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Working to win over Regina

Head of the LFL works to help people understand the league
Reported by Patrick Book
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The head of the Lingerie Football League admits he's got some work to do to win over Regina residents.

The league issued a press release this week alleging bias media coverage and a campaign by "bible-thumpers" were a concentrated effort to drive the LFL away from the city.

Now, league commissioner, Mitchell Mortaza insists their statement wasn't meant to apply to the whole city just a vocal few, including the Leader Post, an organization he said published nothing but negative letters about the LFL.

"In no way is it a blanket statement that we feel everybody in Regina is ignorant. That would be ridiculous to say, obviously," he said.
Mortaza said he hopes the entire city wasn't put off by the wording of their complaints and adds that concerns about the league being "adult entertainment" are unfounded.

"They're not exactly running out there with a thong and a real bra. It's very different than that. I think a lot of people get caught up in the in lingerie and rightfully so, it meant to a degree to get that kind of attention," he said.

He added that the term lingerie is merely a marketing gimmick and nothing more.

"You could take your kids to this, it's no different in terms of atmosphere than an NHL game," he said.

"It's more conservative than women's beach volleyball in terms of attire and it some cases more conservative in attire than women's tennis."
People need to move past that notion and see what really goes on in the league, Mortaza said.

"This is athletics, simple as that."

The league will try to win people over, he said, starting with the 28 women who showed up at tryouts over the weekend.

"They obviously feel strongly about playing on the team, so we're going to start there and we're going to build the product and obviously bring over fans."