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Kim Walker denied parole

Convicted of manslaughter for killing daughter's drug-dealing boyfriend
Reported by Natalie Geddes
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Kim Walker has been denied parole.

A hearing was held Thursday. With his sentence for manslaughter now winding down, Walker was eligible for full parole.

But a parole board said he didn't have good insight into why he committed his crime. They also said his release back into the community is not manageable.

The board also says Walker puts too much blame on others for his crime, including the victim, police and social services.

They strongly questioned his daughter Jadah's responsiblity in starting drugs.

It was nine years ago that Walker fired on James Hayward with a handgun, killing him. Walker has long said his victim threatened his family and hooked histeenaged daughter Jadah on drugs. 

Dan Hayward sayd today's decision is a small victory for his family.

“I think in order to be completely and fully rehabilitated, one should be able to admit they were wrong in taking another life and he still hasn’t done that,” said Dan Hayward, the brother of James.

Walker doesn't have a long wait to get out from behind bars. He'll be released July 13.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Adriana Christianson and Karen Brownlee