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Counterfeit Winnipeg Jets jerseys hit the market

Real jerseys haven't even been finalized
Reported by Ashley Wills
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(EDITOR'S NOTE: For news of the official announcement of the Winnipeg Jets jersey design on Sept.6, 2011, click HERE.)

Fake Winnipeg Jets jerseys, sporting the team’s new logo, have been popping up for sale all over the internet.

Several websites and online classifieds claim to have the new jerseys for sale. News Talk Radio discovered some ads that were asking a mere $28 for the "authentic" NHL sweater. 

Scott Brown with True North Sports and Entertainment says the design for the jersey isn't even finished yet.

“We don’t plan on having jerseys in the stores until October. So anyone telling you they can get you a jersey online right now isn’t getting you a real jersey,” said Brown, adding that it's best to stick with licensed retailers to avoid scams.

He predicts that, based on how quickly season tickets sold out, jerseys will fly off the shelves when they do go on sale in the fall. 

Edited by News Talk Radio's Michael Aynsley.