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Former Sask. man to compete on Chopped Canada

Former Prince Albert resident James Hannah is hoping not to get chopped when he appears on the Food Network's show Chopped Canada this Thursday.

Hannah grew up in Prince Albert and moved to British Columbia at the age of 18 in 2008. When he moved to B.C., he took a job cooking in a kitchen.

“A bunch of people left and I ended up running the kitchen there and I went to school at VIU (Vancouver Island University) in Nanaimo,” Hannah explained.

When he got the job in the kitchen, he found he had a passion for cooking.

Most FSIN jobs safe after chiefs approve cost cuts, transfers

Facing the possibility of mass layoffs ahead of a deep funding cut taking effect, member chiefs of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) approved measures to reduce costs and bolster the operating funds available.

The chiefs took part in a day-long legislative assembly in Prince Albert on Wednesday. At the end of January, Ottawa announced that it would cut $2 million in funding to the FSIN. The funding cut would take effect April 1.

Province hopeful "supergrid" project will improve rural highways

The provincial government is hoping "supergrids" will be the solution for grid road highways made nearly impassable by heavy truck traffic.

Money was assigned in the 2014 budget to upgrade two rural Saskatchewan highways to supergrids. It's a different kind of road that's wider and stronger than the thin membrane surface (TMS) or regular grid roads and will be able to support heavier trucks.

Salary cuts announced during FSIN special Legislative Assembly

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) is hosting a special Legislative Assembly throughout Wednesday in Prince Albert.

The meeting kicked off at 9 a.m. at Senator Allen Bird Memorial Centre to deal with budget and funding issues in the FSIN.

So far, voters have agreed to reduce the number of legislative assembly from three to two.

It has also been decided that vice-chiefs making more than $90,000 will take a pay cut to $75,000.

Graham DeLaet gets first look at Augusta National

As Saskatchewan not-so-patiently waits for golf season to get going, the province's best golfer is preparing for the biggest tournament of his life.

Weyburn's Graham DeLaet will tee-off for the first time in two weeks at the Masters. Golf's first major is viewed by some to be the biggest and best tournament on the PGA Tour.

Sask. government eases road restrictions for farmers

Farmers are getting more help from the government to get grain and other crop moving.

The province is easing seasonal weight restrictions on highways to allow vehicles carrying heavy loads when they otherwise would not be allowed to.

There are certain road bans on thin membrane surface (TMS) roads and other grid highways during the transition from winter to spring; generally, there is at least a 15 per cent reduction in the weight limit. But starting Wednesday, farmers can apply for a special permit to allow heavy vehicles to travel down those roads.

UPDATE: RCMP find woman last seen on the side of highway

The RCMP has found a woman who may have been at risk of exposure after she was last seen on a Saskatchewan highway.

Katrina Ursuliak, 28, was reported missing just after midnight Wednesday. She was last seen getting out of what police say was a newer-model black Jeep Cherokee somewhere along Highway 4 between Cadillac and Val Marie.

Shortly after RCMP issued a news release about her disappearance, however, Ursuliak was apparently found safe and sound.

Man isolated in Saskatoon has fever of unknown origin

Doctors say the man isolated in a Saskatoon hospital after returning home from Africa has an undiagnosed fever of unknown origin.

Rod Ogilvie remains in critical condition and is intubated with failing organs according to Denise Werker, Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer.

Late Monday night, lab tests resulted negative for the four most serious pathogens of viral hemorrhagic fever: Ebola virus, Marburg virus, Crimean-Congo virus and Lassa virus. Werker said there are other hemorrhagic fevers, like Dangue, but those are not transmissible from person to person.

Snowmobilers confronted by armed landowner

A snowmobiler confronted by an angry landowner with a gun south of Saskatoon is speaking out.

Jeff Smerechanski and his friend were snowmobiling in Corman Park last month when they ended up on private property.

"When we went in there, at the entrance there was no sign saying 'No Trespassing', the gate was open, there was no road there. Really, it looked like a random field," he said. 

Virologist explains hemorrhagic fever can be very deadly

A Canadian virologist is giving Saskatchewan people a better insight into hemorrhagic fevers like the Ebola virus.

Monday afternoon the province confirmed that a man with some type of hemorrhagic fever was being isolated in Saskatoon, having contracted a virus while in western Africa. While Ebola virus has been devestating people in some west African countries, tests conducted by the World Health Organization confirmed early Tuesday that the Saskatoon case is not Ebola or the other most seroius types of hemorrhagic fever.

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