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PHOTOS: Motorcycle sandwiched between two vehicles after Regina crash

Reported by Chelsea Laskowski
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The driver of a motorcycle is safe after a four-vehicle collision in Regina. However, the driver of the car that slid into it is not.

It all started when a truck turning left onto Dewdney Avenue collided with a northbound Honda Civic on Lewvan Drive at 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

The Civic then slid into a motorcycle parked at a red light on Dewdney Avenue.

"The driver of the motorcycle saw the Civic and was able to hop out of the way of the vehicle," said Corporal Kyle Mcfetridge with Regina Police.

The motorcycle slid into a parked truck, remaining sandwiched between the two vehicles after impact.

The driver of the Civic was taken to hospital with minor injuries. No one else has been reported injured.

Traffic will remain blocked off in Lewvan's northbound lane, and its southbound left-turning lane onto Dewdney Ave into late afternoon as police investigate the causes of the accident.

"We're just trying to reconstruct based on talking to all the drivers and any of the witnesses that were at the scene," explained Mcfetridge.

Police are also calculating skidmarks and other evidence. Police have not yet laid charges in the accident.

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