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SaskPower issues cease and desist letters to Occupy Regina

Propane heaters cannot be used inside, says gas inspectors
Reported by Samantha Maciag
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If Occupy Regina protesters were using propane heaters to keep warm, they can't do that anymore.

About a dozen tents remain at the camp and each one was delivered a cease and desist letters from SaskPower.

Reg Lowey with SaskPower says that's because a lack of ventilation causes a build-up of carbon monoxide which can be lethal and they don't want anyone to die.

"The gas act says that you can't have anything burning anything inside a building. You can't have a propane tank or propane cylinder inside," said Lowey.

Protesters acknowledge this could make things more difficult, but still have no intention of leaving their site in the northeast corner of Victoria Park.(Share your thoughts on this development on our Regina Facebook page.)

Police and bylaw officers have yet to enforce the notice of bylaw contravention and trespassing that was issued on Thursday.

Cease-desist order issued by SaskPower. Taken by Samantha Maciag/News Talk Radio

Plan another location

As those in the camp wait to see when tickets will be issued, some are making plans for continuing the camp in another location.

"Other folks are going to be trying to get contingencies in place so that we can possibly be somewhere else," said protestor Adam Thornton.

However, the group won't move until they must.

Thornton says the second location will likely be outdoors also. They want to maintain a public presence to keep the issues out in the open.

Officers pass camp, but don't ticket

News Talk Radio’s Samantha Maciag said police drove by Victoria Park just before 9 a.m. but as quickly as they arrived, they left.

The City of Regina served notice on Thursday that the Occupy Regina protestors had until 8 a.m. Saturday to pack up. But that didn't happen on Saturday.

One protester said the police came through the Occupy Regina camp on Sunday night while bylaw officers walked through Monday morning.

No fines have been handed out thus far. The City of Regina's spokesperson maintains they will be handing out tickets, but is not saying when that will take place.

Photo of officers walking by Victoria Park in Regina on Nov. 14, 2011. Sabeen Ahmad/News Talk Radio

Occupy Regina intends to continue

Being ticketed is something at least some Occupy Regina protestors hope will happen.

“(It’s) almost required in order to make a Charter challenge out of these human rights violations,” said Thornton, adding they had been pleased with their relationship with police.

However, the group wasn't expecting any tickets to be handed out on the weekend.

“According to the press release City Hall had issued, they weren’t necessarily talking about sending bylaw enforcement in here until Monday,” explained Thornton.

Overall, Thornton said he was proud of what that group had accomplished.

“We’ve made it four weeks in and I would say that’s a heck of an accomplishment in and of itself. The same day that Wall Street hit four weeks is the day that this movement went global.”

With files from News Talk Radio's Joel Gasson and Natalie Geddes.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Sabeen Ahmad, Karin Yeske and Karen Brownlee.