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Where are the worst roads in Saskatchewan?

CAA launches online campaign
Reported by Brent Bosker
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Where are the worst roads in Saskatchewan?

CAA Saskatchewan is asking drivers exactly that question with the launch of an online campaign.

It's called the "Worst Roads Campaign" and it is all about highlighting the roads that need the most attention in the province.

Lisa Wilson-Sturm with CAA Saskatchewan says even through the government is spending more money than ever on roads, the majority of drivers still feel the pavement is in rough shape.

“Despite the record spending, there was 50 per cent of drivers right across the province that still believe our roads and highways are in fact getting worse,” she said.

CAA is asking for specific criteria ranging from potholes to bad signage, poor planning, traffic congestion and general disrepair.

“It’s just a way of highlighting some of those roads that are not only troublesome but are actually unsafe in Saskatchewan,” Wilson-Sturm said.

This is the first time CAA is introducing the campaign to Saskatchewan residents but they have had success with it in Ontario.

“They get lots of votes, lots of people going online – so they’re engaging drivers, it’s something they want to do – but they’ve also found that over the years over 90 per cent of the roads that are identified through the worst roads campaign actually do get attention,” Wilson-Sturm explained.

Until April 23 people can go online to to cast votes for the worst roads. The 10 roads with the most votes will be passed along to the government.

Edited by News Talk Radio’s Adriana Christianson