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Regina running community honouring victims of Boston attacks

Reported by Amanda Purcell
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Regina runners are coming together to show their support.

Running Room locations across the country held a moment of silence and a group run for the victims of the attack at the Boston Marathon Wednesday night.

Regina's Running Room location saw about 30 runners come out. Rowena Collins-Huber was one of them. She was actually supposed to be at the Boston Marathon this year but an injury kept her away.

"When I heard the news I was just shaking inside," she said.

"I just felt for all the people in Boston, because this is an event that they've trained for, for so long."

She said runners have a passion for the sport, and many of them spend countless hours training to be a part of the prestigious event.

"It affects all runners," she said.

Regina's Running Room Manager Carol Willmott has been to the Boston Marathon three times, but did not attend this year. She said when she was there, her family and friends waited for her by the finish line; in the same spot where the blasts hit. She said something else that was particularly jarring for her was the timing of the blasts; just over four hours into the race, about the time she would have been crossing the finish line.

"So, had it been a different year... “, she trailed off, adding; "my father is very happy we didn't go this year."

Willmott called the attack "cowardly" and said she hopes it won't deter future runners from participating in the Boston Marathon, saying it would be a loss for the sport.

"Everybody's out there feeling the same way," she said.

"We want to show that this isn't going to stop us."

Collins-Huber agreed, saying she'll keep training for it and hopes to make it when her injury heals. She said she believed other runners feel the same way.

"I think 2014 will be a race that they don't want to miss, because they want to go there and they want to support Boston," she said.

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