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O'Hanlon's Pub celebrates St.Patrick's Day in Regina

Pub prepared to break their own Guinness record
Reported by Kelly Malone
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A step into Regina business O'Hanlon's Pub is a step onto the shores of Ireland.

The pub is celebrating St.Patrick's day with entertainment and drinks from owner Niall O'Hanlon's homeland, Ireland.

"Organized chaos is the way I would clarify it," said O'Hanlon.

"It's just party, it's a really good time. People get out and really enjoy themselves."

The pub is in the midst of trying to break its own record. Last year they served more pints of Guinness beer than any other bar in Canada.

"We just made up a ridiculous number last year and we hit it, we beat it," he said.

"This year we made a bigger, ridiculous number. It's 65 kegs. So, we will see how it goes."

The pub opened at 11 a.m. on Sunday to crowds streaming in. At noon when the beer started to flow the patrons were more than happy to help the pub work on breaking the record.

Erin Lamontagne said that he "trains" for the holiday.

"I drink lots of beer all year long," he joked.

"You have to get ready so you don't pass out by supper."

Dressed head to toe in green, Lamontagne and his friend Stephen Carter said that it is their favourite holiday of the year. Carter said it's because he is one third Irish.

"Well you know, no more snakes in Ireland right," he said laughing.

"We are in O'Hanlon's and between the two it is just the greatest day."

O'Hanlon's Pub goes all out to get the Irish spirit flowing in the prairies on St.Patrick's Day.

"We have eight bands, two sets of pipers, two sets of dancers, and it goes right from (now) until two o'clock tonight," O'Hanlon said.

With that amount of drinking, O'Hanlon said the pub doesn't have a problem with people getting rowdy.

"People come out in the morning and they leave in the afternoon. Then they are replaced by able bodied people," he said.

"We don't end up with really drunk crowd. Its nice that we always have people really jolly."

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