial government revealed that an additional 450 nominees will be added to the program in 2013, raising the total allowed by the federal government to 4,450.

Elbow, Avonlea on list of towns for SaskTel high speed internet upgrades

Fifty more communities are going to have much faster internet access very soon, thanks to SaskTel.

The Crown corporation is expanding its high speed internet offerings, and will be in those 50 communities by the end of next year.

On the list for 2013 are: Bruno, Hafford, Leask, Choiceland, Middle Lake, Elbow, Mankota, Lemberg, Young, Marsden, Englefeld, Annaheim, Meath Park, Abernethy, Sheho, Avonlea and Hodgeville.

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