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11-year-old heads to SCMA award show

Young drummer happy with the nomination
Reported by Sarah Stone
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During a time when most young boys are busy playing X-Box, skateboarding, and spending time with their friends, Rene Constant is busy being nominated for provincial music awards.

The 11-year-old drummer has just received a nomination for a Saskatchewan Country Music Association (SCMA) award in the All Star Band (drums) category.

“(It) feels good,” Rene said about his nomination. “I’m happy.”

He’s currently the drummer of Constant Reminder, a band composed of himself and his two older brothers Seth and Cole who all reside on the James Smith Reserve. His brothers originally created the band and when Rene was eight he picked up his first set of sticks to complete the trio.

“We’re really close,” Rene said about his relationship with his brothers.

His mother Karen said the nomination has been a great thing for the family.

“I’m pretty excited about it though. It’s a big thing for us. It’s good, I’m excited for him. I’m proud. I’m really proud of him,” she said.

To make this situation even more impressive, Rene is a self-taught musician who has developed his own technique through listening to his favourite drummer Ringo Starr and watching his uncle play.

“Rene would watch him play the drums, like he would sit there for hours just watching him, so he finally got into wanting to play,” she said.

“It’s unbelievable like I said. They just sit there and learn and they practice for hours a day, like on a daily basis,” she said about her sons dedication to music, but laughed it’s only after they have finished their homework.

It seems that the family isn’t the only people excited for Rene either. Prince Albert’s local pride, Donny Parenteau is nominated for seven SCMA awards himself, and said he is thrilled for him.

“That’s absolutely fantastic,” Parenteau said. “I’ve never heard of an 11-year-old being nominated for a Saskatchewan Country Music award.”

Parenteau has a passion for the young music scene and is always encouraging youth to follow their dreams.

“It’s hopefully going to inspire all the other young talents out there that they can do the same thing. Let this little guy that’s 11 years old become the leader in that movement of the young generation,” he said.

“I want to meet these kids. To me, that’s going to be one of my highlights.”

Despite all the news Rene seems to be taking it in stride. He said the best part of it all will be travelling with his brothers.

When asked what he wants to do when he grows up he had a simple answer.

“I want to keep playing music,” Rene said.

Constant Reminder will be releasing their second album, Constant Reminder Volume 3 on Apr. 1 at Beardies Radio.