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Wall signs action plan with U.K. for mutual economic benefits

Premier Brad Wall and Member of Parliament from the United Kingdom, Alistair Burt, signed an action plan to exchange economic, trade and investment expertise, with a special interest in energy innovation.

“This is the start I think of significant progress and action together on economic opportunities and innovation,” Wall said.

The action plan will aid in Wall’s plan to expand Saskatchewan’s exports.

Wet fields not necessarily bad for Saskatchewan farmers

Things are drying up around Saskatchewan, and although there are still pools of water on some farmer’s fields, that extra moisture can actually serve as a benefit later on in the summer.

Right now conditions are still fairly wet for some to get on their fields and start seeding. The latest provincial crop report outlines how seeding is just over a quarter finished in the province. That’s behind the five-year average.

Time to abolish the Senate says Premier Brad Wall

The senate should be abolished, according to Premier Brad Wall.

“I’m on the record, personally now, that I think it’s time to abolish the Senate,” he said during a news conference Friday.

At a policy convention last fall, the Saskatchewan Party voted in favor of reform of the Senate.

While reform is the current policy of the party, that might change, said Wall.

Since the break of the recent Senate scandals, Wall has been approached by three different constituency associations wanting the party to revisit its policy.

Graham DeLaet one back as 2nd round suspended by darkness at the Colonial

It continues to be a good week for Graham DeLaet at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at the Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas.

After firing an opening round 6-under 64, the Weyburn native followed that up with a 3-under 67, good enough to leave him one shot back of leader Matt Kuchar, who is at 10-under par.

Play has been suspended because of darkness because play was suspended earlier in the day because of rain. Kuchar will finish his 2nd round Saturday morning. 

Southeast Sask's campgrounds overflowing with transient workers

Finding a campground could prove to be a challenge this summer if you’re travelling to southeast Saskatchewan.

Many transient workers in the Bakken Oil Formation can’t find a place to live and as a result, they’re turning to campgrounds.

“All of the people that are here are either truckers or they work on the oil field,” said Leo Grossman with the Carlyle Lion’s Park Campground.

He said it’s currently full there, adding it becomes a full-time job looking after everything.

New labour bill causes problems for Sask Federation of Police Officers

It appears that police officers in the province may be fighting a bit of an injustice of their own - related to the new labour bill.

President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers (SFPO), Evan Bray says under the new legislation, they have no ability to get to arbitration if contract talks break down.

"Right now, the only way we could get to arbitration, is if both sides would agree. That being the employers and the employees at the bargaining table," he said, adding that because they are an essential service, they are not able to strike either.

Sask. health care ranks among lowest in country

It was a shocking grade for some of Saskatchewan's doctors, as the Conference Board of Canada released a new report on health, health care and wellness in each province Thursday.  Saskatchewan ranked in the lowest at a D, along with Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

"In general, I'm surprised D is our overall health care performance grade," said Dr. Clare Kozroski, President of the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA). 

RCMP mark 140 years since the formation of the Northwest Mounted Police

In many ways the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) goes hand in hand with the history of settlement on the prairies. On Thursday the mounties celebrated a milestone, marking 140 years since the creation of the Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP).

The NWMP force was officially formed by the Canadian government on May 23, 1873 for the purpose of policing the massive territory including Alberta and Saskatchewan. In fact the Mounties came west before most European settlers did. The force became known as the RCMP in 1920 after merging with the Dominion Police.

SaskPower bills jumping in the spring thanks to snowy winter

Some home owners are paying the price for an excessively snowy winter, seeing their monthly power bill rise dramatically.

A SaskPower customer recently passed along a bill that jumped from $11 dollars the previous month to $200.

Tyler Hopson with SaskPower says that kind of fluctuation is extremely rare. However variations can happen for a number of reasons, including if someone hasn't cleared a path to their meter and SaskPower workers can't get through to check the numbers.

No big change after lift on lifetime ban for gay men to donate blood

What can be called a significant change to the blood donor guidelines for Canadian Blood Services (CBS) may not make much of a difference in the end.

On Wednesday, Health Canada approved a change reducing the deferral period for men who have sex with men (MSM) from indefinite to five years.  That means a man who has had sex with another man can donate blood if the encounter hasn't been in the last five years.

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