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Regina high school students raise funds for Z99 Radiothon

Reported by Amanda Purcell
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It's been a lot of hard work over the past month and a half, but students at Regina's Johnson Collegiate are hoping to keep their philanthropic title.

Each year, the school raises the most money of any high school in support of the Z99 Radiothon and the Regina General Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit.

The school's Student Representative Council started working on their 2013 fundraising events about six weeks ago. They planned out a number of activities, like hot dog and taco-in-a-bag lunches and selling candy from a candy cart. They've even done fundraisers where kids sing songs into the intercom, and students donate money to make the singing stop.

SRC President and Grade 12 student Amy Martin says the reason they work so hard each year for this cause is simple: it's tradition.

"It's just such a big thing at our school, and you can tell that the kids are really into it," she said.

Teacher and SRC Advisor Jana Wlock says she couldn't be more proud of her students. In her four years at Johnson Collegiate, she's seen amazing school spirit from the students, no matter the cause.

"It's such a positive, working-together kind of atmosphere."

Wlock feels the Z99 Radiothon really hits home for the students, and some staff who have relied on the neo natal unit for their own families.

"When they see teachers in their own building and people that they look up to who have had some of their own kids, and they see the first hand the benefits that the NICU brings to them," she said.

The students plan to tally up the amounts of all their fundraising efforts, and will be presenting a cheque to the Z99 team at the Cornwall Centre Friday at 2 p.m.

Amy Martin and Jana Wlock.  Amanda Purcell/CJME News.

Edited by CJME's Courtney Mintenko.